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  3. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/5794813/coronavirus-scotland-footballers-darvel-training-illegal/
  4. Has a youth and amateur side and new too the league, so could be any off about 7 teams. Either name and shame and grass them all in 100% or say nothing and move on.
  5. Good numbers to manage given you more than likely will get a player or 2 who cant play for 1 reason or another ( away shopping with the other half, getting their hair permed or the like) oh and work commitments too) and it all about commitment to the club I guess so 18-20 fully committed players better than 26 half hearted players., Never ever going keep every one happy thats a given. so what about age /ability / fitness where do these sit in the equation? Forget about the commitment of the Board or Committee members ( well all they do is come and support on match days... right!!) that`s a hole other post.
  6. Well here`s a clue I was not referring to Newburgh.. but its clearly got some of you on the boil.and for all that are saying we can train etc refer back to the communications sent out last week. " STRICTLY NO FORM OF MATCH PLAY ALLOWED" its really not to hard to fathom out , new to the league, has youth`s and now an amateur side I am away to get my morning cupa Happy Monday folks
  7. Yesterday
  8. So are you going to say who it is or are you just going to stir? If you're not going to say anything it's all pretty pointless starting this thread.
  9. I think going back to the original question about squad size I think it's got to be 20 plus, the managers hardest job is keeping the players happy every week
  10. Last week
  11. So who’s the team then, no point starting something and not finishing it.
  12. Wasn’t Newburgh. Newburgh haven’t had an official training session yet. Some members of Newburgh however have had unofficial training and have had measures In place as I’ve been seeing lots of players from various teams do the same thing. ive been working 12 hours today and I’m the only one who would be taking training until all coaching staff have met from Newburgh AFC. so you can shove your shitty rumours where they don’t belong thank you
  13. my guess and its only a guess it would be newburgh as heard a concerned resident and referee saying that they were training with no restrictions but could be wrong
  14. any youth teams in the kirkcaldy area looking for additional coaching staff, been involved in management and played amateur for 20 years, been out game for few years but looking to get back involved , willing to gain any coaching badges / certificates necessary.
  15. Sadly no prize. And new account yes but far from new. I’ll let yous ponder over a cupa to come up with who the culprits are.
  16. Yes well if I’ll your risk assessments have been Alice’s and you stick to guidelines. With a max of 5 etc not 22 players on a pitch playing a game a mix of youth and amateur
  17. New account and cryptic messages. Is this a guessing game or just a pointless ramble to him/herself? Do we get a prize for guessing who they're talking about and who the OP is?
  18. Unsure which team, however training is permitted along as within the latest guidelines
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