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  2. Lol. How to lose half your squad 101.
  3. When do players become free agents now that the season has been called null and void? Surely it would be careless of teams not to have been around their squads and securing signatures for next season already. Also, when can teams start to “tap” up other players. I am sure teams would utilise his tournament to try out new players.
  4. No to cause drama, but from what I was told, one of the clubs withdrew, without consulting its players, of which there’s at least 20 signed
  5. The league should release any players that are signed with the clubs who aren't playing. Easiest way to do it i reckon
  6. Unless they get released they will be sitting in the house until next season. Surley the reasons they dint enter was they had no team?
  7. So what happens to the players at the teams that opted out but are signed
  8. All teams were sent the draw so Eveyone knows what teams are in. It was known after the vote who would be in and who Wouldn’t be in.
  9. I would presume they are free to sign for other clubs as long as released and signed before the end of March.
  10. If the rumours are true, and one of the so called bigger clubs aren’t taking part in the John Harrison Cup this season, where does that leave there players that are signed?
  11. For what part? Football or pubs. Heard there's a free week for the England Vs Scotland game already
  12. Brilliant then if thats the case. Thanks.
  13. there will be 3/4 weeks contact training at least before wee move into games, hope this answers your question pal
  14. Suppose just have to stay positive and hope we can have that to look forward to. I presume though the league or SAFA is pushing for at least non contact training in April? A lot to ask of teams and their set ups to dive straight into 18 games over 2 months under current circumstances.
  15. Presume YaCunt had a change of heart or his club did not heed his advice as I see they are in it.
  16. Not as yet. If government guidance allows it will start in May, 9 Saturdays and 9 Tuesdays for the fixtures. 18 games in total possibly. Something positive to look forward to. Pubs back open then to so hopefully sponsors will see some income thru the doors to.
  17. Fixtures for this cup been released?
  18. So football back on the cards now in May?
  19. Since most of us here are on lockdown, what are you currently listening to? any quarantine beats you would like to share? drop them down below as for me I've been into a lot of lofi chill songs to go with playing online poker, just the perfect combo, I've also rekindled my love for rock/punk rock music. I just watched the woodstock 94 mudfight by greenday, t'was crazy af.
  20. Earlier
  21. I must be due an ungodly amount of rent for living in both your heads by now.
  22. Hahahahahahaha you beat me to it, wee pal. One minute it’s positive thoughts now it’s better weather. The sooner he gets it through his head there will be no mini tournament until there’s... A. A reduction in hospitalisations and deaths B. Infection rates which don’t threaten the NHS C. Risks don’t change due to ‘variants of concern’ D. Continued vaccine roll out success ...the better.
  23. Looks like our resident Mr Knowall has finally given up guessing when we’ll be allowed back playing football and is now pretending to be a meteorologist. So when will this better weather that’s on its way arrive? Will it be soon, 29th March, or May/June/July ? That’s what I want to know.
  24. Cheers neebs. Aye hopefully sooner rather than later
  25. Hope you and the Mrs are ok Pal ,take care Hopefully all this Sh@t will be Better Soon and we can all enjoy the Fitbaw and a Pint and the Banter Ootside Again.
  26. Not every player or team will want to play, that’s why a few teams requested stop, especially self employed folk until vaccinated, so we must think of them too. Listen am in the house isolating cause ma mrs has it, am wanting nothing more than to be oot training and watching boys fall over the ball so am away fi her and the bairn for a bit lol! But we have to still be sensible. A hope your right come June/July were in a much better place. Think we all need a beer and a catch up
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