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  3. KFAFA RESULTS Saturday September 23

    KFAFA RESULTS Saturday September 23 Smith & Grant (Solicitors & Estate Agents) Premier Division Cupar Hearts 2 AM Soccer 1 Hearts of Beath 2 Fossoway 6 Auchtermuchty Bellvue 0 Leven United 3 Strathmiglo United 6 Greig Park Rangers 0 Pittenweem Rovers 5 Kingdom Athletic 2 Glendale Plastics Championship Glenrothes Strollers 1 St Monans Swallows 7 Fife Thistle 1 Lomond Victoria 1 St Andrews University 0 Kirkcaldy YMCA 4 Division 1 Duloch Juniors 0 Balgonie Scotia 3 Kinross Colts v AM Soccer Reserves Rosebank 2 Falkland 2 Taylor Sullivan Funeral Directors Challenge Cup Round 1 Glenrothes 1 Dysart 4 Kennoway Amateurs 4 Burntisland United 6 After Pens Kinross 3 St Andrews Amateurs 2 Taylor Sullivan Funeral Directors Challenge Cup Round 2 Markinch 1 Rosyth 6
  4. Results 23/09/17

    Totally agree. This actually one of the better refs in amateur you'll get. Can think of a lot worse than this one.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Results 23/09/17

    not very bright putting photos up and slagging a ref off on social media
  7. Results 23/09/17

    My sources spotted him in Asda buying a new notebook. Perhaps he'd be better going digital?
  8. Results 23/09/17

    SUPERB.......word on the street is he watched xfactor then done reports !!!!!! got to bed @ 2am.. lol
  9. results 24th sept 2017

    Few teams playing without a defence a think
  10. js anderson cup round one maltings 0 athletico rosyth 5 minto lounge 8 sky 1 glenrothes rovers 0 yeoman 8 west end bar 1 dunfermline utd 4 wheatsheaf 5 torleys 0 lochore castle 8 wemyss thistle 1 premier league bogarts 3 mcphails 5 division two hayfield strollers 7 carousel utd 2 novar rovers utd 3 bruce arms. 1
  11. Results 24th

    lochore castle 8 wemyss thistle 1
  12. Results 24th

    Wheatshif 5-0 torleys
  13. Results 24th

    Athletico Rosyth 5-0 Maltings
  14. Results 24th

    Bogarts 3 - 5 mcphails
  15. Results 23/09/17

    This was a good game to watch, both teams keeping the ball on the deck, and not too many fouls; unfortunately for the Strollers their defence was awol for most of the game, struggling to cope with the St Monans forwards, the better attacking side won, but well done both teams.
  16. Last week
  17. Results 23/09/17

    Never mentioned ref , !! Enjoy,. Ooops watch your spelling lol
  18. Results 23/09/17

    Xfactor? Ad rather be a ref and write hob reports all night min
  19. Results 23/09/17

    Cool Bombscare, getting settled for xfactor now lol
  20. Results 23/09/17

    Ma bad lad. Hooligans was a bit much. Accept my apology?
  21. Results 23/09/17

    Frustrated, not playing well, not switched on, all excuses from players but agree that behaviour is paramount and needs to kick in soon, however Hooligans was not the case or needed on forums ? I do however see what people think when seeing scores and reports.
  22. Results 23/09/17

    While, being honest, I thought there was a spell in the 2nd half when HoB lost their heads a bit and there were a few meaty tackles going in, I have to agree there were some silly cards being too easily dished out. I was logging the stats for Usqor, believe it was 6 yellows for us, and 9 for HoB with 2 reds to our 1. Certainly I'm not happy with our red card and taking the photos of it to me show it was a ridiculously harsh decision, but in keeping with some of the cards that were dished out. Best wishes to HoB for the rest of the season.
  23. Results 23/09/17

    Try behaving. That will sort it out neebs
  24. Results 23/09/17

    Sorry pressed button to early, can I say that we are not happy about the amount of bookings so early into season and are trying to sort it out, however ask others who were there today and I am sure would agree the person getting paid today must hate Saturday evening TV as he was he was on a mission and now has plenty reports to pen !!
  25. Results 23/09/17

    spelling of the word" too " is wrong.
  26. Results 23/09/17

    Aye thats it a thought all 13 yellow cards were too your players. Take the heat away? Nah mate just by the reports on previous games
  27. Results 23/09/17

    Agree Fossaway better team today by far, they played well and executed some good goals, also good turn out back at Woodside Hotel, cheers lads and keep playing like today, no reason you can't have a good season ahead.
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