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  2. Kinross Colts A's are looking for a friendly for this Saturday, preferably at home in Kinross. Any teams interested, please contact Allan Moody on 07512285259. Thank you.
  3. YM could easily have been five or six goals up by half time against Kelty, had loads of good chances.
  4. RJM SPORT - KFAFA FIXTURES Saturday September 25 K.O. 2 pm Smith & Grant (Solicitors & Estate Agents) Premier Division Auchtermuchty Bellvue v Greig Park Rangers Kelty v Kennoway Cupar Hearts v Bowhill Rovers Lumphinnans v Kinross Leven United v Balgonie Scotia Pittenweem Rovers v St Andrews University FREE Kirkcaldy YMCA NO FIXTURE Kinross Colts Amateurs Glendale Plastics Championship Fife Athletic v Bridge of Earn St Andrews Colts v Lochgelly United Strathmiglo v Fife Thistle The Swifts v Glenrothes Markinch v Rosebank Rangers Eastvale v Burntisland United FREE Hearts of Beath NO FIXTURE St Monans Swallows Alba Mortgage Solutions Division 1 Newburgh Juveniles v AFC Kincardine Rothes v Leslie Hearts Fife Star v United Colleges Benarty Astros v Kettle United Glenrothes Strollers v Kinross Colts Methilhill & East Fife Strollers v Hearts of Beath Colts Kirkcaldy Blues v Leven NO FIXTURE Kennoway Star Hearts Tom D KFAFA Match Secretary
  5. RJM SPORT - KFAFA RESULTS Saturday September 18 Smith & Grant (Solicitors & Estate Agents) Premier Division St Andrews University 3 Lumphinnans 0 Balgonie Scotia 2 Cupar Hearts 4 Kelty 0 Kirkcaldy YMCA 4 Kinross Colts Amateurs 3 Pittenweem Rovers 0 Kennoway 0 Greig Park Rangers 3 Glendale Plastics Championship Lochgelly United 2 Markinch 1 Hearts of Beath 4 St Monans Swallows 2 The Swifts POST St Andrews Colts POST Glenrothes 3 Burntisland United 1 Fife Athletic 0 Fife Thistle 2 Alba Mortgage Solutions Division 1 AFC Kincardine 6 Kirkcaldy Blues 1 Hearts of Beath Colts 5 Fife Star 2 Kinross Colts TBA Benarty Astros TBA Kettle United 3 Methilhill & East Fife Strollers 1 Leslie Hearts 2 Newburgh Juveniles 3 United Colleges 1 Leven 3 NORTH ROAD GARAGE FIFE CUP 2019-20 ROUND 4 Kennoway SCR Greig Park Rangers W/O Freuchie (FOLDED) SCR St Andrews University W/O Leven United W/O Bowhill Rovers SCR Strathmiglo 3 Auchtermuchty Bellvue 0 NORTH of TAY FIFE CUP 2019-20 ROUND 3 Bridge of Earn 2 Occidental 3 Tom D KFAFA Match Secretary
  6. Glenrothes 3-1 Burntisland
  7. Kinross Colts A's 3 Pittenweem 0
  8. Fife Athletic 0 v 2 Fife Thistle
  9. Fife Athletic 0 v 2 Fife Thistle
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  11. Only just heard aboot this should post it on pie and bovril
  12. Hi,,, as from this Saturday 18th September 21 Hearts of Beath AFC have again secured sponsorship for the following season with New woodside hotel, Cowdenbeath. All visiting teams to HoB AFC are welcome to come back after game. Can visiting teams please if you can give a rough numbers of your team planning on coming to Hotel when contact is made with Derek or myself Thanks
  13. The amount of posts/tweets that have been deleted and accounts set to private since he was outed answers many more questions. We’ll soon find out who he’s prepared to take down with him because this is his final chance from me. If I don’t receive any response from Bertie or the club in here by 10pm on Friday night I will be banging a drum 10 times harder than any of those heading to Glasgow Green on Saturday. That’s a promise not a threat.
  14. From the “loyal” supporter who attends most matches home and way or those fans associated through having relatives who play for the team, to the volunteers who help out on match days. Lets give them the recognition they deserve.
  15. It has crossed my mind for a second that Patrick may have held his hands up and offered his resignation ( it was a split second) but the club wouldn’t accept. This for me would raise further questions as regards to the clubs ethos. Won’t go into too much detail for now but should Bertie not acknowledge our request within the next 48 hours I’m well prepared to come up with some answers.
  16. Apparently our B team are playing Benarty Astros, not Kirkcaldy Blues. The League website isn't showing this change, can anyone confirm?
  17. No difference in their actions but a big difference in the aftermath. Chelsea immediately put out a statement saying they would hold an investigation. The daily Record did likewise and the 2 boys from Hand and Heart held their hands up apologised and for the sake of their families resigned. Bertie Wooster/Ian Patrick and Lochgelly Albert on the other hand have done nothing. Apart from being called out and ridiculed for it in here the silence is deafening. One can therefor only conclude that Bertie is not ashamed, Ian Patrick is indeed a bigot and Lochgelly Albert condone such behaviour. This is not the end however but only the beginning because as a member of the EOS and part of Scottish footballs pyramid system many questions remain unanswered.
  18. Where would our senior clubs be without these wonderful people and their dedicated staff?
  19. As stated already Ian Patrick’s shocking behaviour wasn’t aimed directly at me and it embarrassed me not offended me. That’s why I call this sort of behaviour from dinosaurs like him out. For anyone out there who thinks for a minute he is the victim in all this, take a few seconds to watch the following clip because that’s exactly how his Facebook post sounded to Go Daddy and many many others. There is no difference between the two. 23615300-29A3-4653-B784-2BA018DD8DB2.mp4
  20. What do you think I’ve been doing for the past year?
  21. Just make sure whatever you reveal is factual and you have the evidence to back it up.
  22. Based in Kdy, looking for team, played for a few current Fife ammy teams.
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