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  2. Junior Catchphrase

    Is it Dougy Day Care?
  3. Yesterday
  4. Junior Catchphrase

    Just say what you see
  5. Monto Lounge 1 Yeoman 2
  6. world cup 2018

    good so far .
  7. Last week
  8. End of season awards.

    Glenrothes; Big Gav well done mate.
  9. Yeomans , ineligible player

    Slap on the wrist for the favs
  10. Yeomans , ineligible player

    I’ve heard there’s a disciplinary meeting next Friday that will provide the outcome on what actions, if any against the player and club.
  11. Yeomans , ineligible player

    Updated League Table at 13/06/18 shows that Yeomans hasn't been deducted any points. FSAFL probably waiting for the big eyed SFA to confirm/uphold decision !!
  12. Yeomans , ineligible player

    What happened too the player? Did he get banned?
  13. yeoman 7 torleys 1
  14. Yeomans , ineligible player

    Heard yoeman have lost 6 points for the player playing in the games against lochore and mcphails. If they win their last 4 games they will win the league by a point. Any dropped points and lochore will play mcphails in a play off for the title. Yoemans league to lose. All the best for the run in.
  15. Yeomans , ineligible player

    Aww naw the committee will be devastated with this.. slap on the wrist for the favourites a reckon
  16. Yeomans , ineligible player

    Never seen jaffa as a cheat
  17. Yeomans , ineligible player

    There’s the agm the night so sure if anything’s happened it will be looked at then. Also we will get to find out what new teams will be applying and if any are folding, league set up etc.
  18. Been hearing yeomans been playing Morrison when he's signed with st Andrews juniors
  19. New teams for next season 2018/19

    Where from and who
  20. Earlier
  21. Preseason friendlies

    Anyone interested in preseason game home or away give me a shout cheers
  22. Yeoman v Bogarts OFF Bogarts unable to field a team Committee
  23. Goalkeeper Looking for team

    Currently looking for a team in glenrothes area. if anyone is interested then text me on 07402206527 cheers Willie Thomson
  24. F.C. Bayside

    Best of luck at Rosyth Russ
  25. F.C. Bayside

    Confirmed I have stood down from FC Bayside. Great bunch of lads and have really enjoyed the season and a half with them. Told FC Bayside and the boys approx 2 months ago I was standing down. Due to baby number 3 being on way I couldn’t continue to commit the hours I was to run the team. With Scott and jimmy helping out I was still struggling with all the commitments with training etc that those who have managed a team before are aware of. I was was offered a role at Rosyth juniors which is less commitment and I accepted. A new challenge which I’m looking forward to. Been a really challenging season but have enjoyed bumping into boys I haven’t seen for years and used to compete with when I played. FC Bayside have struggled to get a replacement and due to this have decided not to put a senior team forward this year and wait until the younger teams come of age to re-apply. My personal thanks to Tom D and Jane B who have helped me throughout the season. Cheers Russ
  26. Junior Football News In Pics

    Burnieman P&B’s answer to Glens4life.
  27. End of season awards.

    Would love to see him have to present an award to Conrad.
  28. Lochgelly Albert

    After a very short spell as manager, Stevie Kowbel resigned yesterday. The curse continues.
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