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  2. Zoom meeting on Wed 30th
  3. Morning Ross- Leven United interested in this friendly- I’ve pinged you a message. stay safe. malcolm
  4. Last week
  5. Last night's result: Glenrothes 4-3 Methillhill
  6. St. Andrews amateur colts are looking for a friendly on weds 30th. Pitch and ref booked. Please contact Ross on 07814874986
  7. Wasnt there meant to be a meeting and the fixtures would be out then i might be wrong but am sure fixtures was still to be voted on as there was talk of splitting the leagues into two groups and before a ball was kicked we were to vote on a decision if league was to stop because of covid on how we were going to decide the outcome
  8. We are finishing the fife cup apparently. So we’ve only got that to worry about and then all the league games. We will get told on Sunday night, right the league starts in 6 days time. Managers from teams asking when the leagues meant to start, cause there has been zero communication from the league. Yet every other league has first 6 games out
  9. Was told officially “We can’t publish fixtures in advance because cup games” well we’ve none of them this year So let us know we’ll ahead of time!
  10. I doubt if we'll have any cups this season
  11. We’ve had 4 month to prepare, no Scottish or fife cup, and no replays. Nothing to get in the way of league games getting sorted. So am slightly confused
  12. We rarely got them 7 days in advance when the league was going on so prob not get them till Monday.
  13. Every other league has dates and fixtures up and ready, even if it’s provisionally. Need to clarify am no having a dig at anybody before a get ma hands skelpt again, just something to try and look forward too would be nice
  14. Think they’re just waiting on confirmation that teams will be allowed more than 6 players from 2 different households up for corner kicks Bomber.
  15. Provisionally 3rd October I believe. Something from the league would be braw since were 10 days away.
  16. When is the league due to start?
  17. Ya cant has them and locked them in his covid box. Cant get into them as nobody allowed in his house.If nobody can see them then nobody can play. Anyone got the stagecoach timetable?
  18. What’s the hold up on releasing the fixtures?
  19. ...


    Todays stuff is a strict focus on households mixing indoors. They seem to think thats what is driving the virus. So basically yeah mate, we keep going as we are.
  20. So is everyone of the general opinion that we keep doing what we’ve been doing previously. Keep record of boys attending, their temperatures etc? No sure if Crankies announcement today puts the brakes on again?
  21. Keep up the good fight those trying to keep football as part of the normality in such pishy times
  22. Advised against car sharing however if there is no other options they suggest travelling in small groups, face masks required and open windows.
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