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    cause people fed up of all your shit.
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    ya cant

    Results 23/09/17

    not very bright putting photos up and slagging a ref off on social media
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    Pete we scored more goals today than you've got teeth......
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    ya cant

    RJM Sports Scottish Amateur Cup

    Rosyth ams going to beruit ....fack that
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    ya cant


    Rhino stalin hamish mctavish is a family man noo....... seen him running up the high street roaring freedumb Lol
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    Strikers required @ Fife Thistle

    Why not get potato Moir back as he's no getting a game for Alan Lowes galacticos
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    Scores 26/8/17

    Strath v Leven referee was way out his depth here, missed 2 huge decisions in first half stone wall penalty for Strath and then a straight red card should hav been shown to Strath #10 for a knee into a Leven player right in front of him ( which he did see ) but he chose to try and calm everybody down and done nothing !!! A game ruined by the ref it was a shambolic display by him for both sides I may add.
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    Kennoway Star Hearts

    Ffs why do you always have to bring Glenrothes into it? Can you no just pass on yer congratulations to eck without dragging Glenrothes into another topic?
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    Scores 9th

    Would like to say thanks to Fife Thistle for taking part in a minutes silence in honour of our former player/manager and close friend Who sadly lost his wife last week. Thank you very much guys, and all the best for the rest of your season.
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    Scores 9th

    2-1 ylum
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    The White Cafu

    Scores 9th

    It was Leven 1-2 Ylum
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    ya cant


    Hes still a dick big jan still texts me wae his celtc pish haha
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    Bring back Pedro Muirs best mate Big Jan to the forum
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    Scottish cup draw

    That will just be Jane being on the ball as always. It is the match secretary that posts them on here whereas Jane does the website.
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    results august 27th

    Who gives a fcuk if it's 2-0 or 10-0. The scoreline won't win you the league as you can't win it on goal difference anyway. What's more concerning is that at the moment there's teams who can't field 11 boys this early into the season already. Boxing's been on before and teams have managed. Premier down to 9 teams already. Can't see Pitreavie Villa sticking at it long if they're getting pumped every week
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    results 23rd aug

    Wee bit of paranoia there is there not. no one mentioned anything about wining the league . all I said was it was nice to see carousel getting beat .
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    Results 23/09/17

    Best team won well done Fossoway no complaints here , well there is but nothing to do with Fossoway
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    Results 23/09/17

    Muchty 0 Leven 3
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    Scottish Juniors

    Linlithgow 1 Scotland 5 First warm up match before the Umbro tourney next month. Really impressed with the standard and good to see Lewis Mackenzie start the game. Anyone know when the draw is and venues? Heard someone say last night the final will be held at Pollock, Benburb was also mentioned.
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    Can we make the play offs?

    I fancy us to beat anyone at Hampden mate. Guaranteed to be a sell out as well
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    Team Folded

    Peter away fling shite at yourself. How you can call anyone shite is laughable. Pathetic bitter Sad to see Dennis and Ramsay pack in after years of commitment to giving boys somewhere to play their football.
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    Landel Lass

    Any teams train in Duloch?

    All clubs contact details are on the League Website bud - a link is on front page of this forum section.
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    Dunc Donald


    AM 1 AM 0 the 1st team were 10 minutes from a penalty shoot out. Ran them close.
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    ya cant


    Plenty jazz
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    North Road Garage Fife Cup 2017-18 5 GAMES & 27 BYES GAME NO ROUND 1 FC 21-Oct 1 Kennoway Amateurs V Burntisland United 2 Methilhill Strollers V Kirkcaldy Rovers 3 Kelty Hearts Colts V Auchtermuchty Bellvue 4 Kingdom Athletic V Dysart 5 FC Bayside V Fife Thistle GAME NO ROUND 2 FC 18-Nov 1 ROUND 1 GAME 4 V Hearts of Beath 2 Newport V Rosebank Rangers 3 Markinch V ROUND 1 GAME 3 4 AM Soccer V Pittenweem Rovers 5 Cupar Hearts V Glenrothes Strollers 6 ROUND 1 GAME 2 V Greig Park Rangers 7 Fossoway V Leslie Hearts 8 Kinross Colts V St Monans Swallows 9 Falkland V Duloch Juniors 10 Strathmiglo United V AM Soccer Reserves 11 Bowhill Rovers V Balgonie Scotia 12 Rosyth V Leven United 13 Kennoway United V St Andrews Amateurs 14 Kirkcaldy YMCA V Lomond Victoria 15 ROUND 1 GAME 5 V Lumphinnans United 16 ROUND 1 GAME 1 V Glenrothes
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    True Story

    Dodged a bullet this week with the Fauldhouse tie being switched to St Andrews as a wasn't sure on the bookies rules so never placed the bet.
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    RJM Sports Scottish Amateur Cup

    Coz there is they took the piss out me so a left and will never ever return ti help them out
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    Ive been checking some results from 2006/7 season on the archived section of the forum , also reading some of the threads at the same time. Fife cup final thread is pretty funny. Noticed another rule at the time was that a team could play someone a Fife cup tie who was registered with another club if he wasn't cup tied in the Fife cup. Is this still the case?
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    results 10th sept 2017

    Thats pish Perry, surely giving away 2 (should have been three) penalties would be not knowing how to defend? Mcphails were great first half but you are forgetting about the 5 or 6 saves from Flecky to keep it a draw. Was a good game and hope all the boys who got injured are all ok.
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    KFAFA RESULTS Saturday September 9 Smith & Grant (Solicitors & Estate Agents) Premier Division AM Soccer 7 FC Bayside 0 Leven United 1 Lumphinnans United 2 Cupar Hearts 0 Fossoway 2 Bowhill Rovers 10 Rosyth 1 Hearts of Beath 0 Greig Park Rangers 3 Strathmiglo United 4 Pittenweem Rovers 1 Glendale Plastics Championship Kirkcaldy YMCA 3 Fife Thistle 1 Burntisland United 1 Dysart 2 Leslie 4 Kinross 3 Lomond Victoria 4 Glenrothes Strollers 5 Methilhill Strollers 3 Kelty Hearts 4 Division 1 Kennoway United 4 Duloch Juniors 2 Falkland 0 Kennoway Amateurs 6 Glenrothes 4 AM Soccer Reserves 2 Kinross Colts 3 Kirkcaldy Rovers 1 St Andrews Amateurs 3 Markinch 1 Taylor Sullivan Funeral Directors Challenge Cup Round 1 Auchtermuchty Bellvue 7 Rosebank 0 Taylor Sullivan Funeral Directors Challenge Cup Round 2 St Monans Swallows 6 Balgonie Scotia 7
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    Scores 9th

    Thanks Jock. Cracking side you have there this season. Catch you all in the return fixture.
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    Scores 9th

    Gpr 3 hob 0
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    RJM Sports Scottish Amateur Cup

    dunc and disorderly you mean
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    Dundonald Bluebell

    Absolutely buzzing for Lewis MacKenzie earning a call-up to the Scotland squad. Looking forward to the tournament next month now and fingers crossed the Bluebell player of the year and top goal scorer gets some game time.
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    Sure that was the same person!
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    Landel Lass


    92% of the Kingdom clubs have their own Facebook pages now - you need to start making more friends on it, Jamsie ?!
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    The number of people registering and viewing the forum has not changed much over the years. However, as everyone can see, the number of people posting certainly has declined. The forum does give members the opportunity to report posts for moderation and also completely ignore any particular members posts. I am always open to any feedback on how anyone thinks things can be improved.
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    Since you have the fixtures on the website for the 30th sept ... would be handy if you can put them on here thanks
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    ya cant

    Scottish cup draw

    Thanks for that neeb
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    results 3rd sept 2017

    U cannae play stop trying to kid yourself stick to filling up the waterbottles!
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    results 3rd sept 2017

    A bit harsh haha. V tough draw
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    Scores 30/08/17

    Athletico 2-2 DUFC After a shambles of a first half and going down to ten men and 1-0 down came out fighting second half and turned it round to 2-1 then conceded a late penalty and ended game with 9 men . All the best to Kyle and Athletico for rest of season
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    results august 27th

    Can't play with less than 7 players good point for carousel today #doing it the right way
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    Scores 26/8/17

    If your on about the strollers game,you must have left early, there was 3 sent off.
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    EAST REGION RESULTS - SAT 26 AUGUST 2017 McBookie.com East Superleague Bonnyrigg Rose 4-4 Lochee United Carnoustie Panmure 3-1 Camelon Juniors Dundonald Bluebell 3-0 Broughty Athletic Hill Of Beath Hawthorn 0-1 Penicuik Athletic Jeanfield Swifts 1-3 Newtongrange Star Kennoway Star Hearts 0-6 Bo'ness United Linlithgow Rose 1-0 Forfar West End Sauchie Juniors 0-5 Broxburn Athletic McBookie.com East Premier League Arniston Rangers 1-2 Haddington Athletic Bathgate Thistle 0-0 Tranent Juniors Dalkeith Thistle 1-2 Blackburn United Downfield 4-3 Glenrothes Kirriemuir Thistle 0-2 Thornton Hibs St Andrews United 0-3 Musselburgh Athletic Tayport 1-4 Fauldhouse United Whitburn Juniors 2-4 Dunbar United McBookie.com North Division Arbroath Victoria 1-2 Brechin Victoria Blairgowrie 7-2 Dundee East Craigie Coupar Angus 0-3 Dundee North End Dundee Violet 2-4 Luncarty Forfar Albion 1-7 Lochore Welfare Kinnoull 0-3 Lochee Harp Scone Thistle 4-1 Newburgh McBookie.com South Division Armadale Thistle 4-3 Rosyth Craigroyston 1-0 Oakley United Crossgates Primrose 1-0 Easthouses Lily Edinburgh United 3-1 Stoneyburn Juniors Kirkcaldy YM 1-11 Pumpherston Juniors Harthill Royal p-p Lochgelly Albert West Calder United 3-2 Livingston United
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    Kelty Hearts

    Had a good start to eos league
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    They seem like a well run club and started the season very well!
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    Couldn't care less who we have in our fixtures. Just over the moon to have a squad together to represent Markinch AFC again. Long time coming a team from markinch being back in the league's. Wish all the best to every team this season
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    why play local cup ties on 2 nd sept ... surely you play as much league games as possible befor the scottish and fife kicks in ..... still say premier teams shouldnt be in the draw for local cup ties till the 2 nd round ..... you know it makes sense ...... come the end of may there will have to be an extension for season to end
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    Sadly playing the same teams twice close together is nothing new. We had it last season, where we played Hearts of Beath and Valleyfield twice at the start of the season. Towards the end of the season we hadn't played Kirkcaldy or Methilhill and ended up playing the latter 4 times in 5 games or so (with Cup competitions), with both sides having awkward midweek trips. Surely it's not rocket science to plan it and spread it out a little better?