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    Football re starting????

    Just hope they don't call it to soon. Can you imagine if we are able to get back playing in April where you could be playing games for a few months and theres nothing but friendlys as thats what most teams will probably end up doing. I reckon if theres not much change come the middle of march then probably assess it then.
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    Football re starting????

    correct it is disgraceful 3 guys in same workplace 2 can play football 1cant and only because they play at so called higher level , but train on next park to each other 1 lot contact the other not. whats the difference. at these times all football should be stopped even at the top level, what message does it send out seeing man city players cuddle each other after a game or celtic sitting drinking in dubai and we cant go out for a walk with more than one other pal.

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