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    Results 15/06/21

    The utter indifference and contempt shown towards what was meant to be the celebration of A mans life who gave a lot to football in fife has in my eyes been utterly disgraceful from the league. We have relied up Foss keeping the scores up to date, the fixtures up to date and now the location of the final! Pathetic. The utter indifference shown to the teams who made it there is also a disgrace boya have worked hard through the groups and knockouts to get to a final that clearly to the league means Jack all and I can only assume is annoyance and viewed as a waste of their time. Rest in peace Jon, you deserved a lot more than this.
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    Results 15/06/21

    With the rapid turnaround of fixtures, for example winning a Cup game on the Saturday and then having the next round on the Tuesday, I would have hoped the League would be a bit more forthcoming and think about people relying on Social Media, the League's own website etc. I actually detached our own website from the League's one for the Cup games as it would then rely on them being prompt for games to appear on our website and let people that follow our club get the info from our website. Sadly, the powers that be don't seem to grasp the communication aspect and use of Social Media. We want to encourage supporters and followers, not to mention sponsors etc. But that communication needs to be much quicker and from the top. People need to be more up to date. Players need to know quicker for work, sponsors would like to have a bit more notice (especially for hospitality). I have offered to help putting results and fixtures on websites, which would be a bit more prompt and accurate, but it was declined.

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