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    No football till june 10th

    1. Proper fixture control. Always next 4 weeks known. Midweek controlled by distance. Not difficult to do if you have a background in project management. 2. Cup draws done live on social media for all to see Sunday evenings. Committees, Players, fans and dugs can all get a buzz about them as they’re pulled. Drives interaction and involvement strengthening the leagues position in the public eye. 3. Social Media Management. Let the clubs know what’s going on, Highlight a game a week for fans, Interact with clubs and other leagues. A stronger presence drives more to the game and our game in particular. I’m a business development manager who specialises in finding new marketing streams for engineering. I do this daily it’s not difficult and works. It provides better value for money for sponsors, which gets more sponsors on board which strengthens the league and teams furthermore.
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    Cupar furlough

    With recent news that fife will be going into tier 3 , Cupar players will all be furloughed as off Friday
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    There starts the toilet roll shortages again as Pete creams himself uncontrollably.
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    Ref packs in

    Definitely Bobsy has quit. Spoke to him today and he said it's just not worth the aggro losing your Saturday when there's so many better things to do than put up with that level of conduct. Got to say, if what's been said is true, you can't blame him. Refereeing is a thankless task and you can't be everywhere and see everything all the time. But likewise, you make decisions based on what you see. He doesn't have VAR or any other second opinion to rely. And contrary to what the Leven players were saying to him, he's not biased or got Cupar on a coupon. Think people need to reign in their abuse and comments of officials a little or there would be no games. I appreciate a lot is heat of the moment, but there's no need to accuse an official of cheating.
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    A player from Kirkcaldy ym tested positive so Saturdays game was called off.positive player did not play last Saturday in our friendly so there is no fear of it spreading outwith our group.a large group of the boys have already been tested but are all negative.Positive player will be contacted by track and trace and questioned to who was in direct contact etc and what we have to do next..also must state the players tempreture was taking with the tempreture gun the night before his positive covid result and his temp was fine.
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    Results 30th November

    My son and I usually follow Cowdenbeath however our game was off and we decided to go for a drive and some lunch. We drove through Leven and noticed a game on so decided to stop and watch. The first thing that we commented on was how good the pitch was - it is as good as anything we see in League 2 - if not better! A small canteen located within the changing rooms allowed us a chance to warm up with a cup of tea before the match kicked off. On asking who was playing we were told by a helpful and enthusiastic committee member it was an amateur Scottish cup tie between Leven United and Laurieston from Edinburgh. The away team won the game 2-0 but it was a fabulous advert for football and the match played in an excellent manner between both teams who served up an entertaining match for a good crowd. Very well done to both teams - Laurieston I must say, look a fabulous footballing team and got a deserved win. Leven too plugged away but could not break down a well drilled defence. We just wanted to say a very well done and thank you to the people at Leven for having such a wonderfully kept facility and providing us with our Saturday football fix. There were some very impressive players on show for both teams - Good luck to Laurieston in the next round - I am sure they will do well We will most definitely be back in the future!
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    Hearts of Beath

    No hob boys at the minto now. Problem with us is we have lost boys to other teams playing at a higher level. And some players commitment, injuries and work have lead to us having only 12/13 boys available most weeks. And Saturday we only had 10 available with 2 struggling to make kick off. We will work hard to see the season out so other teams don’t get affected.
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    just sid

    Results 5/1/19

    can confirm cupar into next round cupar 1-0 uddingston anvil
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    Strathmiglo Utd

    Boys just don't have same commitment as years gone by. I have 27boys signed and 17missing for Saturday's game. Don't let u know till the Tuesday before game half of them. Attitude stinks and pisses of those committed members of the team.
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    Kirkcaldy albion

    Seen a lot of laughter (not just on here) directed at new teams starting out and opening scorelines. No be many folk laughing if these teams pack it in and youre left with free weeks every other Saturday. All the best to every new team starting out, people think its easy and any new team should just instantly compete, go and try start a team yourself then, see how you do. Not directed at anyone, just needs said. All the best to every team this season, keep going and enjoy your Saturdays.
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    You ever been happy in football? genuine question.
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    Squad size and age

    I think the modern day amateur footballer has a lot more distractions these days, and football is just part of it. The level of commitment then suffers because of it. But I wish a few of them would think of the work that goes on behind the scenes to make sure they have a club to play for, whether it be the managers or coaches, to the Committee doing their best to pay bills, get new kits, training gear and sponsorship - even more so difficult these days, again even worse once Covid eases as these sponsors will also have been massively hit. When I played, I would hate to let the club down, mess them around by not turning up for games or training. Nowadays, many don't seem to care (as much).
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    No football till june 10th

    Heard it’s going to a vote, with all votes to be in by 5pm but you’ll be allowed to change your mind if you live in Dundee
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    The player in question who plays for Freuchie is Scott Napier who has for the last 8 season played with Glenrothes juniors and would walk into any premier league team in the KOFAFA. Wind your neck in.
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    Can’t believe folk are complaining about fixtures when Harry Maguire has just went for 80 Million.
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    So basically teams are happy to give oot a 4/5 nil pumping in the bottom leagues, but if they go up to top league and it happens to them they will fold?
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    Play each other once before xmas and leave the cups till later in the season. Teams will still have something to play for after the winter break
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    Hearts of Beath afc

    Club Statement See following link
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    Best of luck to Cupar Hearts in the Scottish Cup.
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    Full Results Saturday September 29

    Does anyone else think they'd rather see the full time score of a draw rather than having the penalty shoot out tally added? Eg. 2-2 draw, Team wins 5-4 on pens.
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    Football re starting????

    Many teams planning to get the legs stretched with some non contact training? brilliant that boys are able to get out and stretch the legs and get a bleather and see each other if nothing else! Was a welcome surprise from the announcement on Tuesday
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    Jake Feechan missing! Call 101

    Sounds like a disgruntled ex player started this thread? Whatever the reasons for whatever has gone on, the following round of ex players to their games to make life awkward or mouthing off and ridicule on Social Media (here, Twitter and Facebook) should really stop as it's you that are looking for bad ones.
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    Kirkcaldy albion

    Total respect to you pulling boys together to come through to kincardine today we have all been in your position before.As for the muppets at the side of the park to watch yous after travelling 30 miles your better off without them. Just keep plugging away the first season is always the hardest.
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    Squad size and age

    Depends on commitment. These days players want to take Saturdays aff to go shopping wi the wife, go on stag do's, wee weekend breaks wi their pals, get tattoos done, spent the house, etc. Work commitments are understandable but anything else is just a kick in the hawmaws to a committed coaching team. Especially when the returning player goes in the huff when he doesn't waltz straight back into the team or organizes a wee break on major dates predetermined in the calendar for Scottish etc. If ye sign on the dotted line you should be 100% committed or dont bother. Same for any team sport actually. Nae wonder management and coaching teams get py55hed aff and eventually lose the enthusiasm.
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    Hearts of Beath afc

    29 years was last period,,, not many clubs can put claim to that
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    No football till june 10th

    This is the future going forward. I for one would welcome it, I’m no being negative to anyone before anybody jumps down my throat, but I know the committee read the forum and should take this on board and welcome you on the executive committee.
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    No football till june 10th

    It's just like the sfa Leven think there celtic and want tainted titles. Cupar hearts now got am soccer and want Ann budge instead of Austin. Ylum wanting an independent inspection of the kofafa. League Fixtures brought into question. It's amateur football guys and girls, let's not get mentioned in the next rangers statement. Enjoy yer Sunday
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    Remember, when the 2 Leagues Amalgamated it was for the Benefit of Fife Amateur Football ,some teams are not making it easy for the Committee that run the show(I know they work for and are put In position by yourselfs) but they must be getting a bit Cheesed of by all this Bickering.
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    Midweek games

    Never mind the midweek games. What about next week’s fixtures?
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    Hi there, Kettle United FC's amateur team folded a couple of seasons ago. But the youth squads have continued and the committee and teams are growing in strength and organisation. We need to create a pathway for our kids into Amateur football and as such are looking to restarting a once proud team at Amateur level. With app 30 kids at u/16's this year there is a wealth of talent starting to look at amateur teams and we would them to be in the tangerine and black of Kettle United. If there are existing teams that have no permanent home and are ambitious please get in touch, we can offer support of a full formed committee, clubrooms, equipment inc floodlights and a nice relationship with our local pub! With coaches involved with the youth set up prepared to help out in all aspects of running a club, which I know is not easy. I would love to hear from anyone interested in this opportunity. Richy 07717813548
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    Results 5/1/19

    Kinross 6 Barnhill 6 Aet Kinross 8 Barnhill 8 Kinross win 5-4 on penalties
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    Level 3

    I don’t know if this is a dig at us Colin but I can assure you that we are certainly not happy with the current situation. Regardless of what tier we were in going to be in, there was no chance of us playing the next few weeks. We as a squad and club have no interest in going through what we went through last week, not worth it. Show me anyone else that would be daft enough to risk another isolation 2 weeks after they have just been through one. We all love playing football but not that much....
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    1 min Silence- Leven v GPR

    Tomorrow (3rd Oct) prior to starting our derby game- we will hold 1min silence to remember Charlie Guthrie who passed away in May.
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    Football re starting

    Our lot trained last week? You mean our u16? We’ve no trained a Saturday yet pal! But feel free to stand in the bushes and take photos
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    No football till june 10th

    If we went with no relagation then the leagues could look something like this - 14 team Premier -Leven, GPR, Cupar, Bowhill, Kennoway, Kinross Colts "A", Pittenweem, Muchty, Scotia, YM, Lumphinnans, Kelty Hearts, Kinross, St. Andrews Uni 12 team Championship - Burntisland, St. Monans, Eastvale, Rosyth, Glenrothes, Rosebank, Markinch, Lochgelly, Fife Thistle, Freuchie, Dulloch, Strathmiglo 13 team 1st Division - St. Andrews Colts, Methilhill, Fife Athletic, Kennoway, Falkland, Kinross Colts "B", Kincardine, Bridge of Earn, Glenrothes Strollers, Hearts of Beath, Kirkcaldy Albion, Leslie Hearts, Newburgh Means teams that go up were in the promotions race and prevents the teams that were in the relegation spots having any complaints. Also means if Kettle Utd apply then brings the 1st Div back to an even number.
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    No football till june 10th

    They should be going by the average points system, making everybody champions like every other league (if that’s what the decide, no one can argue) Dont relegate anyone and promote 3/4 teams from each league We will all know where we stand, and we can look forward to next season if and when that may be
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    Actually feel sorry for the poor bloke who does the fixtures - he’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. Seems to be the same folk trying to tune up the rest of the band and their first thoughts are to try and shoot the boy down in flames. The same few on each topic keep moaning and mumping - if you can do any better offer your services? It’s a thankless task. Logging in seeing a pack of wolves dishing dirt out at the quickest opportunity is only going to achieve in pushing these folk who give up their time out the door - without these folk there wouldn’t be a league. In the same token too the boy ceejay says next to nothing, but as soon as a fixtures topic is up he appears and seems to get a buzz out any mishaps that occur. Again rather than nit pick and hit the guy with snide comments - if you really were a former fixture “King” offer to help the boy out? Thats what’s wrong with society and Scottish football in general too many folk get a buzz and focus far too much with negatives. Get on with it min - or if your no happy get involved and do it yourself or offer your support - after all we all want what’s best for Fife Football, don’t we?
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    ya cant

    Hearts of Beath

    Rules are rules pal we all know how hard it is .... if hob do fold we will only have 3 games left as still to play them twice .. also affects the top of the league as am sure they drew with am soccer Farcical but what can ye do about it maybe having a cup to play for after january might keep players at a club but hob and ylum were out all the cups before december and players dont have any incentives and just leave to join other teams ps hope they pull together true fact
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    SAFA Inter League Trophy

    In Case anyone has not been on the Kingdom of Fife AFA website lately, the select are playing the Caledonian AFA in the 2nd Round of The Inter League Trophy at New Central Park Kelty with a 2pm KO this Sunday, free entry. I'm sure the lads would appreciate a good support so get yourselves along and give plenty of encouragement.
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    Pitches 01 Dec

    Bowhill Rovers v Colville Park... Game On...
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    Landel Lass


    Fixtures Sat 3rd Nov 2018 - Scottish Amateur Cup - Round 3 Home Away AM Soccer v Royal Union or Eddlewood Bannockburn v Fossoway Burntisland United v Pittenweem Rovers FC Kettledrum v Lumphinnans Utd Viewfield Rovers or Hearts of Beath v Strathclyde Uni Hurlford v Valleyfield Invergowrie v Kennoway Ams Leven Utd or Stenhousemuir Community v Dynamo East Kilbride Linlithgow Thistle or Milton Sports Club v Dysart Occidental v Kinross Rannoch v Cupar Hearts Troon Dundonald v Kelty or Uddingston Anvil West Kilbride or Catrine v Bowhill Rovers
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    All the time? Surely no.. Surely if this is true theyve had all summer too sign players, why wait till 2 games into the season too unsettle players and why go behind the other teams back?

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