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  1. That's great Pedro, I'll let our players know.
  2. The Ciswo will play on the 14th of its still available?
  3. Hi, it's Wullie fa the Ciswo we would like to play , give me a call if all ok cheers
  4. wullie-t


    Ciswo 4 v 4 Coadys. We were poor the day struggling to get 11 players. game could have gone either way, but to loose a goal in the last minute was a sore one, all the best to Coadys for the rest of the season.
  5. wullie-t

    Scores 10/11

    Minto Lounge 1 v 1 Ciswo, good game that both teams could have taken all three points, but a draw a fair enough result. ATB for the rest of the season
  6. wullie-t

    Team Lines

    Its billythefish101@aol.com, cheers mate
  7. wullie-t

    Team Lines

    Hi lads can anyone help me out on here. I am helping out with the secretary job at the Ciswo and I was wondering if anyone could send me a copy of a team sheet blank as the one sent by John McCombie doesn't open. I can then save it onto my computer and get it typed up properly, cheers if anyone can help
  8. wullie-t

    Friendly Requirted By The Ciswo

    no, most of the boys play for a saturday team also, sorry mate
  9. phone the legion they need opponents for sunday the 4th. phone them on 07716301233
  10. wullie-t

    Legion Rovers Need Opposition For Sunday

    try phoning Coadys, they are looking for a game this sunday.
  11. Wattie the CISWO are looking for a friendly, did you get this date covered. if not contact Davy Gregory and we will play
  12. CISWO looking for a friendly on either the 4th or 11th of August. Contact Davy Gregory on 07930668360 if anyone from a different league than the 2nd division is available , cheers
  13. wullie-t

    Results 3/3

    Novar 2 v 3 Ciswo. very scrappy game and novar should have got a draw at the end, but ref gave a foul for challenge on the keeper. but a wins a win, good luck to novar for the rest of the season.
  14. wullie-t


    top o the toun 2 v 3 ciswo. good comeback from the ciswo after going 2 nil down after giving away a couple of penalties. showed a bit of fight and determination today so well done lads