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  1. glenrothes_answer_to_zidane

    Results Saturday 7th

    Maybe all had plans and a bit late ? Was it not a 4pm ko ?
  2. glenrothes_answer_to_zidane

    Fafa June General Meeting

    Is this meeting just for teams in the fafa the now or will we Glenrothes AFC need to send someone tonight? Thanks
  3. glenrothes_answer_to_zidane

    Kingdom League End Of An Era

    Kingdom teams have dominated fafa teams this season. That's about it freuchie { bottom of the championship } 3 falkland { the kingdom } 2 giruy ...... Glenrothes afc 2-3 Kinross Colts Lol Love how everyone has commented on us over the years in the kingdom league of how poor we have been. We should never have threw that game away being 2-0 but we did and I thought Kinross were half decent and good bunch of guys.We Made changes to give boys a run out and never worked out for us and gave sloppy goals away. But it's also hard to start winning games when you are used to getting beat every week. In hindsight we should never have joined the kingdom league we were an average FAFA team that made a few cup finals and bounced between bottom league and the middle league when we were in the fafa. I think our management team at the time thought moving to a better league would attract better players. And to be honest I think it discouraged boys as boys were reluctant to join a team that were always going to struggle in the kingdom league. I enjoyed playing against better teams in the kingdom but unfortunately not been much fun losing all the time. But we have always kept going and sometimes struggled to field a team but we have a good group of boys who are determined to make it a success. We have a new management team in place for next season and doing a lot of work off the park to try and improve all aspects of the club from players to fundraising etc. We look forward to the new challenge next season.
  4. glenrothes_answer_to_zidane

    Fixtures 8/10/16

    I still don't understand why people having a go a the ylum. They have done nothing wrong, all they done was expose the cheating.
  5. glenrothes_answer_to_zidane


    Noticed I put this in wrong topic but stick by my comment
  6. glenrothes_answer_to_zidane


    Noticed I put this in wrong topic but stick by my comment
  7. glenrothes_answer_to_zidane


    This sounds rotten to the core. We asked for a game to be moved date as struggled with a team due to injuries and suspension. Ended up having to lose the points. And a team who had cheated getting to replay a game. What about the game he played against us? We will not a a replay or the points
  8. glenrothes_answer_to_zidane


    Big hooper craving attention again I see. You keep going on about us are you fishing for an invite? If you think you can improve us then why not come along to training on Tuesday at Glenwood 7pm or 8pm Thursday at auchmuty.
  9. glenrothes_answer_to_zidane

    Fixtures 10/9/16

    Unfortunately there is nothing you can do if injured. The problem was boys made there injuries worse by trying to play when not fully fit and struggling. Yes it was a bit unfortunate to get so many at one time. Hopefully we can keep from getting so many injured at same time from now on. We've been in same situation in the past but were always able to get trialist in to help out etc. But we tried our hardest that week but struggled due to the old firm and Manchester derby. Believe me it hurt us more not fulfilling the fixture that week. The manager tried his hardest but only managed to have 8 for the day with 2 of them being goalkeeper's. We played strath a couple seasons back with only 9 men and felt we done well that day. It seems too many want to see teams fail on this forum. We gafc are in this for the long haul. Were maybe not doing our best the now but were determined to get it right.
  10. glenrothes_answer_to_zidane

    Fixtures 10/9/16

    Aye we have 24 signed players I believe. 9 or 10 injured mainly due to the gruesome schedule. Another away to Celtic game. Another few missing due to work etc Hate not being able to get a game. It was bad enough week before but was going to be worse this week.
  11. glenrothes_answer_to_zidane


    Were going nowhere bad day at office. Loads of injuries but that's no excuse that's what a squad is for. Unfortunately picked up a good few last week against kettle for them to go and fold meaning injuries for her haw. Who ever decided it was a good idea to play 7 games in 14 days needs there head checked.
  12. glenrothes_answer_to_zidane

    Fixtures 14/2/15

    apart fi the fact were murder andy tht ref Crichton a think I the most useless bugger ave ever seen! How he still refs al never know!stevie chrighton ? if so always thought he was a good ref doesn't get much wrong and can speak to him
  13. glenrothes_answer_to_zidane


    We play at Dovecot which is right beside Auchmuty high school if you where that is
  14. glenrothes_answer_to_zidane

    Sr Monans Vs Glenrothes

    Yea we got our cm stripped to go in goals cause we might have had to continue game. But everyone of us agreed we didn't want too . Once we seen the severity of it a lot of the boys were really shaken and felt was best to leave till next week. At the end of the day its only a game of football we've just witnessed our keeper getting a serious injury will probably not play again all season . Now were going to have to find another keeper and you moaning cause we didn't want game continued. Like we have said if ylus want it that bad we will give you the tie if yoys would take it in these circumstance s
  15. glenrothes_answer_to_zidane


    Hope the boy makes a speedy recovery. He's getting kept in tonight and broke his fibula and tibia , getting operated on tomorrow getting rods fitted , gutted for him just hope he makes a speedy recovery. Still annoyed that the St monans boys were moaning that we didn't want to continue the game , some things more important than football. Just as we got a steady keeper in were back to having none.