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  1. jaz

    The Hoops

    bye celtic bye bye
  2. methinks its gonna be close finish this season.
  3. jaz

    Cup Draws

    so you are NOT suspended?
  4. jaz

    Cup Draws

    says someone ,who has received a suspension from his position as league treasurer !!
  5. jaz


    one swallow does not make a summer .!
  6. jaz

    world cup 2018

    well done brazil . costa rica cheats , but best keeper in world football .
  7. jaz

    world cup 2018

    good so far .
  8. jaz

    world cup 2018

    party pooper or not? .i think this will be the most boring ever .
  9. jaz

    F.C. Bayside

    mon sfa get something done NOW !!
  10. jaz

    New Teams for 2018/19

    it appears to be working in Ireland .
  11. jaz

    New Teams for 2018/19

    lets try summer football .
  12. jaz

    New teams

    keep fly by night clubs like Kirkland ,denbeath and kinglassie away from the setup .
  13. jaz


    watched mctominay closely Darren fletcher mark 2 (pass across or back )
  14. jaz

    Todays scores

    7 players is enough to start the game .
  15. jaz


    i remember playing at kennoway for newburgh juvies and taking the field with 8 players knowing kennoway had to win by 4 goals to win the league, just after half time they scored their 5th goal .the ref then blew for full time. (after a wee word in his ear).