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  1. worst pitch

    right guys ,what is the worst ammie pitch in fife
  2. pitch up at freuchie available for hire I believe .
  3. KFAFA FIXTURES Saturday October 21

    I believe freuchie pitch is available ,great facilities .
  4. Results

    home team coasting 4-1 h-t but never turned up second half .
  5. Rangers V Hibs

    munch munch ,fatty
  6. Fixtures sat 7th

    looks like cupar for me on Saturday .
  7. Fixtures sat 7th

    maybe Friday !!
  8. Results

    also plenty parking .
  9. Results

    sirboss you are one big ars--le .
  10. Results

    vics 2 dunipace 2 vics led 2-0 good game to watch .
  11. Game off

    what are they going to do when winter kicks in ?
  12. fixtures

    myre for me today ceejay (no longer welcome at muchty).
  13. fixtures

    they should all be good colin , with full time staff looking after them , the public should be allowed to play there ,after all it is OUR money that helps the upkeep .
  14. Game off

    reason pete ?
  15. Scottish

    you are worse than jaz.