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  1. KFAFA RESULTS Tuesday April 24

    just as well muchty got points early doors .
  2. Results Thursday 19th

    £ 60 to you dunc for your nice comment .(for the tops).
  3. Results Thursday 19th

    i can get a set of strips for £70 ( youths) WITHOUT am soccer on them .
  4. Fife Cup Semi

    I have nae pals
  5. Results Thursday 19th

    why o why am soccer reserves and why not i.e. cupar utd if boys just want a kick about . business or what ?
  6. Fife Cup Semi

    correct cj ..I was watching the champions elect at cupar. up yours and ya cant too.
  7. Fife Cup Semi

    at least I paid to get in .
  8. Results Thursday 19th

    uni and colleges spring to mind.
  9. Fife Cup Semi

    you still have the keys for a freebie ?
  10. Fife Cup Semi

    just hope the fence at warout has been fixed to stop all the tight locals from free entry !!
  11. Games off thursday

    instead of printing on here ,you should be tending that shithole you call a pitch ........ you ding .
  12. Games off thursday

    only saying ceejay that if a pitch is playable at 2. on a Saturday the game should go ahead.
  13. Games off thursday

    if the pitch is playable then the game should be played......enough of this pish about ruining it for the rest of the season .