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  1. Friendly Tues 15th August

    just the way it is with kennoway teams
  2. Scores

    leven looking good already
  3. Games off???

    surely not !!!
  4. Friendly Tues 15th August

    how long before they fold ?
  5. Friendly Tues 15th August

    crossgates juniors ?
  6. Friendly Tues 15th August

    don't think they would like to play a pub team.
  7. Results 12/08

    while tae go yet tubby, good living sees to that (nae drugs ) unlike you .
  8. Results 12/08

    you get around fat boy .get overweight striker so we can have a better laugh
  9. Friendly for this Saturday???

    any games today?( august 12th }
  10. they moan about nae fixtures ,then get next 5 games , still greetin, cannae win ffs get on with it .
  11. League

    took longer than I thought Charlie ....munch munch .
  12. League

    I suppose it would be much easier to allocate fixtures in a league with only 11 teams rather than the present 3 leagues
  13. Teams Folding

    hope so , great facilities .
  14. Teams Folding

    almost 30years
  15. Denbeath Vs Strollers

    the truth seems to hurt .