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  1. jaz


    thanks berti still would like a lift this Saturday (16th feb.)
  2. freuchie played ym couple of seasons ago , because of bad showering facilities and problem finding the pub we were late in getting back to their pub and the grub was all eaten , but fair play to the owner he had us all fed in a short time .
  3. rather than go to pubs ALL teams should come back to their own sponsors at 4pm …..problem solved .
  4. jaz


    still looking for a lift 15th dec.
  5. jaz


    wish I could pete lol
  6. jaz


    I require a lift from freuchie to any football on the 8th dec 01337 858266 …..thanks
  7. remember brendans now famous words "just get on with it"lol
  8. we should have left the sfa years ago
  9. http://collection there will be no collection at Saturdays .a few seasons ago I saw gpr officials turn their back on the box at cupar (tight gits).so get up to freuchie .
  10. as bendan would say "get on with it". pete.
  11. jaz


    not so good draw for fife teams .
  12. well done to the coach for benching the "piss artists".
  13. looking for a lift to fife ammie football (anywhere} returning at full time to freuchie tel. 01337 858266.thanks jaz.
  14. jaz


    can i be reinstated to the kingdom of fife afa forum .
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