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    jaz reacted to Berti in Games on/off Saturday 19th   
    Fife Thistle v Fife Athletic - OFF
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    jaz reacted to ceejay in RJM SPORT - KFAFA RESULTS Saturday October 12   
    Guid results for Gpr,fossoway and ym 
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    jaz reacted to Bombscare in RJM SPORT - KFAFA FIXTURES  Saturday March 16   
    Play each other once before xmas and leave the cups till later in the season. Teams will still have something to play for after the winter break 
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    jaz reacted to CTID in RJM SPORT - KFAFA FIXTURES  Saturday March 16   
    Ylum 4 games left, 2 against Hob, Burntisland 4 games left, 2 against Leven, surely this has to be sorted for next season
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    jaz reacted to Landel Lass in Fife Cup 2018-2019   
    Apologies to Jimmy - I forgot to change the year from Feb - should of course read 2019 !
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    jaz got a reaction from jimmy in Hearts of Beath   
    freuchie restarting .
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    jaz got a reaction from Berti in Hearts of Beath   
    freuchie restarting .
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    jaz reacted to F.G.A.U in Hearts of Beath   
    Ylum will be sound bud.. myself and committee will work our socks of to improve the team no just put a team on the park and keep us up the top challenging..  if boys do go to that league should either be about finished or pish.. Haha only joking already wished grieg good luck.. ..  loyalty is all teams ask of players when they sign
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    jaz reacted to ya cant in Hearts of Beath   
    Rules are rules pal 
    we all know how hard it is .... if hob do fold we will only have 3 games left as still to play them twice .. also affects the top of the league as am sure they drew with am soccer 
    Farcical but what can ye do about it 
    maybe having a cup to play for after january might keep players at a club but hob and ylum were out all the cups before december and players dont have any incentives and just leave to join other teams 
    ps hope they pull together 
    true fact 
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    jaz reacted to sirboss in Hearts of Beath   
    i know how hard it is to keep teams going and I hope you can see out the season not just cause it may affect my club but you have to think about your own club. the league really need to look at the rules which says 2 teams must be relegated as in this day and age teams fold all the time. there could be the ludicrous position where 3 premier teams fold and 2 relegated to be replaced by the top 5 in first division, which could result in teams ending in the premier league that don't really think they are ready. what happens they struggle at start of season so fold and we have the same again. what would happen if a club were going to get relegated decided to fold before there last game thus taking another team down then reapplying for next season and starting in the same league as they would have been if relegated. any way a bit off a rant good luck to hearts off beath great guys there who put a lot in to there club hopefully yous survive.
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    jaz reacted to Bluebellthecoo in Hearts of Beath   
    Hearts of Beath statement 
    Appropriate to post this message,,, we are having problems now with losing players, injuries and other issues thus affecting players availability,, we have had to call off today which we have apologized to both home club and league,,, we are having a committee meeting Monday to consider the way forward and the clubs future after nearly 30 years,, we will then meet with players on Tuesday,,, this has not been an easy decision by myself or other member of club committee,, we will endeavor to see out the season as we well know impact on other clubs in particular those like us it bottom end and therefore don't want to enforce relegation to others due to our position and do apologize to those it may effect. We will try and get things sorted asap to avoid this happening... we are at this point looking to see if we can bring in another few boys to play out the season with us to help avoid us not completing our commitment to seeing out the season. We are also now actively seeking new manager/coaches who would be willing to come in and help us thru this difficult period,, anyone interested in any way helping out please contact myself or Derek..  Again apologies to those that this may affect including my committee, coaches and players,,, other clubs and league members and executive committee....Tony Smith (Chairman)
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    jaz reacted to Landel Lass in SAFA Inter League Trophy   
    Final score:
    Caledonian AFA 3 - Kingdom of Fife AFA 1
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    jaz reacted to Game watcher in Results 16th Feb   
    Am soccer 1-0 pittenweem 
    Some poor shouts from the weem sidelines the day. 
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    jaz reacted to jimmy in League Tables @ 9th Feb   
      P W D L F A GD Pts   AM SOCCER   15 11 3 1 46 14 32 36   BOWHILL ROVERS 14 8 4 2 45 16 29 28   FOSSOWAY   15 8 3 4 39 30 9 27   LUMPHINNANS UTD   16 8 2 6 41 35 6 26   GREIG PARK RANGERS   17 7 1 9 29 44 -15 22   PITTENWEEM ROVERS 13 6 3 4 31 20 11 21   LEVEN UTD 12 6 2 4 26 19 7 20   AUCHTERMUCHTY BELLVUE   16 5 2 9 24 37 -13 17   KIRKCALDY YMCA   13 4 4 5 21 33 -12 16   CUPAR HEARTS   12 4 3 5 26 19 7 15   HEARTS OF BEATH 13 3 3 7 24 32 -8 12   BURNTISLAND UNITED   14 0 0 14 17 70 -53 0   Championship
      P W D L F A GD Pts   BALGONIE SCOTIA   16 11 3 2 54 21 33 36   KENNOWAY AMS   17 11 2 4 57 34 23 35   ROSYTH AMS   16 10 2 4 49 30 19 32   KELTY   16 8 3 5 39 31 8 27   KINROSS   15 7 4 4 42 33 9 25   DYSART   14 7 0 7 33 39 -6 21   GLENROTHES STROLLERS   17 3 6 8 25 48 -23 15   ST MONANS SWALLOWS   16 4 2 10 25 42 -17 14   METHILHILL STROLLERS & EAST FIFE   16 4 1 11 23 39 -16 13   LESLIE HEARTS   15 1 3 11 19 49 -30 6 Division One
      P W D L F A GD Pts   EASTVALE AMS   19 18 0 1 115 24 91 54   ROSEBANK RANGERS 16 13 2 1 53 21 32 41   VALLEYFIELD   14 11 0 3 56 26 30 33   MARKINCH   15 9 1 5 49 30 19 28   FIFE THISTLE   19 9 0 10 59 69 -10 27   ST ANDREWS UNI   13 6 1 6 24 28 -4 19   GLENROTHES 16 5 2 9 31 61 -30 17   KINROSS COLTS   18 4 2 12 28 61 -33 14   DULOCH   15 3 3 9 34 48 -14 12   FALKLAND   15 3 3 9 31 47 -16 12   KENNOWAY STAR HEARTS   18 1 0 17 20 85 -65 3  
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    jaz reacted to piper in Friendly monday 11th feb   
    Minto Lounge have Rosyth fleetgrounds Astro booked Monday night for an 8pm ko. Put the feelers out to a few teams but no takers yet so anyone interested in the game drop me a message
    game is dependant on the fleetgrounds resolving a floodlight issue but they were expecting to have it done 
    looking to split the costs
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    jaz reacted to Foss in Games on/off Sat 9-2-19   
    Leven vs Foss off.
    Thank you to all at Leven for their efforts in switching the game to the outstanding Cup tie. Sadly the weather beats us.
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    jaz reacted to Foss in Games on/off Sat 9-2-19   
    Fossoway Vs Leven off
    But switched to our Cup game away at Leven instead, pending morning pitch inspection.
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    jaz reacted to mcginty in Games on/off Sat 9-2-19   
    Bowhill Rovers v Hearts of Beath
    Now being played at Michael Woods, Glenrothes 2pm k.o
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    jaz reacted to smiler in results 26/1   
    Bowhill 2 Leven 2.
    As usual a quiet game with not much contraversity.
    Bowhill scored in 1st 10 mins and deservedly so as Leven were slow to start, we saw it on the side and unfortunately the players did not take heed of the instructions from the sidelines but that gelled them and credit to them took the game to Bowhill.
    Corner to Leven and we scored, 1 all. Bowhill were looking to counter on the break as Leven put some pressure on to them. BOTH keepers had good saves until Bowhills keeper made a mistake and was punished. Leven 2 - 1 up. Half time.
    2nd half been going 5 ish mins Leven guy sent off for a horrendous tackle. Player tackled up and smirking as Leven player walking to the side line as was a management member from Bowhill who tried to instruct the ref in the rules of football . LONG 2nd half with 10 men.
    Then back to the walls then started, Bowhill are a formilable side at any time but with an extra man u are usually flukced.
    Hand on heart Leven players gave everything, probably have belittled them in the past but where credit is due think back to playing days and thank them for the effort they put in.
    Bowhill deserevedly got an equaliser and missed chances to win the game, but we have all had that.
    If any neutrals who have a different view of the game please add your story.
    Cheers folks
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    jaz reacted to dragonlng in RJM SPORT - KFAFA FIXTURES  Saturday February 2   
    Best of luck to Cupar Hearts in the Scottish Cup.
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    jaz reacted to williamthomsonjnr in Kettle United FC - Opportunity   
    Played with kettle a few years back was fantastic set up and a great park and facilities do hope it gets up and running again and regains its great status 
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    jaz reacted to AlanMurray1874 in Hospìtality   
    I don't get why people can't come back for even a tin of juice. 
    We got pumped yesterday but most if not all went back to Eastvales sponsor for at least 1. 
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    jaz reacted to sirboss in Hospìtality   
    leven lost at muchty on Saturday but still good turnout back at pub most teams do come back but muchty pub easy to find and not far from ground. may be worth teams in bigger towns giving post code out for there boozer so guys have no excuse that they cant find it. we went back to Kirkcaldy yms pub but not easy to find if never been before. just a suggestion.
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    jaz reacted to ceejay in RJM SPORT - KFAFA FIXTURES  Saturday January 19   
    It may well be the case that with not a lot of games being cancelled this season this maybe the only option left,I always tried to have teams playing each other once before the end of the year unless they were cup games then played the rest after new year,but everybody has there own way of running things.
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