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  1. delboy

    New Cup

    wht a complete tit u are
  2. delboy

    Results 11th Feb

    muchty 2 up and ould have been more pen be4 have time brought toonies into game second half one wat traffic but took toonies till 12 to go be4 3 mistakes gifted goals deserved win on second half perfornmance all the best for rest of season great turn out back at pub.ps what about ref for both teams all about him, the guy loves himself jimmy telling folk before game he's the best ref about going by his performance 2day he was brutal for both teams
  3. delboy

    Scores 22/10/2010

    just 1 st monans player and manager came back 2 our pub 2day ###### shocking!! considering we always go back to opponents pub especially st monans even after having a freezing cold shower at theirs.great win for muchty 2day needed 2 get back to winning ways
  4. delboy

    Saturday 2nd April

    Muchty 2 Valleyfield 2
  5. delboy

    Results 26th Feb.

    spot on report jimmy could have and should of been more goals for us but happy with the way we played after going 2 behind deserved win as for john wht a stupid boy bet the pineapple had a gd time lol Aye,,,, Very good you pair!!!!!! Just mind who picks the team lol hes got a pineapple on his neck wana b jason lee cant see u getn bk in team nxt week gaffer lol
  6. delboy

    Results 26th Feb.

    spot on report jimmy could have and should of been more goals for us but happy with the way we played after going 2 behind deserved win as for john wht a stupid boy bet the pineapple had a gd time lol
  7. delboy


    Not a full stop in that sentence.Wel done ref! glad u noticed u numptey
  8. delboy


    muchty 2 - lomond vics 3 decent enough game 2day considering both teams not had game for 10 weeks vics started more brightly but muchty soon took a grip of the game and eventually took the lead through you irvine vics got back into the game when ref awards a pen then sends 1 of our players of for deliberate hand ball when ball clearly hit his foot 1st then hand!never a yellow every1 part fae the ref seen it anyway muchty shot themselves in the foot in second half by gifting the vics their 2nd never really recoverd after tht then vics get another offside a mile less said about the ref the better!minute silence also 2day well respected gd turn out bk at boozer
  9. delboy

    Dunfermline City

    totally agree berti, now we have word of another fly by night club reforming in the name of kirkland . just hope they rejoin the kingdom league where they accept anybody willing to play in their sh@t set up. totally agree does tht mean tht muchty will still be in the cup after they beat us a couple of weeks ago think its only fair in my opinion?sad to see another team folding though but quite understandable with the lack of players out their and lack of comittment!
  10. delboy

    Results 20th. Nov.

    decent enough game today from both sides thoughts go out to refs family if it wasnt for these guys we wouldnt have a game on a sat rip
  11. delboy

    Results - 13/11/10

    was a pretty even game that could have went either way best moment was when muchty no10 ripped his top off and threw it away and stormed off in a big tantrum. the manager says what are you doing? i wasnt going to sub you, so he sheepishly gets dressed again and rejoins the play was he booked 4r taking his top off ???? lol well done des, leitchy at the wind ups again: wisnae des shaun it was bev
  12. delboy

    Results Sat 23rd Oct

    kinross 2-5 fair city kinross had the bare 11 today hope to have full squad next week do you think you will beat them next week with a full squad then?? not sure should make a good game tho does tht mean mr goals had 2 play the full game UNBELIVABLE
  13. delboy


    thanks jim did alot of work forking pitch in the morning game only on because of that work and a good forecast for the day.selkirk never gave up but another good away day for the lads INVERURIE here we come aye well done the groundsman getn the game 2 go a head fantastic wrk fantastic result 2day 4 going on 10 imop brilliant bring on INVERURIE in nxt round mind and get a bus wi a toilet this time leitchty happy days
  14. delboy

    Results 9th. Oct.

    Rosyth 3-2 muchty think a draw should of been a fair result muchty got goal chopped off for offside when young fra was CLEARLY on side shocking performance from ref dont think he moved out centre circle all day and their no 8 should have been sent off aswell dirty bas neva mind a trip down the borders for the scottish nxt week bring it on