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  1. You're included in that 90%,glad you agree though. give as receive Speaking from experience aye Don't see how any Footballing person can take any satisfaction from Ballingry's plight......
  2. People need to take a bit of a time out here.... Reality is a club with a history (including when they were armies) has just folded, yet people on here turn it in to a heated debate about who's due that & who paid what. Yes a "sugar daddy" came in a few years ago and paid out some ridiculous cash..... but ask yourselves this !!! If the club that you were connected with got approached with the promise of some serious cash that could lead to success would you knock it back ???? (forget the hindsight) I for one am saddened for the players that are there just now & for the genuine committee members that had the club at heart. Ballingry, Lochore, Kelty etc have had a great tradition over the years, mining communities and villages like this deserve a good solid team & could do without people slagging it off. Yes it's a public forum, but there is no need to then turn your comments into tongue in cheek attacks to individuals. I hope that Ballingry come back soon & are built on solid foundations of a strong local committee with a long term plan, not a short term fix.
  3. Folks - Wondering if anyone else agreed ? Alan Whyte has started a petition to change how the game is structured. He is suggesting that the transition from 7 a sides to 11 a sides is made easier by means of going from 7's to 9's first.... He has had meetings with the SYFA & SFA (and another one is scheduled for this month hopefully) and has also generated a bit of media coverage thru the west, he has also secured the backing of a few ex-pros. He has set up a Facebook page & a twitter page both called Timetoplay9s. If you agree, please vivit the pages & sign the petitions. The general consensus is coaches/parents & most importantly the kids, want to do this. Too many kids are being lost from Football because of the jump from 7's to 11's. The team i coach, is an 03 team, so this time next year we shall be making the jump from 7's to 11's. In my opinion as a coach, i know that my kids will struggle with this change. Telling a kid that he is now a Left back & that he can't go charging all over the pitch & to be disciplined in his position, just wont work. If we went from 7's to 9's first, we could then start to introduce positions & it also allows the kids to be that little bit older & hopefully more "positional wise". Can it be any worse than what we have ?????? Please have a look. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1413846468888362/ Petition page is - http://www.petitions24.com/timetoplay9s Thanks.
  4. Thanks.... ones iv'e had recommended so far for my "college course" is torrenthound & rarbg, however, obviously i have never even attempted to log on to these sites & i am just taking peoples views on them... Keep them going so i hopefully i get top marks
  5. I'm doing a "college" course on websites for downloading films & music... does anyone out there know of any that they may have heard in a conversation and can suggest so as i know how to start my project Quite obviously i am NOT going to be downloading anything as that would surely be illegal
  6. Learned last night of the unfortunate passing away of Jim Hardie (Snr)....... This man IMO was a local footballing legend & most of all a Gentleman. Never had a bad word to say about anybody & could spot a player from 10 miles away. There are certainly a lot of Jnr players of past who had "Taggart" to thank for there careers. He was also partial to the odd "nip" or 2 after a game.... RIP ....... You shall be missed. Calum Doctor
  7. Same here in Glenrothes, although i believe the Strollers have an Ammie team. They certainly have the facilities all in one area, in fact, they'd be the envy of a lot of Ammie & Jnr clubs with the facilities they have, and in my opinion that HAS to be utilised. Glenrothes is a big catchment area. I co-run the Lomond Colts 03's & i believe we can only go another 3yrs and then thats it as no Under 14, 15, 16's etc..... But i think that is also down to the lack of coaches. We tried to take part in a tournament that was being run 7miles along the road from us, but because that team played in a differant association, then we had to apply for a permit !!!!! it was 10yr old & under for gods sake... I thought we were supposed to encourage kids to play football as opposed to staying in & playing there Xbox, PS3's etc...
  8. Great topic,,,, when i was a lad (long time ago), i played in a very succesfull Kelty Hearts Under 21 side that was filled with good players.. We lost Willie Callaghan to Dunfermline Ath, John Connors to Raith, big Andy Tod couldn't even get a game with us FFS, and then a few to local Junior clubs who felt that the U21's were a great stepping stone into the Jnrs. We also got to the final of the Lady Darling Cup & i'm sure one year we got to the semi of the Scottish. We played the likes of Inverkeithing, who had some great players, Telf, Effy, Stevie Leighton, Deek Arnot, Davie Bingham etc.... IMO, i feel Fife Jnr & perhaps some Ammie clubs should take U17, U19 & U21's under there wing ???, what would it cost them ? a set of strips & a couple of match balls ???. The bigger picture is, first shout at any of the decent players & also, in this day and age, good publicity.
  9. I heard that Celtic is the only team he has ever wanted to play for
  10. What about Jimmy Hardies "barmy army" at the mighty Bonnybridge ???
  11. Marko ... Durs is away on a Cruise, so don't think he'll have access to this forum.
  12. Here comes the bite then ...... Jamie would walk in to any Fife team at Jnr level... Having "coached" Jamie & watched him, believe me, he is top drawer. I mean no disrespect to the boy Smart his record speaks for itself & good luck to the boy. All i know is if i was a Jimmy Hardie or a Stevie Kay & looking to consolidate myself in the Super League which needs a top striker, then i would be going after Jamie. As has been said, Jamies last go at the Super League was with the Glens & as correctly stated, finished top goalscorer twice ..... Strikers like you said who may have found there level in the "lower" league, don't finish top goalscorer 2 seasons in a row in the super league filled with ex snrs !!!! and seasoned players like were at Bathgate, Tayport, Boness, Linlithgow, HOB, etc etc ....... Cheers for the banter though
  13. Baz, having played in the same team as Willie & played against him when he was at Camelon i can vouch that he is a good guy & will give his best.... Also, i take it you haven't checked out his record at Boness whilst managing them in the Super League & the proper Scottish Cup ???
  14. Would anyone rule out a return for Ferret ??
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