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  1. Rosyth were 1 up with about 20 to go when I left aswell.
  2. Ffs why do you always have to bring Glenrothes into it? Can you no just pass on yer congratulations to eck without dragging Glenrothes into another topic?
  3. Aw couldn't tell you bud still getting to know the boys think they have a massive squad tho.
  4. No signed yet bud helped them out on sat, trained with them the night. Decent set eh boys.
  5. Maltings looking for friendlies over next week if anyone is free? Needs to be away from home.
  6. What's happened to your squad Baz?? Away elsewhere or just no playing?
  7. Any on tonight??
  8. No just change of management. Manager has taken over at Crossgates Primrose.


    Personally think it's great having the suspension list in full view. The Sunday league website has it and the juniors had it when their section was getting used all the time. Allows players to see what opposition players are banned when they play a team because let's face it the players are going to know majority of the boys that playing against them, club secs prob don't know half the faces of the boys on the suspension sheets.
  10. TROTTS


    Employers or prospective employers 😂😂😂 can see a few gaffers telling boys no to come to there work this week cause they got sent off for a couple of bad tackles at the weekend. 😂😂😂😂
  11. Personally think the 6 6 and two promoted proposal is the best. Surely if the team thats finishing 7th in the kingdom and fafa are good enough they should be certainties to be promoted after the first season.
  12. Ps al be sure to pass yer grievance Oan to the management at least that way it might no happen to other teams going forward.
  13. Canny comment on that baz as I wasn't playing at the start eh the season and as I say nose who does the communicating regards strips etc.. but to be honest as a player it would never stop me going back to a pub cause so n so never sent a txt oot. I always go back to an away teams pub regardless if we've won or tane a spanking.
  14. Am no really bothered if I'm being honest. Never really expected youse back after yer team fighting amongst themselves at the end of the game. I thought you would have popped in but as I say doesn't really bother me either way. As for the texts couldn't comment on that either as it doesn't involve me ano we have had a change in committee with Paul laidlaw standing down (pretty sure he would normally deal with the pleasantries during the week) but what I would say is had youse turned us over 5-0 would you have been back for a beer?
  15. We got braw pies fae your boozer tae pocket. Think you were the only tav player back that day.
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