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  1. Just a heads up we had our risk assessment for Astro access approved today so that’s our bookings confirmed for both our training venues. More than happy to share it with any club it’s literally an A4 sheet just specifying how we plan to approach a session. Really easy to adjust as required. Drop me a message if you want it
  2. I we thought our COVID risk assesment would cover it but seems they want it tailored specifically to their facility. You guys had to do one for the ylum Astro?
  3. How is it going for teams trying to book winter training facilities. We have ours lined up however the venues are asking for risk assessments specific to their facility. Anyone else been through this and up for sharing risk assessment templates to help other teams out? or risk assessment for our grass park doesn’t seem to be sufficient
  4. Hopefully this is the case
  5. Yup - the communication says they have paused it to give them time to re communicate the expectations amongst teams but also states that it doesn’t affect the time line communicated for re start! ammy teams paying the price for the high profile ups it seems
  6. A few of the local ammy refs have appeared to train at our park on Saturday and Monday when we were there and they said they haven’t had any official communication about a start date! the guidance seemed to suggest permission to play local friendlies MAY be given from September 11th though so seems to make sense to pencil games in at least? Looks like most teams have interperated it like that
  7. No sure about other teams but we post a list of who attended every session in our committee chat and our designated COVID officer then takes a note of it for reference! seems to be a positive shift change in recent weeks for the Fitbaw! Maybe we are going to get the benefit of the doubt like the pubs did initially! Here’s hoping for friendlies mid september like they are hinting at
  8. No sure how other teams are doing this but we have decided to go down the road of someone taking ownership in the committee chat and then we take note at training and post it in the chat for him to keep a record! not ideal but hopefully if buying in to it gets football back then it’s worth it! would be good to hear from other teams how they as managing this sort of stuff and we can all learn from each other
  9. Lochgelly united has proposed being able to name 7 subs but still use 5 prior to the AGM and the feeedback we got regards the 7 subs was that it was an SAFA rule and not a local rule! Felt like it made it easier to keep the whole squad involved! Interesting to see how many premier league players who didn’t look as fit and sharp after their extended break and short pre season prior to games coming back, can only imagine we may be in the same boat in the amateur game
  10. we conceded less goals this season than you boys managed to accumulate points don’t kid yourself! If it wasn’t for AM soccer pulling you out the shite I would reckon we would have had a good chance at passing you boys on the way down next year! We lost 3 games in 90 minutes all season in all competitions... you would be better paying a bit more attention at what’s going on and what other teams are doing or you might just get a wee shock to the system “dumbo”! Bet the folks at Cupar love when u pipe up with pish eh, I know I certainly do
  11. Someones team surely stayed up on a technicality and inherited a new squad eh? Better hope your team up their game this season with 4 going down or HoB will get a crack at them next year in the middle league
  12. Must have all changed their minds privately once they knew exactly what they were voting for!
  13. Spoke to the league this morning Pete and the standings from this season wouldn’t be used in the structuring! Because of Null and void we Lochgelly would be considered a new team at the next AGM, along with strath and freuchie in the bottom league and would Have no results to go in to argue for promotion in the re structure. That’s 3 of the top 4 in our league in that boat i feel a bit more clarity from the league on what null and void actually means would be helpful here.
  14. Just had a chat with the league committee just so we know exactly where we stand - and a vote for null and void means there is no league data to go on for reconstruction from 2019/20 season! For us this means nothing to back out argument for promotion as all new clubs from last year and the new clubs coming in this year are considered as new clubs for tie 2020/21 season! so this argument won’t be resolved by reconstruction it would seem! So teams like ourselves, fife thistle, Kinross, kelty won’t have anything to back our argument at the AGM for promotion as part of the restructuring
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