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  1. we conceded less goals this season than you boys managed to accumulate points don’t kid yourself! If it wasn’t for AM soccer pulling you out the shite I would reckon we would have had a good chance at passing you boys on the way down next year! We lost 3 games in 90 minutes all season in all competitions... you would be better paying a bit more attention at what’s going on and what other teams are doing or you might just get a wee shock to the system “dumbo”! Bet the folks at Cupar love when u pipe up with pish eh, I know I certainly do
  2. Someones team surely stayed up on a technicality and inherited a new squad eh? Better hope your team up their game this season with 4 going down or HoB will get a crack at them next year in the middle league
  3. Must have all changed their minds privately once they knew exactly what they were voting for!
  4. Spoke to the league this morning Pete and the standings from this season wouldn’t be used in the structuring! Because of Null and void we Lochgelly would be considered a new team at the next AGM, along with strath and freuchie in the bottom league and would Have no results to go in to argue for promotion in the re structure. That’s 3 of the top 4 in our league in that boat i feel a bit more clarity from the league on what null and void actually means would be helpful here.
  5. Just had a chat with the league committee just so we know exactly where we stand - and a vote for null and void means there is no league data to go on for reconstruction from 2019/20 season! For us this means nothing to back out argument for promotion as all new clubs from last year and the new clubs coming in this year are considered as new clubs for tie 2020/21 season! so this argument won’t be resolved by reconstruction it would seem! So teams like ourselves, fife thistle, Kinross, kelty won’t have anything to back our argument at the AGM for promotion as part of the restructuring
  6. What nul and void does is leave us in a position where we are at the mercy of new teams coming in! what happens if this rolls on till Xmas and 4/5 of the new teams lose a bit momentum and find themselves in a position where they can’t join the league? We then don’t have the numbers for restructure and we are punishing teams who won 14 of their 15 league games this season! if we want the strongest leagues possible top to bottom we should have been arguing for promotion no relegation this season! I don’t mind if there’s a league trophy in our pub but we literally couldn’t have asked any more of our boys this season and to now have to sit and wait for an AGM to find out If we might go up is no more wrong than relegating teams who might have avoided it given a few more games!
  7. Lothians and Edinburgh league proposed the same as ours it seems as well
  8. Just To play devils advocate - if there wasn’t 7 new teams coming in would we all still be in support of nul and void? We will get promotion regardless due to 7 new teams but had there been no applications I would feel pretty hard done by with these circumstances. Would feel to me teams having had poor seasons were getting rewarded rather than teams who have had good seasons being rewarded and for for the record our proposal was average points to dictate leagues and promotion but for there to be no relegation this season in the interest of fairness
  9. Here’s how the Glasgow District Saturday league resolves their issue! Interesting way of doing things
  10. Who are the potential new teams? i know of bridge of earn from the Perth league joining and heard about HOB hopefully starting back up but good to see potentially a few more
  11. From a selfish point of view we at Lochgelly would be hoping that worst case scenario there are enough new teams interested in joined to have promotion from the bottom league then like wise the middle league to balance the numbers, even if there was no relegation and no league trophies dished out. No one punished but the teams who were looking good for promotion still rewarded! a difficult scenario to keep everyone happy though and we will just need to see what happens! Hope everyone is safe and well
  12. Lochgelly united vs Kinross colts now at lumphinnians Astro turf 2pm ko
  13. Unfortunately Edinburgh star just cancelled on us for our pre season tournament tomorrow if anyone wants to take their place at short notice notice please give me a call Greig Wilson 07736805233 no cost included
  14. We a the Minto currently have 4 Ylum players, 2 who play every week at them,1 Kelty player and 2 bowhill players. Majority of our squad stopped playing sats this year to commit to us knowing what the long term plan was. we are planning on none of those boys staying and any that decide to will be a bonus. We have had a core of 14 boys who have been at us for the last 4 years. During that time they have moved around different Saturday teams. Hopefully their loyalty continues into next year with us
  15. Minto Lounge have Rosyth fleetgrounds Astro booked Monday night for an 8pm ko. Put the feelers out to a few teams but no takers yet so anyone interested in the game drop me a message game is dependant on the fleetgrounds resolving a floodlight issue but they were expecting to have it done looking to split the costs
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