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  1. Dhanny

    Scottish Cup Final

    That's why we moved him on as he was unable able to change tactics.....While on the other hand nothing is said about the broken magic hat!!!! Perfect.
  2. Dhanny

    Scottish Cup Final

    The man with a magic hat????? :rollsmile: :rollsmile: Fekin pmsl. He didn't have a clue on how to try and protect his full back. Stokesy tore him a new one from the first minute to the last and the manager was unable to do a thing about it. No doubt about it he's tactically naive. I say he won't see the season out, Mr Corrupt as fuk will boot him and his hat back over the border... :wave: :wave:
  3. Dhanny


    See if this helps.... Watch it with open mind and see who the terrorist is. https://youtu.be/3HD0E0nf8No
  4. Dhanny


    :rollsmile: :rollsmile: Where did I say i support terrorism? Where did i say I hate Britain? What I'm saying is the terrorists that have attacked Britain has only happened after we caused trouble in their backyard. Why haven't the IRA attacked France or Spain? Why haven't Muslim's attacked Brasil or Argentina? Simple because their governments haven't done anything to them. It's no hard to workout you only need an open mind.
  5. Dhanny


    We did invade it and we did seperate it. We gave the Irish a referendum and it was near 80% in favour of being a single Country, then reneged on it and split the Country. Why would we do that in a foreign Country?
  6. Dhanny


    when I said Britain I meant British government's. And yes it is the fault of Britain and it's government for jihad John. There would be no Jihad john if we didn't illegally invade other Countries. And YES again it's Britain's fault for the IRA attrocities. If we hadn't invaded and separated the Country then it would never have have happened. It's plain and simple if you go around hitting then eventually you will be hit back. Someday someone will stand up to the bully and that's exactly what is now happening. Britain is the aggresor in all these so called terrorist states. We started it.
  7. Dhanny


    My thoughts are "You reap what you sow". People don't just wake up in the morning and say feck it I'm going to become a terrorist. To tackle terrorism you have to tackle the root of the problem.. And IMO the word terrorist is banded about far to lacklustre when Britain is involved. We invaded they're Country so in real terms that makes us the terrorists. People defending themselves doesn't make them terrorists, they were powerless to stop the attrocities that were carried out in they're Countries when we entered, so now they've carried the fight to here. Before Britain invaded Ireland there was no problem with the IRA. Before we invaded Iraq and Afghanistan hardly anyone had heard of Al-Qaeda. Before we started bombing Syria nobody had heard of ISIS. There is the root of your problem. All from consectutive warmongering Westminster governments that have brought it here to our doors. just a pity the people of Scotland didn't vote to leave them as it's going to get worse before it gets better and our Country and it's civilian's are being pulled into it. All in the name of greed.
  8. Dhanny

    Forum Dead R.i.p

    It's a shame this once thriving forum has now passed over. At one time there was a hive of activity on here, now it's barely a pulse. The reason I believe this has happened is down to the biased shown by the moderators. I'm not saying all of them but definately the majority of them, while the other minority sat on their hands witnessed this and said/done nothing about it. Some people were allowed to post mocking others on a personal issue. sometimes it came close to police intervention and still moderators allowed these people to continue posting. Just not worth the hassle is it. I was issued with 2 warnings and warned once more and your barred!!! "I was sent a message "keep it going and your out". My crime was that I posted about Hamburg fans being befriended with a certain support from these shores. One supporter said he was going to a Hamburg game and I replied "Well mind your SWASTIKA". This was something that was common knowledge, and on that same day I posted that a Scottish newspaper had said similar.So in other words I posted something which was in the news. I then left the forum and returned hours later and couldn't find my post. There was no message of a warning or reason for my post to be deleted. So I thought I hadn't posted it and went on to re-type it. I was then sent 2 warning from this keyboard bully acting as a moderator warning me if I posted it a third time I was off. So I was issued with 2 warning. In other words done twice for the same crime (Didn't know posting about what was in the news was a serious crime on here. Probably should have mocked child abuse and posted about things like insulting the dead etc. Mods don't seem to bother to much about that). Well you reap what you sow and it's a shame as a few of the moderators on here worked hard to set this up and keep it going. Well done mods on bringing this once great forum to it's death.
  9. Dhanny

    The Vote

    Oh look its mysteriously re-appeared.
  10. Dhanny

    The Vote

    Yes there was. It has been removed with no explaination, must have hit a nerve with the currant bun gestapo on here. No wonder this site is dying as some moderators don't like you speaking about what's in the news, Especially the news what shows their team. Now if you want to speak about Celtic getting f****d from Molde or Malmo they're happier with that.
  11. Dhanny

    The Vote

    :rollsmile: :rollsmile: GUILTY OF CHEATING.GUILTY OF RIPPING OF THE TAX-PAYER. How many nurses could we have put in our hospitals? How many extra policemen could this have put on our streets? How many houses could this have provided for our homeless war heroes. Scandalous that some want to try and defend this. Its treason of the highest order.
  12. Dhanny

    1 Week To Go

    what is it about your club that attracts paedos and kiddie fiddlers priests?? Is this no fcuking scandalous that people can come on here and put this shoite on here and the mods do fcuk all about it. I promise you this if I see anything like this again I'm involving the polis fcuk ye all. The mods do plenty about it when the ball is on the other foot.
  13. Football expert on Mexican tv explains how one of Scotland's great clubs bit the dust. https://www.youtube.com/embed/sMF5RnCelFE
  14. I think Rovers victory will make no difference either way. Keep up the good work.
  15. I noticed Gogsy hasn't posted on this. Mare faces than the toon clock has this man. :ok:
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