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  1. Shaney


    Don't you give him a get out Scotty. Yes Section B. PS Big Jan's no ma nickname mate. good one JANET
  2. canny believe we didny get 2 final at least! prob thot we were gona walk it against the usa in the semi n got punished p.s wat aboot the usa boys were asked if they were gon back 2 the crystal n they said they were playin in another tourney what was ur score against them? they scraped thru against us on pens after being 3-1 down! my wee 13 year old nephew missed the deciding pen he was gutted!! beat us 3-1 in the semi we went one up n missed a few chances then got slack at the back think they had one boy tht was quite fast n could finish but wie the team we had we should have beat thm p.s edited 2 say was surprised the argies lost 2 thm in final also Wiz gutted usa beat us in final we wir all over them to.all they had was one fast boy to catch us on break anyway good day and well enjoyed :whistling: p.s well done usa the best team lost. :whistling:
  3. if your that good why r u scared to play them?
  4. well done england last 16
  5. so, get a life teams have started pre season
  6. it is official Silly Little Fudd Silly Little Fudd has won again QUALITY. :rollsmile:
  7. My thoughts exactly! One of my best mates is English and he will tell you himself that he's sick to the back teeth of the english media. To me, it's obvious that the pressure being put on these players is affecting their ability to relax and play. Is it possible that the white Pele will be in a subs suit for the next game? aye am the same lads wanted england to win for players sake but i work with english blokes and they say the same about media. FECKIN JOKE just maybe one world cup they would'nt build up the team for a BIG FALL .instead just back them and see how they do.Media keep on going on about rooney upfront wi gerrard behind him but i cant help thinking 3-5-2. With 2 wide boys crossing into crouch who will either score or back post knock down to rooney as crouch is a fecking abnormal 9foot freak and wins every header lol. :rollsmile:
  8. the best on this forum when it comes too medals and scoring goals.as for you ya wee scroat yer just an inbred lochsmelly wee turd who shares the same mum as 70 per cent o that village.......... oh rabby is winning who would have thought. A right tit
  9. aye al 2nd that.if the best team was to win the world cup imo it wid be germany,but best teams dont always win.its only these 2 first games that i have enjoyed.to b fair i didnt see holland game did they play well ????????
  10. no a typed COME ON ENGLAND and google said NO.
  11. tried to google him but even google said NO
  12. Keeps us parents of young kids on our toes though mate! no harm done if it makes us more aware for the time being
  13. Shaney

    Itv Hd

    up and running nice touch
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