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  1. Very sad to see Kinghorn fold, was involved right from the start back in 2009 and manager for 2 seasons, one of the best sponsors you could ask for in Willie and the Crown Tavern. I had heard things weren't great but really sad it's come to this. All the best to the Kinghorn Hearts boys who have been there from the start and i'm sure won't be short of offers of new clubs, as Dave says have had some cracking players over the years.
  2. St Clair vs Kinghorn Hearts is ON good news, should be a good game
  3. Any update on St Clair Tavern v Kinghorn Hearts? game at Ravenscraig Park cheers
  4. Kinghorn Hearts v Crown Inn AFC 6.45 Randolph, Kirkcaldy, promises to be a decent game
  5. Never good to see teams folding, hope all the guys get somewhere to play and stay involved in the Sunday Ams setup, hopefully they'll be back in the league soon. Also, although not under the best of circumstances i'm glad to see Kinghorn Hearts move up a division, missed out by the odd point the last 2 years and think they will certainly be a good addition to the top division. would still like to see the top division expanded but thats a matter for another day... Best of luck to everyone for the coming season
  6. Was down watching this, very decent game to watch, few decisions could have went either way, well done to Kinghorn Hearts for reaching third round. Hope the lads get a good away tie next round! Would just like to point out the workrate of the kinghorn skipper was top notch...
  7. Congratulations Lads, from all the boys at Kinghorn Hearts!
  8. Is there any idea as to how many teams will go up? 2 for def but maybe 3?
  9. Well done mate fully deserved the win as we were brutal last night all the best in the final. As for us i think that is our last game in the fife sunday amateur league as alot of our playes are retiring or moving on plus funding is very tight. Hopefully you can guys can carry on, seemed like a decent bunch of boys when we played you and never good to see teams dropping away, all the best whatever happens
  10. Lomond Vics 3 v Buckhaven Town 0 Massiive congratulations to Sandy, Scotty, Gary and all the boys at the Vics, great season with a league and cup double! Game was never in doubt, don't think Vics keeper had a save to make and was a matter of time til they took the lead, 3 well taken goals from big Ferrier and vics by far the better side All the best in the Premier lads, think you will do well in that league and enjoy your night!
  11. nah he wasny mate heard what your keeper said clear as day was right next to him, said "disny matter about tonight league title already has our name on it" talking about you (kinghorn hearts) a was next tae him tae an he said ur names on the cup awredy no kinghorn get your ears cleaned out then pal because he definitely did say kinghorns name was already on title cos he said it to big tam tae and then two of them started having a go at each other tam was right up in his face and hes like weve already won it and that, so stop slavering pish and trying to defend them he knows what he meant when he said it and he seems to think kinghorn have won it already......we shall see think we should all draw a line under the "who said what" and the "my dads harder than your dad" pish, makes for very boring reading, still a lot of football to be played and the best team over 22 games will win the league - end of.
  12. thanks mate aye took a lot for him to play considering circumstances and he was outstanding, well done jock Would also like to pass my condolences on to the lad, took major strength to play after that and massive credit to him, minutes silence perfectly observed and puts football into perspective! On behalf of the whole club would like to pass on our best wishes to the family in this difficult time
  13. As no other team that they've played agaist in the competition has put a protest in, the Railway tavern will get a bye to the final Castle must be seek getting put out a cup at the semi final stage due to this Feel sorry for lochore here, seems like a genuine mistake What's the loophole wattie?
  14. We have 5 games left and know what we have to do, we have to take it one game at a time and see what happens
  15. I think he means the old Kinghorn Crown aka Novar Rovers
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