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  1. That’s a very good Result
  2. Afc Kincardine 4 Clackmannan 3.
  3. Benarty 2 Kincardine 1. Tight game tonight Could have went either way.cracking pitch to play on.
  4. Good luck to him and his lockdown I’ll not be stopping again.
  5. Season starts next month.
  6. Rosebank 0 Afc Kincardine 8
  7. Leven utd 8 Afc kincardine 0 hammered by a quality team today. We were brutal and few of our younger players folded easy.
  8. Any teams looking for midweek friendlies either a tue or a thur till the end of June give us a message and can get something sorted. We have a grass park at Kincardine available and with the light nights kick off doesn’t need to be too early. Cheers
  9. Wrong the parks are staying open. Changing rooms are irrelevant as it’s same protocols as before. Be lucky if they are here for 20/21 start too.
  10. Imagine be decided at the meeting this week.see no reason not to on 22nd May though which leaves enough dates to complete the cup playing twice a week.
  11. Hope the good news gets us started before may 17tH
  12. Common sense doesn’t come in to it for Sfa. Grassroots in England been back a week now too.
  13. Unless something changes at tomorrow’s update/announcement.
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