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  1. Hope the good news gets us started before may 17tH
  2. Common sense doesn’t come in to it for Sfa. Grassroots in England been back a week now too.
  3. Unless something changes at tomorrow’s update/announcement.
  4. The early start is based on the restrictions getting brought forward similar to when non contact training was allowed but wasn’t planned that early. Eveyone needs to wait till April 5th to have any idea of dates.
  5. Aye that’s it there is an update on the 5th April which could confirm and earlier start.
  6. Other associations and leagues are starting games 22nd that gives teams from 17th so some contact training or a friendlies that week should be sufficient enough to get the cup started as quickly as possible imo.
  7. Wouldn’t need can manage with playing beach other twice if start on may 22nd that gives 11 match days which is just enough with teams playing twice a week.
  8. Noticed two other associations Caledonian and Leafa are starting cup competitions in may too. They are starting with games on 22nd of May.
  9. Unless they get released they will be sitting in the house until next season. Surley the reasons they dint enter was they had no team?
  10. All teams were sent the draw so Eveyone knows what teams are in. It was known after the vote who would be in and who Wouldn’t be in.
  11. Will be interesting to see if some teams start the 21/22 season or Not if the same protocols are still in place.There is a good chance there will still be some regarding showers etc.
  12. Grass roots in England back 28th March adults and kids then we won’t be far behind it. Vaccine roll out and cases dropping all the time let’s get the games going in April. Absolutely pointless not doing it and Eveyone playing friendlies all summer as that’s all that’s going to happen. We have been idle long enough. Follow the same protocols untill they are relaxed or lifted in June like Down south.
  13. It’s already been said we have leeway till April so still not any need to be panicking yet.
  14. There is still 8 weeks till the season needs to restart to finish the current season in its format . No need to be doing anything just now untill we revert back Into tiers once this current lockdown has ended in 3 weeks.
  15. Would be pointless months of friendlies when we could be playing meaningful games.
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