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  1. Tell me about it. Never going to get the chance for it again imo it would be perfect timing. Would get the full season and local Cups done too. I know there is lots of pros and cons for It but I think the pros far outweigh the cons.
  2. Pause it till March and play summer football. Two games a week season done easy. No need for expensive training let’s etc either for clubs.
  3. This must only count for Ammie Teams as there’s been positive tests at senior Games and the games are still continuing without teams having to isolate. Smart virus that covid can only spread on a park at grassroots level.
  4. See that goes against what we were told from them. Definitely a minefield when see this happening. Haven’t heard or seen anything similar for east/junior teams yet.
  5. You shouldn’t have to do that. That’s up to track and trace so it’s noted down. Is this from a game or training?
  6. Iv always been an advocate of it makes complete sense to me. Cuts down on the cost of training too.
  7. Yip pause it all and start back training March season resume April. Two games a week play cups and league easy.
  8. We didn’t pull out any game we were offered the relief before any fixtures were announced and the extension to the travel ban was put in place. The fixture should never never been cast.
  9. yes we had two players isolate who brought the boy who tested positive along in car. The others were never contacted and the boys who were contacted were told on phone it would only be them as it’s outside and not enough timE etc. That needs ironed out at t start of any restart. Hope the labour guy gets it sorted and we can get back. We are following the same protocol as east and juniors.
  10. Hopefully the labour leader who brought up about travel restrictions getting eased gets voiced. If boys aren’t comfortable playing sit in the hoose for the next year get your shopping done online and never go out for dinner as this virus isn’t going away anywhere.Regarding the different scenarios from track and trace. We were all under the assumptions that with a positive test on the field nobody would have to isolate due to being outside only close contact which isn’t a player jn a game like we seen in pitenweem/Kelty game. This is something that needs cleared up on the re start.
  11. thats the line we received from Fife council: they have a backlog of testing to do untill that’s done they wouldn’t look at opening any of theirs. Fortunately at Kincardine the one door in one door out will work along with the number of rooms that could be used by bodies changing we have(7) so hopfully once testing is done we would be able to provide facilities for visitors non showers of course.
  12. Surely instead of posting a snide comment just say who it is.
  13. the difference in what other teams have been told to do with track and trace is the big thing for me. When kincardine has a player test positive pre season it was only the player and the two boys who traveled with him that had to isolate. Due to it being outside the chance of transmission was very low and nobody else was required to do anything.
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