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  1. twoandahalf

    New Teams for 2018/19

    I don’t see why not jaz there is a massive decline in teams all over the place. My own association started season 17/18 with 45 teams for season 18/19 we are looking at 25 teams now. Even looking at training and games much more enjoyable at this time of year than freezing wet nights in November. Don’t buy into the holidays argument anymore as not many people go away in summer now.
  2. twoandahalf

    Pre season games

    Kincardine looking for a friendly home or away on sat 21st July anyone interested get in touch cheers.
  3. twoandahalf

    Results Saturday 5th

    Aye it’s been going for as long as I can remember it’s just the first time i have heard of it being in the same association I was always under the impresison the rule was different but I was wrong.
  4. twoandahalf

    Results Saturday 5th

    They will have signed for the club Am soccer but effectively they are running two teams although with putting reserves after one of their names disputes this imo.
  5. twoandahalf

    Results Saturday 5th

    No way lol the safa can’t have deemed that legitimate not a chance. The clubs should be having a word with themselves if that got accepted at agm
  6. twoandahalf

    Results Saturday 5th

    Madness that’s allowed.The rule was always the clubs had to be in separate associations. There was a few in ours Doune and Milton had two teams one in Cali and one Stirling league but never heard of the clubs being in the same association before very surprised this was allowed by the safa.
  7. twoandahalf

    Results Saturday 5th

    Can any player signed with Am play with either the reserves or am on different weeks ? Is it just a pool of players then each week can play with either of the teams ?
  8. twoandahalf

    Fri 16th suspensions.

    Letters Jesus Christ it’s 2018 use email It’s not hard. Email to the players club sec then post a letter to player that way eveyone is in the Know
  9. twoandahalf

    Fife select team

    They have a friendly on Monday night against Stirling district at stenhousemuirs Park.Its our Associations first year at it too still to play their first official inter league game.
  10. twoandahalf

    Fife select team

    Saw on twitter that the newly formed fife select team have a game against Stirling District next week. Suprisingly Not seen any chat on here about it. What clubs are represented in the Squad?
  11. twoandahalf

    Game off

    I take it you don’t play on a council park then?
  12. twoandahalf

    Game off

    Is it not only the council or a referee that can call a game off ?
  13. twoandahalf

    KFAFA FIXTURES Saturday February 3

    Surely they would just reverse the game if you havnt already played them at home?
  14. twoandahalf

    Results Saturday 27th

    Absolutely horrid weather for football yesterday. The sooner it changes to a march to November season the better imo. It really is needing looked at now.
  15. twoandahalf


    We have our league meeting soon and I’ll be making sure they are doing the same to these disgraceful motions. We are stuck in the dark ages if they think this is needed along with playing at this time of year I really wonder if any of them making decisions have ever run clubs or played the game. It’s time for major change