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  1. Think he means you actually need to be proposed for a position on the committee then it goes to a vote. You can’t just say this is what you will do. Looking at what you put looks like would be the fixture secretary position. Or maybe the league could create a social media person what you have suggested you would be able to do looks great and going by the likes you received on your post it seems your views eco quite a few clubs thoughts.
  2. The Scottish second division literally just had a champion (cove) with no relegation.
  3. this has been done in Ammies before and always reverted back after a few seasons. It never works.
  4. Clackmannan 7 Duloch 1 was the second round tie not denbeath.
  5. Surely anyone can’t just put a game off?. Only the council and the referee can put our game off or if it’s a private pitch a designated groundsman.
  6. Kincardine Afc Looking for opposition for a friendly on Monday 12th in Alloa can kick off anytime between 7/8pm cost is £45 per team that includes referee fee. Any teams interested give me a message cheers
  7. Agree with you but the old culture of boys working Mon /fri is long gone most work places have shift work etc. We played a friendly on a sat morning 10am kick it and was brilliant game done and boys showered for 12. Imo I think it’s definitely the way ahead.
  8. Sign of the times. All leagues and associations are feeling it. Worrying what the future holds when the current 25 to 35 year olds finish playing. The ones that are thriving around the country seem to be Friday nights and Saturday morning leagues.
  9. I don’t see why not jaz there is a massive decline in teams all over the place. My own association started season 17/18 with 45 teams for season 18/19 we are looking at 25 teams now. Even looking at training and games much more enjoyable at this time of year than freezing wet nights in November. Don’t buy into the holidays argument anymore as not many people go away in summer now.
  10. Kincardine looking for a friendly home or away on sat 21st July anyone interested get in touch cheers.
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