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  1. Getting Randolph checked shortly.
  2. Don't think anyone is saying making it a rule. If you'd had said nobody was coming back I wouldn't have complained. Saying 15 would be coming and then just not showing is pretty poor in my opinion.
  3. Bar Toro 4 v Dunf United 3 Great come back from 0-3 down. No show from any of the away side despite a text before the game and the manager telling me afterwards that they would be back. I've not got a problem if teams don't come back as long as they tell me. To say 15 will be back and the pub putting on extra food just to not turn up is risking our sponsors for next season. Anyway rant over!!
  4. Yeah it looks like a bad one. He's got to go for an MRI to see the extent of the damage. Cheers for the game lads, all the best for the season.
  5. The game v TOTT has been moved to the institute mate.
  6. Do you know if its still on buddy? Tried phoning the ref from that game but no answer yet.
  7. Any earlier games at the rosyth institute? We aren't playing till 2pm.
  8. What chances do we have of the games being on? Been hosing it down all night!!!
  9. No he didn't, cracking wee player, had a few good efforts. Thought strath deserved the win though. Couple of individual errors cost them!! First goal for strath was some strike.
  10. Still top o the toun at the moment mate. That may change tho.....
  11. We could play you on the 4th mate.
  12. Ok mate, I'll arrange the ref and buzz you nearer the time. Cheers
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