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  1. I’m no a fan, just it seen a post on Twitter but I do find a strange appointment as Lochgelly haven’t had the best of starts to the season
  2. See the boys that were in charge at Lochgelly Albert have got the job at Glens
  3. Bowhill won 2-0 v Hears of Beath
  4. When does the council make decision regarding the pitches for weekend games
  5. Wullie, thier the worst ive seen, couldnt shake our hand after the game, things happen an get said during 90 mins of football but after the game win lose or draw you show the respect to opposing team by shaking hands an move on to the next game, for these to act in the manner they did today has had me fuming theirs antics at the final whistle could have caused riot
  6. disgrace, that pitches get called so early, the fee the council take are a joke, pitches are a mess don't get looked after, pitches look great from May too August, but season finnished or just starting council getting money for an players prob now play 4/5 games a week
  7. It's should be developed into a new 4G pitch try an get more youth teams from the Benatry area involved, the changing facilities are excellent
  8. Heard he got sacked cos committee members went into the changing room after Saturday's defeat an gave the players pelters for not attending a race night, Graham was trying to say that this is not the time or place, leave it till Monday night at training, got a phone call on Sunday to say he's no longer manager of the club, absolute shambles, nicks was doing a great job up at Newburgh, I'm sure he'll have a few offers on the tables ASAP, great boy an great coach
  9. Kelty Game is On according to twitter
  10. Blue Brazil played their 5th rnd Scottish cup tie today, in a hard fought match they ran out 5-1 winners to book their place in the last 8 of the competition,
  11. Ballingry rovers is the only club that could get this much attention on a forum, let's hope the club can get things sorted an can get a team back playing at junior level, gutted for all the committee that have tried to sort things an keep the club alive, an wish players and management all the best an they can get sorted quickly,
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