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  1. smiler

    Fife Cup 2018-2019

    think it's being drawn at league meeting next week
  2. smiler

    results 26/1

    What did Barry score 8 !!!!! nae just kidding, good player
  3. smiler

    results 26/1

    Bowhill 2 Leven 2. As usual a quiet game with not much contraversity. Bowhill scored in 1st 10 mins and deservedly so as Leven were slow to start, we saw it on the side and unfortunately the players did not take heed of the instructions from the sidelines but that gelled them and credit to them took the game to Bowhill. Corner to Leven and we scored, 1 all. Bowhill were looking to counter on the break as Leven put some pressure on to them. BOTH keepers had good saves until Bowhills keeper made a mistake and was punished. Leven 2 - 1 up. Half time. 2nd half been going 5 ish mins Leven guy sent off for a horrendous tackle. Player tackled up and smirking as Leven player walking to the side line as was a management member from Bowhill who tried to instruct the ref in the rules of football . LONG 2nd half with 10 men. Then back to the walls then started, Bowhill are a formilable side at any time but with an extra man u are usually flukced. Hand on heart Leven players gave everything, probably have belittled them in the past but where credit is due think back to playing days and thank them for the effort they put in. Bowhill deserevedly got an equaliser and missed chances to win the game, but we have all had that. If any neutrals who have a different view of the game please add your story. Cheers folks
  4. smiler


    you maybe right Jaz but not all players come from the place ( village/town ) that they play at which disnae always work. 1st post is correct, it;s shiet that defeated teams dinnae go back and get FREE GRUB. Aye u have a juice or a pint but thats your choice, Unfortunately the Comaradere of team spirits has disappeared with the majority of teams nowadays which I think is wrong. But then again I'm thinking OLD SCHOOL where we all looked after each others back, both on the park and OFF IT. Not thinking we should resort to the Good old days, naw go forward but take some of the old ways with them. Fluk we might even end up with players saying they were UNFAiRLY TACKLED in the box and that was why the FELL OVER...................... or maybe not. Now your thoughts on this would be a blessing Jaz as your slightly OLDER school than me.
  5. smiler

    Game off 15 dec

    Leven v Bowhill still on at the moment, see what the weather brings in the next couple of hours
  6. smiler

    Scottish Cup

    all the best neebs, hopefully you will be in the next round after saturday. It's a GOOD feeling if you DO, ...................... SHIT feeling if you dinnae. Done both
  7. smiler


    Jaz can you not use your bus pass ? might need to see what games are on before you hitch a ride with Stagecoach as I have heard all council parks are off !
  8. smiler

    Scores 1/12

    Sorry ....... last bit i should have put in was that I don't show or register how I feel at the end of the match as I was asked today by Chrissie Murray, ....... Hurting shows weakness and I hurt a lot when people don't perform. Not saying you as i explained on the trip home...... drink induced
  9. smiler

    Scores 1/12

    Bridgewater v Leven ..................... not a lot in it considering we played for 35 mins with 10 men. I have my own views regards what we do or achieve with the squad we have but we can''t leak goals so easily but not take chances that are gifted to numerous players and not just the forward. When we play as a TEAM I don't fear anyone .......... apart from US. Manager and coaches pick a team and it was right today. We are oot and Bridgewater are thru, deservedly so............... not a 100 % on that one but it's goals that count and they done the business. Fife teams have to start beleiving in themselves and challenge the same as Lothian and other teams that are not associated with the Western Clubs. We are no different from them, they pee and shit the same as us just talk different. Sorry my Weegie friends
  10. smiler

    Pitches 01 Dec

    If your game goes ahead you know that they ( Fife members ) will be wishing you an all the best. Hard tie but know Bowhill's capability. go for it neebs
  11. smiler

    Pitches 01 Dec

    Kiss of death my friend. hopefully you achieve your game and save the wee bit of biting on your ass.
  12. smiler

    Pitches 01 Dec

    Bertie you must have some size of Brolly, it's peed down most of the day and I canny see many games on this weekend unless on astro.
  13. smiler

    Results 3rd Nov

    Biaillant result, build on that, no that i'm an expert
  14. smiler

    Results 3rd Nov

    Leven v Dynamo East Kilbride 10 v 0 Well we did play well but they were not as bad as the score line suggests. 3 - 0 at halftime but with our past results it is not a given 100%. Halftime team talk, whch I was not privy to as maning the canteen, must have been good cause Leven were another 2 up inside 10 mins. Pity they dinnae do that last week against the Ylum, but thats a different story. They lost there keeper thru injury and had a boy sent off with 10/15 to go but the result was already there. Next round beckons so hopefully a home tie please ( square balls in the bag for the draw ) unlike Tam who changes the BAWS for each Domestic cup draw, fair play to him. Before Pete decides this is code for the Ylum to be drawn away from home in any cup tie naw it is not. Cheers me
  15. smiler

    Strathmiglo Utd

    Pete you mention too many egos at the top table which is the league committee so your having a go at them or at least one of them. As for teams folding because of cup game, come on be sensible here. Kingdom folded as highlighted in earlier post because players who were able to play didnae turn up, others were injured so they couldnae field a team. We played you's last week and had a committee man listed as a sub and he ended up going on simply because injuries, work and holidays and thats with 20 plus boys signed. It's a different breed of footballers today from we played, fair dooes to them that's their choice but some boys let their team mates down as most teams will agree. As for Strath aye Fife cup winners last year but losing 4 or 5 players with the manager before the season starts disnae help the situation for who took over. Hope no more teams fold or at this rate it will be a 2 league set up next year