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  1. Results Thursday 19th

    not decrying your thoughts, but EVERY other team is playing thro the same scenario of playing games at this time of season with ONLY the squad they have and are finding it difficult to field strong teams to compete and barter for the success that every team strives for. I admit I am not a fan of being able to PLAY for 2 teams over the season albeit under the same team heading but thats the rules and you are doing everything by the rule book so batter on. If teams would like to change this rule then a proposal needs to be in before the AGM. Loads of people have options and voice it on here so this is the opportunity for them to take it to the next step .........if they want ???
  2. Results Saturday 14th

    Stealth thats what this game is all about ( individuals or teams ) will decry other players or teams about their ability's to achieve anything but you find out this is through either jealously or bad feeling, so don't be dissapointed by their reaction. New season .... New formate ...... New League set up........... Make sure your team is represented at our AGM and express your CLUBS VEIW towards how best this association can go forward. MIND it's not Kingdom league or the Fife league any more and the MAIN POINT is that the WE ALL work to enhance this league to be one of the best in the surrounding area's. Cheers an admirer of your work ethic
  3. prev post that pittenweem v ylum game on, is this still on with the rain we have had overnight ? any other games on ?
  4. KFAFA FIXTURES Saturday March 10

    nae game then..... £120 must be the average for astro's in Fife !!!! Not questioning you but what courses take up the whole weekend ............... isnae the sports first aid course that WE all have to attend at a highly inflated cost. If the same as with the Fife trust on the golf scene that is a lot cheaper than other clubs as the try and promote Fife sport. Not saying that they don't discount costs but other Regions seem to do a lot better than us Come on folks there has to be a way forward that teams can get a discount and so promote Fife fitba.
  5. KFAFA FIXTURES Saturday March 10

    How come when we've have played teams from the Edinburgh and Glasgow areas that they get discount from the council on the cost of hiring astro pitches. I'm not a 100% sure but think it only cost them between £65 and £80 for the 2hr slot. Played at Saughton Sports complex a couple of years back and there were 3 Scottish cup ties played one after the other. We were the 1 o'clock slot. Also played thro the Glasgow area and it was the same, discounted prices. If this was the same thro here more astro's would be used and not stand idle at weekends and so money would be going back in to the sports council coffers.
  6. Games off 27th

    Leven game ON, change of venue. Now playing on astro at Vale of Leven Academy, Alexandria
  7. games on or off

    Dumbarton v Leven game OFF

    Leven Utd v Dumbarton AFP game ON
  9. Games on Sat 16th Dec

    Bowhilll v Leven OFF both parks frozen
  10. game switch

    Fossoway v Leven now being played at Leven
  11. 3rd rnd Fife Cup

    Cheers ceejay, will ask our secretary
  12. 3rd rnd Fife Cup

    Any one know when the draw for the next round of the Fife is and what date these games are to be played, cheers
  13. KFAFA FIXTURES Saturday December 2

    Tommy think you might find the Scottish is the 4th Round, prob a typo error
  14. SAFA

    Bertie you are not alone in thinking the same thing. The SAFA promote that they will help clubs with all aspects of financial help regards funding towards various agendas towards helping the clubs keep on going. We asked about trying to upgrade/renovate the shower areas that have been in place for 50 + years at our changing rooms. yes we got a reply that told us to look towards other funding agencies that might help. Not being sarcastic but with the money the SAFA have in the bank why are they not at the cap in hand stage. There are other issues with the SAFA regards finance but that can be discussed at another time
  15. no matter their ' IMPORTANCE "they are only good as the guys suppling the balls in towards the goals. TEAM GAME .........MIND THAT