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  1. games on or off

    Dumbarton v Leven game OFF

    Leven Utd v Dumbarton AFP game ON
  3. Games on Sat 16th Dec

    Bowhilll v Leven OFF both parks frozen
  4. game switch

    Fossoway v Leven now being played at Leven
  5. 3rd rnd Fife Cup

    Cheers ceejay, will ask our secretary
  6. 3rd rnd Fife Cup

    Any one know when the draw for the next round of the Fife is and what date these games are to be played, cheers
  7. KFAFA FIXTURES Saturday December 2

    Tommy think you might find the Scottish is the 4th Round, prob a typo error
  8. SAFA

    Bertie you are not alone in thinking the same thing. The SAFA promote that they will help clubs with all aspects of financial help regards funding towards various agendas towards helping the clubs keep on going. We asked about trying to upgrade/renovate the shower areas that have been in place for 50 + years at our changing rooms. yes we got a reply that told us to look towards other funding agencies that might help. Not being sarcastic but with the money the SAFA have in the bank why are they not at the cap in hand stage. There are other issues with the SAFA regards finance but that can be discussed at another time
  9. no matter their ' IMPORTANCE "they are only good as the guys suppling the balls in towards the goals. TEAM GAME .........MIND THAT
  10. Results

    Leven 3 Strathmiglo 2
  11. mmm season not even started and a few gripes already ! Would think this EARLY in the season that teams would not be playing each other twice in the same fortnight in the league. if correct.
  12. League

    To be honest i like a few others thought we would have got the 1st 2 weeks fixtures at the league meeting on Monday night