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  1. It's the teams that phone the scores in not the refs, maybe like me they aren't that good at counting ......
  2. some teams wanted the bigger league but others didnae and it got voted out last year so the option is there for it to continue, just put that proposal to the committee before the AGM and teams will get another chance to have their say. Me personally would like the bigger league
  3. Ian it seems they have to give the teams a minimum of a week for it to be what is in the constitution, saves the hassle of teams complaining and going to the SAFA ...........
  4. Folks I would like to inform you of the loss of one of committee Charlie Guthrie who passed away this morning. He was a " true gentleman " who was a good friend to a lot of people and was underestimated in his knowledge of football by some but appreciated by others. Leven Utd wish his family all the best at this difficult time.
  5. What we are also forgetting is that aye there are new teams wanting to apply but will we still have them and all the teams that are now in the leagues when the new season does eventually start ? PUBS are our main sponsors and are they going to chuck money at us if they are not OPEN and not getting something back from the teams. Been mentioned that pubs will be one of the last places to be opened back up so what happens with sponsorship that keeps clubs going, a lot of companies struggling to keep folk on so forking out to sponsor a football team might be well down on their list of priorities ? Just a thought.....
  6. I know both of these guys and aye they would do a good job but would Bowhill accept them ...... doubt that. Not Gogs or Eddie because they are ^ Auld school ^ and I would doubt that either would put up with the new generation of " players " and would doubt that the very vocal players of Bowhill would enhance themselves towards both of them. Sopke with Gogs shortly after he took charge of Methilhill and had a good laugh with him regards what his players thought what was ok regards training and playing, Wish there was more of this " Auld school " mentality going about both on the field and off it. Not saying that the Bowhill players are any les than anyone else, in fact they are the mirror image of the majority of teams today, How ever gets the permanent position at Bowhill they have a BIG JOB to take on, both with expectations and achievements and good luck to them. I come from Bowhill myself so always wish them the best after Leven ..............................
  7. Leven v Finnieston game off, they could only muster 9 players for tomorrow
  8. Leven v Finnieston now being played at the New Bayview with a 2pm ko
  9. Leven v Finnieston game off
  10. think it's being drawn at league meeting next week
  11. What did Barry score 8 !!!!! nae just kidding, good player
  12. Bowhill 2 Leven 2. As usual a quiet game with not much contraversity. Bowhill scored in 1st 10 mins and deservedly so as Leven were slow to start, we saw it on the side and unfortunately the players did not take heed of the instructions from the sidelines but that gelled them and credit to them took the game to Bowhill. Corner to Leven and we scored, 1 all. Bowhill were looking to counter on the break as Leven put some pressure on to them. BOTH keepers had good saves until Bowhills keeper made a mistake and was punished. Leven 2 - 1 up. Half time. 2nd half been going 5 ish mins Leven guy sent off for a horrendous tackle. Player tackled up and smirking as Leven player walking to the side line as was a management member from Bowhill who tried to instruct the ref in the rules of football . LONG 2nd half with 10 men. Then back to the walls then started, Bowhill are a formilable side at any time but with an extra man u are usually flukced. Hand on heart Leven players gave everything, probably have belittled them in the past but where credit is due think back to playing days and thank them for the effort they put in. Bowhill deserevedly got an equaliser and missed chances to win the game, but we have all had that. If any neutrals who have a different view of the game please add your story. Cheers folks
  13. you maybe right Jaz but not all players come from the place ( village/town ) that they play at which disnae always work. 1st post is correct, it;s shiet that defeated teams dinnae go back and get FREE GRUB. Aye u have a juice or a pint but thats your choice, Unfortunately the Comaradere of team spirits has disappeared with the majority of teams nowadays which I think is wrong. But then again I'm thinking OLD SCHOOL where we all looked after each others back, both on the park and OFF IT. Not thinking we should resort to the Good old days, naw go forward but take some of the old ways with them. Fluk we might even end up with players saying they were UNFAiRLY TACKLED in the box and that was why the FELL OVER...................... or maybe not. Now your thoughts on this would be a blessing Jaz as your slightly OLDER school than me.
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