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  1. Me and gibby are going to make a banner lol and we will be expecting flags lol never knew about this craigie
  2. G1bby

    Hearts V Celtic

    probably someone elses opinion and youv copyed and pasted it
  3. jayjay dry yer fackin eyes ....heres why they didnt get any further bans.............. Rangers were represented by their own high-powered three- strong legal team ��" headed up by Alistair Clark QC ��" and the three cases broke down like this ... McCOIST There was no evidence presented against McCoist to back up the SFA charge of misconduct. The Disciplinary Committee looked at TV footage of the moment when he and Lennon shook each other’s hands at time-up. McCoist said something in the Celtic manager’s ear, to which Lennon reacted. McCoist’s comment was not heard by the referee or fourth official ��" and was not cited in the charge against him. The TV pictures shows Lennon pointing his finger at McCoist’s face, but there was no movement from the Gers No.2 ��" and that ensured the success of his appeal. BOUGHERRA The Algerian grabbed Murray’s wrist as he tried to show him a second yellow card, but the official’s report says that the player did so “in a pleading gesture not to be sent off”. It did not, therefore, constitute violent or threatening conduct. The Committee also heard evidence from Murray which downplayed the incident. DIOUF The Algerian was cautioned for his part in bumping into the Celtic physio as he ran on to the park, and for being involved in a touchline spat with Lennon during the first half. He was then given a second yellow, and subsequent red, for comments made to Murray at time up. He was not mentioned in the referee’s report as requiring any further action to be taken, with Murray happy that he had dealt with Diouf adequately at the time. Rangers’ legal team argued that there ‘is no rule to say a player has to leave the field when his red card was shown after play has ended���. Given that Murray had not reported him for any additional misconduct, nor had the police reported the player to the match official despite an officer attempting to stop him from throwing his jersey into the crowd, the Disciplinary Committee had no evidence to impose anything more than a fine. Meanwhile, it emerged today that Willie Young, the former whistler who was referees’ supervisor on the night, wanted Bougherra hit with a hefty ban for his actions. In another move, the SFA could be set to replace the Disciplinary Committee with a compliance officer whose job will be to flag up incidents within 48 hours of them happening and implement new procedures to avoid repeats of this season’s emabarassments. The appointment could be rubber stamped at the SFA AGM in June. looks like referee calum murray was satisfied with the outcome this is clearly copyed and pasted from someone that doesnt know what there talkin about diouf algerian is he
  4. hope to god we never have that ref again absolute disgrace made the game all about him... aw the best to the jokers lads
  5. am sure youl find out soon enough if genuine bud
  6. terrible way to treat any team if true
  7. G1bby

    Celtic Fixtures

    It's for the SPL. The fans are the 1s who will be hurt most. 6 games in 14 days is a lot of ££££ to be spending. Price of success though. League Cup Final, Semi final of Scottish Cup & top of the SPL. Pretty successfull season so far albeit no silverware. YET!!! bet yer no
  8. G1bby

    Cup Final

    wont be that much tonight .... scotlands shame won its the little bhoys ad be worried about now what you do with little bhoys is your business
  9. G1bby

    Cup Final

    wont be that much tonight .... scotlands shame won
  10. G1bby

    Cup Final

    he scored against celtic before he was at rangers rangers deserved win... much better team on the day
  11. G1bby


    Totally Papa Weir has been superb over the last seasons but now he is toiling but Walter has nobody to replace him!! So he has to play him doesny help when your other centre half fecks off and leaves the auld man at the back hisel and jelavic bein the best player in scotland.... well .....
  12. G1bby


    Utter pish Pete. The men like Reilly, Lawwell and Quinn would never let the debt get anywhere near where it was unmanageable, unlike some from other clubs who have now disappeared. I'll try and simplify it for you. On the 31st Dec 2010 Celtic's half-yearly accounts showed the club had a debt of £9.09m. Since the 31st Dec significant transfer instalments have been received which will reduce this debt. Its not rocket science. The club actually shows a profit of £7.06m before taxation. You would have to be mad to think a bank would allow a club in Scotland to increase their present debt, without a proper plan showing how they were going to finance it. Were fine mate, we'll never get dragged down like we were in the early 90s as the money men in charge now are very good at what they do... Mulgrew
  13. G1bby


    was your "best player in scotland" playin the day
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