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  1. Anyone fancy a game on Wednesday 630ko
  2. Ylum will be sound bud.. myself and committee will work our socks of to improve the team no just put a team on the park and keep us up the top challenging.. if boys do go to that league should either be about finished or pish.. Haha only joking already wished grieg good luck.. .. loyalty is all teams ask of players when they sign
  3. Anyone looking friendly on sat against ylum... need to be away as gala on at ylum cheers
  4. Anyone fancy playing ylum team ment to be playing just pulled out... we have park and ref booked cheers
  5. And 17th July another team pulled out.. Home or away cheers
  6. Ylum looking for games on sat 28th away as fun day on at ylum and sat 4th home or away cheers
  7. Anyone interested in preseason game home or away give me a shout cheers
  8. Was speaking to our pub sponcser they asked if we were still going as not been there in a while.. A said no were a tues/thus ams noo
  9. Am sure it's Saturday amateur we play. And midweek games were to help if season was struggling to finish at end of May.. instead FORCED to play 6 games in 14 days and 1 away up cupar on a tues night for 630ko and playing a team twice in 3 days .. yip we know were punished for speaking the truth
  10. Don' say that ceejay season might get extended into may
  11. If we play sat tues Thurs our season is finished for 3rd week in April.. if we play sat tues we finish 1st week in May which is magic... cpl o games called of runs into 2nd week may even better.... but to be playing 4 games in a week on the 1st midweek is madness and a panic thing incase season goes into July which I cant see happening
  12. Your missing the point bud.. so stop trying to defend it.. U know how hard it is playing 4 games in a week most teams don't have big squads sometimes going to most games with 13 14 players.. there is ample time to get games played teams played less games than us are only play twice that week
  13. How no we have 10 league games to play sat tues for 5 weeks 1st week in my it ends simple math.. No we play sat tues Thurs.. then it'l be be sat thats 4 games in a week.... from one extreme to another.. 10 weeks till end of May sat tues is 20 games no one has 20 league games to play so fill in the blanks from there if ye can.. Aye a know he doing a good turn for the league but ffs its just panic mode
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