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  1. Spooky

    Scores 28/10/18

    Minto Lounge 16 - 0 Athletico Rosyth
  2. Spooky

    Game Off

    Any results?
  3. Spooky


    In my opinion it should be changed for next season. People saying fairness and give it another year giving teams something to play for. I see no difference! If changed the season coming and your teams put in a division below next season, your target will be the same thing in getting into that top league! Can't please everyone so let's just get on with it!
  4. Spooky

    25Th Results

    Struggling for a team today Spooky? Shocker that result Nah full squad with boys left out.. Own mistakes cost us and had the chances to win it.. They battled well and chucked themselves into everything.. Think they were 3-0 up at half time. 1 boy in their team no doing them any favours asking for a square go with our player after the game then shat it but good bunch eh boys!
  5. Spooky

    25Th Results

    Minto 2 - 4 FC Ingolstadt
  6. Spooky

    Fixtures 10/9/16

    Could be the same sort of results if the big teams from kingdom join the fafa bottom league.. totally agree though they should join but maybe a re-shuffle of the leagues
  7. Spooky

    Fixtures 10/9/16

    Any scores?
  8. Spooky

    4Th Results

    The question was asked why it's at 1, not asking for it to be changed.
  9. Spooky

    4Th Results

    Straight out a castle mouth haha.. Only bringing it up cause Me plus another few struggle for a 1 o'clock kick off as I'm sure other teams will be the same
  10. Spooky

    4Th Results

    Come along to the meeting on Tuesday and ask, or alternatively ask your club representative to raise it if there is an issue with it.[/quote I've had 3 different answers.. 1 from a player, 1 committee and 1 from club representative and 3 different answers. 1. They struggle to get a team for 11 2. Younger team plays before them 3. Cause the chapels on
  11. Spooky

    4Th Results

    Cause they have guys on the tag and not allowed out till after 11am lol Ferrier can't play anymore so that clears that up haha
  12. Spooky

    4Th Results

    Would it no be easier for you to explain on this and could save the question being brought up again?
  13. Spooky

    4Th Results

    Wee bit aff subject but how's Lochore still at 1 o'clock kick offs?
  14. Spooky

    4Th Results

    Minto 1 - 7 jokers I think it finished.. Played 85 mins with 10 men but no excuse we never turned up and jokers ran absolute riot.. Looked like scoring everytime they went up! All the best boys!
  15. Spooky

    Results 28/8

    Minto Lounge walkover with just the 3 crown boys turning up! Just takes a phone call to let us know boys, saves us getting changed and goals set up!