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  1. Keep up the good fight those trying to keep football as part of the normality in such pishy times
  2. Advised against car sharing however if there is no other options they suggest travelling in small groups, face masks required and open windows.
  3. Again Pete Muir sees what he wants, are you that intellectually inept your struggling with basic English. Al repeat to give you yet another chance to understand, maybe write it doon and you can go over it with a friend. I have called no team pish, however I did say, nul en void favours teams who have had a pish season, that’s all it favours. It voids a thus far successful campaign for the competing teams and it hides the fact other teams were having a (pish) bad season, you’d be wan eh the teams am talking aboot however. A pish season, underachieving, not played so well, struggled for results. You feel me neeber, or would you best understand if a try explain in a colouring book. What am stating is a fact, there’s no team who’s challenging wanting a nul en void, there’s plenty reasons for those who aren’t challenging to vote for that option however. Hopefully we’re clear here aye, before you tell any more lies about things am saying. Managing director eh the heedebangers you min
  4. A never said anybody was pish, a said you’ve had a pish season if nul en voids what your team favours. Once the vote comes out, a guarantee there is not one team whos had a good league campaign thus far voted for it. Nobody’s wants a what you like to call a (tainted title), everyone who’s able to still win it wants that chance. You want the league void cause, wait for it...... your teams had a pish season, prove that fact wrong al hold ma hands up. Nul en void is a saving grace for failure whether you like to admit it or not. Me personally, a want to finish what was started, that’s ma own opinion, even if it ment we went on to lose, because we’ve put that much effort in to be in a title challenge with GPR. You’ll think that’s pish anaw tho cause your team stand a chance eh relagation if we continue where we left of, every option your team gets relagated aswell. If there was another option that your team get the league and you were awarded a knighthood you’d be oot handing oot flyers and decorating the street wi bunton, declaring that the best vote for sporiting integrity. Your views have he haw to do wi sporting integrity they are solely for the future of your own club.... which is totally ok, just diny preach sporting integrity, be honest big man.
  5. One things clear. No matter what option is chosen, unless Ya C*nt is removed fi the form then actually nobody will come away from this happy. Absolute moon fruit. stay safe guys
  6. Nah ka see it, Sturgeon gaw hay us locked up till the snaws here by the looks eh it
  7. personally ad hope the season was just put on hold ad restarted when ever possible. We want to go win the league, tbf to the clubs challenging this season you’ll notice none eh them have made ma peep about nul en void. Only those who can’t achieve are for nul en void. Until a team capable of winning there league votes null en void it will always be the best option for those having a pish season. The ones challenging all want to finish the league, but then the ones who can’t challenge moan about players and signing players, or next season. So even if the thing we wanted, the most fairest thing, to carry on where we left of so we can battle it out, the other teams won’t go for it simply because they don’t care about the trophy challengers there care about themselves. There is no sporting integrity because every club has there own personal agenda.
  8. ask again st wedgy and sir boss. What club do you represent
  9. What is your club that you represent or speak for in all this could a ask mate
  10. Who said ad be happy wi it? accept it, of course. A believe we aw started the season to try win the most league games possible nah. There you go again spouting coo dung aboot cups, who mentioned cups. Listen if null en void helps save your club then a understand why you’d vote for it, just diny be giving it big licks about sporting integrity when really your hoping your failed attempts at success get a by this year. If your voting nul en void your teams played pish this season, absolute stick in fact
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