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  1. Muchty Bellvue were 5 down to St Andrews ammies when I left with about 5 mins to go. First half Muchty had a perfectly good goal disallowed (even the Ams keeper was laughing at the decision!) Muchty also hit the bar, St andrews however played the better football and just shaded it - Second half Ams pushed on, scored another and Muchty's heads went down, St Andrews grew in confidence as the game went on and picked Muchty off almost at will.
  2. vics well worth the win , i must say , when clubs are trying so hard to attract spectators i was charged £1 for a cup of bovril , i would expect a 3 course meal in muchty for a pound ffs. Strange. Everyone else was charged 20p.............
  3. Leslie Hearts 0 Muchty Bellevue 5 Leslie started stronger of the two sides, they squandered a pile of chances early with the wind at their back, Bellevue got stronger as the game progressed - They took the lead just after half time and added another soon after. Game was basically over when the Leslie keeper walked after bringing a Bellevue striker and the visitors took advantage. Park was in decent nick at Leslie, young ref did well too,
  4. He doesn't do cycling away....... He's guilty as feck. Virtually all pro cyclists in the 90's/00's were at it, it's a pretty clean sport now though. So Lance never tested positive, all that means is he was never caught. He bribed the world cycling equivalent of FIFA to hide positive tests, 10 of his team-mates testified against him - Blood doping and transfusions, EPO, human growth hormone injections, cortisteroids, testosterone, to name a few performance enhancers. bugger shagged Sheryl Crow too......
  5. Man is indeed a legend in Muchty football, well deserved award. Mr Muchty is a fitting title. Cannae believe he's only 51 though...............
  6. Newburgh 6 wins on the bounce Bert
  7. Is calling for their heads after they were beaten by Newburgh? Maybe you need to put the result into perspective and look at the team they were up against. Newburgh are going well just now, they won at Sauchie last week, and that's 5 straight wins on the bounce for them now. So maybe not worth getting the razor blades out just jet.....
  8. Burgh had a few guys out as well...... Let me know yer lottery numbers Bert...... So I can avoid them lol!!
  9. Quite evenly matched, Burgh went 2 up just after the break and looked good, Luncarty worked hard and got it back to 2-2 before Burgh sealed it late on with the winner. Good match, not much between the sides - Burgh an improving side, strikers combine well and will give any team problems.
  10. arabest

    Dundee United

    Didn't think United needed to get out of 2nd gear. Credit to United yes, but Rangers were abysmal. Don't think United will have an easier away game all season.
  11. Newburgh 3 Crossgates 0 Primrose never threatened at all, Burgh keeper was a lonely man, only had one save to make late on. Burgh 2-0 up in first half hour, should have had it dead and buried by half time, then a penalty sealed it on the hour. Game became a bit of a joke after that, for some reason the ref gave Burgh an indirect free in the box and after it was played ordered a retake - than another, and another.... then a few mins later sent a Primrose player off for dangerous play, no card for the Burgh player - To be honest both players were as bad as each other. Overall Newburgh well worthy of their win, pity the young ref spoiled it late on but at least the game was over as a contest, hope he learns from it!
  12. Newburgh well worth their win, Jimmy. Just glad to see The San Siro playable when others were off. your right john the best team won, i was impresed the way they knocked it about agree with what both have said over the whole of the game, BUT and this would have altered the whole game, why was the Newburgh defender not sent off when the penalty was given. He denied a goalscoring opportunity, Thornton striker was clean through with just the keeper to beat and that is a sending off. The lad didnt even get a yellow card. Watched Newburgh a few times this season and like most teams, they have had decisions like that go against them at crucial moments in games too. They do knock the ball about well and play good football on the deck though.
  13. I went to my first junior game a couple of weeks ago for some time (been working/living away from the UK last 3 years) and I was a bit surprised to pay £5 to get in. In saying that I enjoyed the game and I will be back next week. It isn't the quality of the game at any level that's the issue - Bottom line is people don't have the cash to spend on leisure activities, cinemas, theatres, pubs, restaurants, bowling alleys, etc, etc, all of them are struggling. I was out in Perth last night and the restaurant/pubs I was in were dead.
  14. Well done on your win thanks for telling us after the game that you weren't coming back to the pub very classy . VERY CLASSY WOULD YOU RATHER WE P'D OFF WITH OUT SAYING ANYTHING ? SORRY ONCE AGAIN BUT THE PLAYERS HAD SOMETHING ARRANGED AND DIDNT HAVE TIME TO GO DOWN TO YOUR PUB IN TOWN CENTRE. ALL THE BEST FOR REST OF SEASON Town centre what pish you could of said in the 3 phonecalls that your weren't making it after all we have been in your pub TWICE this season . Maybe the manager neva knew the boys had sumthing on till 2day sumtimes these things happing with nyts out and stuff!!! Least they told use mate + neva just fekd off doon the road I'm with that, they told you, your moaning seems like sour grapes.
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