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  1. Might not seem a big deal to some people but it’s getting horrible to see. Dominated again by the same clubs - other clubs not even getting a sniff. Pretty sure the boy from Fossoway who’s just been called up is no long back from a lengthy ban - how is that fair lol. Just genuinely feel sorry for some players who aren’t getting that fair crack to test themselves against some of the best ammy players across Scotland. i know it’s a hard and thankless task - but again the teams dominate the pickings consist of a lot of players involved with the teams the coaches of Fife are linked with. The first team for the last game was the same too. There are other teams who have shown on occasions and going by their results that they should have boys in team.
  2. Good result. Would be braw if selected fairly though. GPR sitting second - not a single player in the squad. Leven setting the pace - you’d expect to see more in from the league leaders. Just my opinion like - a player in the squad we played against them at the weekend and they haven’t kicked a ball in 5 weeks lol.
  3. South Lochaber Thistle 2-5 YM
  4. You seem to get a raging stauner when there’s any mistake made regarding them. as many seem to worship you as some Fixture God from the past - why don’t you drop have a chat with the boy or drop him a PM and offer advice? Course not - it would be better to log into the forum and have a wee sly dig here and there, eh?
  5. Again Pete goes back to my first line of my opening post - damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. I personally think a few league games at the front end will help out rather than kicking things off with a cup or two and saving them for the turn of the year. The time you take into consideration with Cup comps, potential call offs with the weather etc. It also might help out with ridiculous schedules at the end of the season for the teams that do well whose seasons creep into June because they have a successful season. Listen I fully agree. I believe the 2 leagues of 16 would have been best fit but was it not down to a vote from all the clubs and it didn’t quite get the full backing? So therefore not all saw it as the best way forward unfortunately - Nature of the beast with a vote sometimes they’re in your favour - sometimes not. It is common sense bud should play everyone once round before meeting again - is it maybe just down to a genuine mistake? Human error occurs, but did any of you maybe think to drop the guy a message to point it out? Nah the first thought would have been to log on to the forum and try make an arse of the boy. Nix to do with Liggy mate - a just don’t enjoy the fact folk try to massage their egos and create grief at the expense of others. Aye I do agree fixtures probably should be out a wee bit quicker for folk to make arrangements etc. But with the rate and speed folk shoot the guy down in flames - can you blame him being hesitant in releasing the first load. There’s about 4/5 comments complaining already - think I’ve been at YM for about 7/8 years and I think every season without fail we get fired upto Pittenweem for a midweek kick off - but we just get on with it knowing in the long run it will weigh itself up. Ever stopped to think as well as that some folk might have circumstances or things going on at home too? Would just rather see folk try help each other out rather look to pick holes and shoot down in flames at every opportunity.
  6. Actually feel sorry for the poor bloke who does the fixtures - he’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. Seems to be the same folk trying to tune up the rest of the band and their first thoughts are to try and shoot the boy down in flames. The same few on each topic keep moaning and mumping - if you can do any better offer your services? It’s a thankless task. Logging in seeing a pack of wolves dishing dirt out at the quickest opportunity is only going to achieve in pushing these folk who give up their time out the door - without these folk there wouldn’t be a league. In the same token too the boy ceejay says next to nothing, but as soon as a fixtures topic is up he appears and seems to get a buzz out any mishaps that occur. Again rather than nit pick and hit the guy with snide comments - if you really were a former fixture “King” offer to help the boy out? Thats what’s wrong with society and Scottish football in general too many folk get a buzz and focus far too much with negatives. Get on with it min - or if your no happy get involved and do it yourself or offer your support - after all we all want what’s best for Fife Football, don’t we?
  7. Pittenweem 1-2 YM I’m hearing superb reaction from the lads after last week.
  8. That’s around the third time as well this season we’ve had a no show at our boozer from the opposition. lots of food wasted and Bawsy our sponsor seething. hard enough as it is to keep teams going without annoying sponsors.
  9. Thanks mate. He’s trying to Shan me. I know the draws took place on Monday night and found out via St Monans FB Page we have Kingdom Athletic in one of the cups.
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