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  1. serg

    Results 7th March

    Rosyth 1-2 kelty didn’t deserve to lose this 1 but don’t take chances don’t score
  2. serg

    29th games on/off

    Rosyth vs Glenrothes-off
  3. serg

    Games on/off Saturday 22nd

    St monans vs rosyth - off
  4. serg

    Games off

    St monans v rosyth off
  5. serg

    Sat 1st results

    Glenrothes 6 -1 rosyth no at the races today 3-1 ht 2 sent off 2nd half Aw the best to Glenrothes
  6. serg

    Results 25th January

    Rosyth 2 - 1 Burntisland 2-0 up at ht man sent off 2nd half & backs to the wall last 15 cheers to Burntisland for the mins silence & coming to pub as well .
  7. serg

    Results 18th jan

    Rosyth 2-1 markinch poor game today showed we not played since start of dec . Bit wins a win they say . all the best to markinch cheers for turnout at pub
  8. serg

    Games on/off sat 11th January

    What’s wrong with clubs posting on forum if games off or venue changed ?? Used to happen.
  9. Rosebank v rosyth - Off
  10. Rosebank vs rosyth is off can’t see many being on today if any .
  11. Kinross v rosyth is no longer a fixture. rosyth have a free week this sat .
  12. serg

    Fife select v Kirriemuir

    The fact is it’s if your face fits . for example rosyth player won joint player of year in premier league last summer with Lawson at am soccer & never even got asked to training ??
  13. serg

    Games on/off Saturday 19th

    Rosebank v rosyth . Off
  14. serg

    Results Saturday 21st

    Rosyth 1 - 0 kelty