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  1. No so good, wish them a speedy recovery
  2. Fife athletic 0 - 2 rosyth afc
  3. Fife athletic vs rosyth is 10am ko at dalgety bay .
  4. Kelty game off methilhill 6-1 glen strollers
  5. Clackmannan 3-0 rosyth
  6. So what is the day we have for starting the league would b good to no what it is even provisionally
  7. We’re the same mate called it off no taking the chances & sticking to guidelines
  8. https://spfl.co.uk/news/joint-response-group-update-130820
  9. Is it right that training has to be halted again till 24th august??
  10. Craigshill boasted about it few years back anaw the same year they got to final a think , beat us in 4th round wee Swanny meant to go sign for livi but stayed Ammie . All bragging bout getting so much if they made final .
  11. That would make sense mate .
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