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  1. Walked over & watched the Rosebank v Bridge Of Earn . not a bad game both teams playing well on Astro would say fairly even game . 2-2 ht . Rosebank 3rd a cracker top bag from bout 25 yards . BOE then put pressure on Rosebank & eventually conceded 2 quick goals with 10/15 to go . Lot of young lads Rosebank, but they matched opponents imo. Ft Rosebank 3 - 4 BOE
  2. It’s with a heavy heart , that I wrote this , but unfortunately rosyth have withdrawn from this seasons league competition. not enough lads committed & I can’t keep going maself . Due to my father/chairman passing away , think it’s time to take the break as well. we will take a season out & possibly think about coming back next season . I’ve enjoyed my time as manager & had some good cracks with various opponents. I’ll still be out watching games . But for the meantime aw the best to everyone on the up & coming season. harry
  3. How many games in this tournament??
  4. Hob 0 -1 rosyth aw the best to hob
  5. Rosyth 1-2 strathmiglo strath2-0 up at ht. Rosyth better team 2nd half draw would of been a fair result. red card to both teams don’t think any of them were reds . But that’s life . Aw the best & cheers for the minute silence as well. Very hard for me today.
  6. No so good, wish them a speedy recovery
  7. Fife athletic 0 - 2 rosyth afc
  8. Fife athletic vs rosyth is 10am ko at dalgety bay .
  9. Kelty game off methilhill 6-1 glen strollers
  10. So what is the day we have for starting the league would b good to no what it is even provisionally
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