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  1. good performance fae kingdom the day . all the best to the railway for rest of season cheers for food at pub
  2. Good win today,feel star have strengthened since last time.only sour note for me was the antics of some of their sidelines.players working hard to keep a game respectable and their sidelines making an arse of them.fair play to tj and the boys.we were never in trouble,bosses the game and eased off to concede two which is disappointing. Scorers for kinghorn today alan gillies x3,craig arthur x2, david wilson x2, rab bowers x2 and mikey kelly All the best to star and thanks for the turnout at the pub Kelso never bloody scored Aye.tried our best to take it off him,was offside though Offside my erse,there sideline adamant a was offside yet had boys on both posts. Sidelines walked on the pitch to argue wi ref,like he's go change his decision tae! well done to kinghorn today they played some great football . thought star started well then we stopped lost 10 goals then we played again for last ten and scored 2 . good food back at pub. but watch the hot sauce
  3. star were very poor tonight totally outplayed by a good side . all the best to kinghorn for the rest of season
  4. Some trek back to their boozer after games this seems very strange as Star were meant to be playing in burntisland and randolph isnt their assigned park? seems like they have nicked the pitch from Feuars?? so you saying its our fault the games off? the council dont want to give us the toll this is not in our hands. we have to phone up to see what park we can get, so take your beef up wi the council Surely you're bound to know that the park in Burntisland was already over used. 3 teams play on it just now. You cants are worse than the pikeys then randolph or the bevy woulda been our choice of park as dont think theres anywhere else to play in burntisland ( i may be wrong ) so there would still be the same problem. we just like to get aboot a bunch o sluts we are is it no common courtesy to advise the oppositon park has been changed?? just aswell Jock was at the game yest, or id have been none the wiser! its only monday am sure you woulda been informed before wednesday star have been giving the choice of randolph or bevy to play our home games thats our choices for season . who else is playing at randolph wed night . dont see why theres a problem no stars fault
  5. Cracking tie ca wait for this aww ready, greig park v windygates aner tasty derby should be a good clean game
  6. wish you a speedy recovery del hope to see you back up at the hill soon mate
  7. they are my mates team valdas,how did they do? they have some really good players will do well in coming season
  8. Fek me Craig use guys r keen eh we have another 4 weeks aff yet,if use arny humping teams in pre season theres summit wrong Our team the Central have til the 1st game of season so no bad when you start back with rovers
  9. pre season training wed 16 june 7 oclock at bevridge park car park if interested come along managers name is john
  10. whats the thoughts about the best 11 for the season
  11. it was his first game to be fair to him . good luck for your final next week yous have a good team and good bunch of guys all the best
  12. any leven players got a mobile number for phil gartshaw i work with him and need to get hold of him for sunday could you pm me or ask him to text craig
  13. there is not going to be a burntisland sunday team plans have changed
  14. any team wanting a game thursday night we have park booked
  15. team looking for game thursday night at home 6.45 ko park booked pm me for more details if interested
  16. who got goals 4 kingdom havnt a clue mate, a play for styx, sure it was there right winger got the 2nd, speedy or somthing good result for kingdom today
  17. yes. They train at bevy park on a thursday at 7
  18. there has been alot of background problems which may have effected todays performance
  19. Wage Demands? whats on offer
  20. any teams in first or prem looking for new defender for new season previous clubs played for are star hearts and methillhill strollers kdy albion. pm me if interested
  21. fife arms looking for players for next season
  22. thats why they are always needing new players
  23. is it lee robertson by any chance if it is just tell him too come bk to his old club cowdenbeath central u 19s he would be made more than welcome No bud its not but thnaks anyway! miby better if u said who it was mate?miby get more feedback. maybe is the word you were looking for and thats why i have a pm as i dont want to name the young lad! AND THANKS FOR THEE FEEDBACK ALREADY RECIEVED!!!! kirkcaldy albion are looking for new players for next season if he is interested in playing sundays
  24. whos running the leven sunday team. and what they called
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