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  1. LARRY

    Forum Dead R.i.p

    should never have banned the main man ser ya kant
  2. LARRY


    celebrating coming 4th in the group sums up the tartan army,had 1 more win than craig levein did,bloody marvellous ser.
  3. LARRY


    ach well ser. we come 4th in the group and strachan is being applauded,how can you take 4 points of a team and still finish 3 behind them . what a balls up we made of that group. well done to northern ireland england and wales on getting to the euros,surely we have got to hold our hands up and admit we are rubbish,cant keep the ball,cant pass the ball,and our first touch is rotten.....we are in amongst the 4th and 5th seeds for a reason.
  4. LARRY

    The Champions V Inter Milan

    two teams are shite ser,worst inter team av seen in my lifetime and probably the worst celtic team av seen ,a lap of honour last week for getting a draw at home ,sums up celtic fans for me .just watch yous don't get yer 7th fine in 3 years after tonight. ps inter 3 celtic 0
  5. LARRY

    Timms Explode

    http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/rangers-same-club-existed-before-4904432 you gonnae be ok ser
  6. LARRY

    Uefa Fine

    UEFA have opened disciplinary proceedings against Celtic after for "crowd disturbances" during their match with Dinamo Zagreb. The matter will be dealt with by UEFA's Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body on February 19, 2015. It is the fifth time within the last three years Celtic have been hit with charges because of the behaviour of their supporters during European matches. After the most recent incident - the unfurling of an "illicit" banner at a Champions League match with AC Milan in 2013 which resulted in a £42,000 fine - the club's chief executive Peter Lawwell condemned the "small minority" of supporters who were "damaging the reputation" of Celtic. A £4,221 was handed down earlier that year after fireworks were set off by supporters during their Champions League qualifier with Cliftonville. The club's fans also caused them to be fined twice during their Europa League campaign in the 2011/12 season. In March 2012, UEFA fined Celtic £21,000 after supporters displayed an offensive banner and set off flares during an away game with Udinese. Celtic were also fined £13,000 for "illicit chanting" in the same competition during a match with Rennes in 2011. Given the high volume of supporter-related incidents, Celtic now run the risk of a more severe sanction over and above a financial penalty. Potential sanctions include future matches being played in a partially or fully closed stadium or a ban being placed on supporters from travelling to a number of future away matches in Europe.
  7. LARRY

    Tonev The Racist

    what a disgusting club ,trying to protect a racist vermin ratbag,racist fc trying to blame the weather . cmon ser
  8. LARRY

    Celtic Hit Back...

    always the victims ,its never there fault
  9. LARRY

    Celtic Hit Back...

    to slag an ibrox disaster were 66 people never came home from a football match shows exactly what they are =scum. celtic racist fc remarks to this incident just sums up there club ,what about hearts fans attacking our manager ,not one remark about there scum fans ,
  10. LARRY

    Celtic Hit Back...

    Am sure dida the ac goalie got attacked by a scumbag ser
  11. LARRY

    Celtic Hit Back...

    first of all ser,well done mrs budge ,about time someone spoke out about the ira lovers ,another thing anne budge wasnt at tynecastle when the bigot got attacked ser,how far do you want to go back ,remember hugh dallas getting attacked by the ira lovers,remember the young hearts ballboy being struck in the head with coins from the ira lovers ser,motherwells ground with over 300 seats broken last season ser,dundee dens park riots from the ira lovers. scum will always be scum ,ira lovers = scum well done anne budge,at least she aint afraid to tell it the way it is ,hearts are a club going in the right direction and as a rangers fan i envy this situation,leadership straight from the top,liewell says he was banning the green brigade ,hahahahahhahhahhahhahhah scum
  12. LARRY

    Return Of St Craig,

    the bassa needs hanged ser
  13. LARRY

    European Fitba After Christmas..

    deasybhoy,stranraer to ireland go home pal and gie us aw peace ser
  14. LARRY

    European Fitba After Christmas..

    why was top tier closed ser? thought yous were faithful froo and froo . john collins said salzburg were as good as real madrid ,ho ho ser ,
  15. LARRY


    does it mater if it was 55-45 or 51-49 ,the school a went to means you got beat ser,is it true that fife run a bus to the scotland game last week supportin a foreign country ,unbelievable that these same guys voted yes in the referendum,yous know whos yous are. valdas ,are you thick ser,you dont need yer passport to travel around the uk ya numbskull.