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  1. Results Tuesday 24th

    Leslie 2-3 Burntisland Hard to take as they scored with about 30 secs to go and felt we deserved at least a point. Also Kingdom 2-2 HoB
  2. Results Saturday 21st

    Dysart 3-3 Leslie Hearts
  3. games on

    Our game v St Monans has been called off strangely enough
  4. Scores Thursday 12th

    Park was fine. A bit cut up but would have been playable
  5. Game on

    Stollers v Leslie Michael woods astro 3pm
  6. Midweek games

    Burntisland v Leslie - OFF
  7. Game off

    Most teams in the top division have there own parks
  8. Results 3/2

    YM 2-4 Leslie 2-0 down and managed to pull it back and get the 3 points. YM ended up with 9 men. Cheers for the spread at the pub
  9. game switch

    Leslie v St Andrews Uni -OFF Park solid in gouthmouths and other parts of the pitch
  10. Results Saturday 2nd

    Burntisland 2-2 Leslie Hearts
  11. Results 11/11/17

    Heard burntisland won 4-1 v Glenrothes Uni 2-2 Strollers
  12. Results 11/11/17

    Leslie Hearts 4-3 Methillhill 2-0 down again. But fought back and won the game in the last minute. Another good 3 points for us. Cheers for the turnout back at the pub from the methil lads
  13. results 4/11

    Kelty Hearts 2-2 Leslie Hearts 2-0 down and scored a last minute equalsier. Personally i think we deserved to win the game over the 90mins. Cheers for the food back at the pub and all the best for the remainder of the season
  14. Results Saturday 28th

    Leslie Hearts 3-0 St Monans
  15. Results

    Uni 3-1 Leslie