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  1. Ed Hodge

    Game off 15 dec

    Leslie v St Monans OFF - frozen pitch
  2. Ed Hodge

    Results Saturday 25th

    St Monans 2-2 Leslie Hearts
  3. Ed Hodge

    Results 20/10/18

    Leslie 1-1 Kelty Kelty better side first half but thought we were fae better side the second half
  4. Ed Hodge

    Results 06/10/18

    Leslie Hearts 3-2 Methill
  5. Ed Hodge

    Results 22/9

    Strollers 2-3 Leslie Hearts
  6. Ed Hodge


    Duloch 0-0 Leslie Leslie won 4-1 on pens
  7. Ed Hodge

    Result 21st

    Leslie 2-6 Dysart 2-0 up then caved
  8. Ed Hodge

    Full results Saturday 11th August

    Two 0-0"s in the premier. Not very often you see 1 at this level
  9. Ed Hodge

    Results Tuesday 24th

    Leslie 2-3 Burntisland Hard to take as they scored with about 30 secs to go and felt we deserved at least a point. Also Kingdom 2-2 HoB
  10. Ed Hodge

    Results Saturday 21st

    Dysart 3-3 Leslie Hearts
  11. Ed Hodge

    games on

    Our game v St Monans has been called off strangely enough
  12. Ed Hodge

    Scores Thursday 12th

    Park was fine. A bit cut up but would have been playable
  13. Ed Hodge

    Game on

    Stollers v Leslie Michael woods astro 3pm
  14. Ed Hodge

    Midweek games

    Burntisland v Leslie - OFF
  15. Ed Hodge

    Game off

    Most teams in the top division have there own parks