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  1. Brilliant by the young St Monans side
  2. Sorry to hear that Harry.
  3. Lochgelly 2-1 Bridge of Earn ive heard
  4. Seen strollers 1-7 lochgelly Heard muchty beat strath 4-1? Burntisland 0-6 Scotia
  5. Glenrothes 3-0 Kinross
  6. Glenrothes 1-2 Fife Athletic Pathetic performance from us
  7. Just going by a text i got from my brother who plays with them this morning
  8. Last night's result: Glenrothes 4-3 Methillhill
  9. Tuesday nights result: Glenrothes 3-2 Kinross Colts A
  10. Like many have said. Null and void only sensible option. As ive seen stated some teams have played each other 3 times and not played some teams once. It would be different if all teams had played the same amount of games etc. But thats not the case. There is oppertunity for teams to escape from relegation positions or push for promotion. I know the constitution states 2 teams must be relegated, but these are extraordinary circumstances.
  11. Long gone are those days. You used to get match reports from games etc. Now we struggle to even get results put up
  12. Eastvale 2-2 Glenrothes
  13. Our game away to St Monans has just been called off
  14. Glenrothes 0-2 St Pats Competed well against a good side
  15. Markinch 4-5 Eastvale Also heard Kelty won 2-1 away in the Scottish
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