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  1. Aye a tad sare mince needing tae take up golf or something mate Last at the footgolf tho m8
  2. Both teams. We're made aware last fri that semi final was this sun!
  3. Harvester,Cranhill,Fairfield,Dalkeith through to last 4. Who's the winner lads?
  4. Sounds like its the refs report that's feked jokers.Wouldnt waste your ££££££ m8 the beaks at Hampdump will go by report then fine you"s more ££ for the inconvenience!!!!!
  5. Why not push your manager for cup tie then? Perfectly happy to play Scottish at rexy or at civil tho.. We had 11 boys unavailable for sun but still would have played anywhere as we have not played for 4weeks!!!.. As for chappy"s explanation a tad different to the what was said on fone last night!. Anyway not saying anymore as not worth getting myself or club into bother.
  6. Could be a while till we play this tie if council are anything to go by. Maybe both sides will have there strongest 11"s by then
  7. Why was the fixture not cast for dalgety bay if it was booked over a month ago?.
  8. http://www.fifedirect.org/news/index.cfm?fuseaction=news.display&objectid=D1FDA0C6-CD4D-A9F4-CB9FB96272E04734
  9. Ref needs the jail for awarding the penalty!!!!
  10. Crystal Barca looking for friendly wed6th pk booked etc so anybody looking for a game drop me a pm cheers
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