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  1. finished 7.1 to the Barley. Very comfortable win i heard although didnt see any of the game due to work , although I did hear the the feuars boys were struggling for a team at the start. But another win for our boy's.
  2. kings arms would be willing to play 3rd july mate would have to be away though as dont currently have an assigned pitch hi mate, we are doing our yr end presentation and race night fund raiser on the 2nd July and have an offer to play another team on the Sunday. We are asking the boy's at training this week on as to what they would like to do about a game after the race night. Will keep you posted mate. Might even get something else arranged if we cant do this date
  3. Uz manage to get a friendly?? who yous playing? no mate no one pm'd me so we had to cancel
  4. The BarleySheaf FC are looking to play a friendly this Sunday @ 14.00hrs. If interested, please PM me. We have a ref and pitch booked.
  5. BarleySheaf FC 2 Limekilns 1 Well one to our boy's for playing right to the death tonight, against a very well organised team. 0.0 at half time, then found ourselves 1 nil down after about 60mins,never looked as if it was going to be our night with their keeper having some good saves, credit to our boys managed to score two goals in the last 2 mins of the game. great effort Thanks to the Limekilns boys for the game, was a strong but fair game and the ref tried to let the play flow as much as he could. goal scorers Paty x 1 and Skip x 1
  6. from what I heard the Barley should have been out of sight and had plenty of chances.Typical story for us this season. Something to work on for next season though. Never saw the game but wish the Crystal boy's all the best for the run in, it will be tight and thanks for coming back to the pub.
  7. BarleySheaf FC 2 Dumfermline Thistle 2 Really good game tonight, Thistle went 1 up against the run of play, we equalised through paty, went 2.1 up early in 2nd half through C.Graham, thistle equalised with about 15 mins to go, both teams went for the victory, with both keepers keeping both teams in the game. Difficult conditions but both teams did well and tried to keep the ball on the ground. All the best for the Dumf Thistle boy's for the run in. Well done to our boy's another good performance.
  8. Agenda 1 BarleySheaf FC 4 Both teams did their best in very windy conditions, Barley 4.0 up at half time thanks to goals from Colt x 1, Paty x 2 and R.Brown x 1, good solid display again from the boy's taking it on from Wedesday's performance. Thanks to the Agenda boys for the sannies back at the boozer, and all the best for the remainder of the season
  9. BrigTavern 2 BarleySheaf FC 4 Good team performance tonight with everyone playng for each other, although only managed 35 mins each way due to the poor light. Goal Scorers Skip x 2, Colt x 1 & Feeney x 1. All the best to the Brig Boy's for the rest of the season, good bunch of lads that keep trying to play football on the ground,was a good game to watch tonight
  10. Novar Rovers 1 BarleySheaf FC 3
  11. Friendly: BarleySheaf 8 Glen Tavern 3 Many thanks to the Glen Tavern (FV League) boy's for havng the friendly with us today at such short notice. Was good to get a game after so many wks.
  12. Wishing Wattie and Margaret our condolances,from all at The BarleySheaf FC. Our thoughts are with you all at this sad time
  13. Does Markinch come under Glenrothes Wattie? yes mate Pub it is then Old Firm only on HD or 3D is it no?? Can't see many pubs with that 7 Kings in Dunfermline. It'll be on Sky Sports 1,2,3 or 4 as well The BarleySheaf has HD and 3D.......
  14. BarleySheaf FC 5 White Eagles 1 Good performance from our boy's today's some slack passing at times but created allot of chances. Goal Scorers: reece strathearn x 1, Craig Feeney x 1, Craig Reid x 3. To the White Eagles boy's, for coming back to the pub after the game. They continuously tried to keep playing football which made it a good game to watch. All the best for the rest of the season
  15. Cheers ming.... He was in hosp overnight and got told today he has 2 options, in a cast for 4/5 mth or get steel rod fae just under knee down to his ankle put in. He has went for the rod as thinks will get back to work quicker this way. Gets his operation tomorrow mornin. All the best to the boy, sound like a sore one. Hope he makes a full and speedy recovery!! All the best to the boy from all of the BarleySheaf FC boy's. Sounds a bad one, hope he has a good and speedy recovery
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