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  1. Yi see the quality we are signing n yer awaw starting rumours , mon hertz fb page , announce more signings guid ti see yi back dugman ,
  2. U mugs voted for it , U no mean use will get a crack at us ? Since u will b a middle league team tae chief we will b beating the top teams next season, unlike u boys , u won the league on a technicality dumbo , come up against the top teams and shat the bed
  3. The going got tough so yez folded like a pack of cards , the bottom league will suit yez
  4. well done , be last time yez win a league , cause the Hertz will dominate for years ti cum with the signing we made
  5. Hope yez last longer than last time
  6. Whit thistle ? Spoke ti him up cupar he was buzzin ti get started , whit happened ?
  7. Mon the hertz , how many teams r cumin up ti the champions league ?
  8. What happened ti John Cooper , Mustve been shortest reign ever
  9. Sibby we both know we wouldve pumped them , 6 points in the bag brer
  10. With 8 games 2 go , u think we should b relegated ? U live in cookoo land if u think so , am a supporter am entitled 2 my opinion like every1 else chap , I know the pandemic is going on , thats why relegating teams who can still catch teams is stupid
  11. Coorse a kin read , YM still had the top teams 2 play n Cupar twice , n u never had a squad to pick from cause they are always suspended , agree it was a good league , but u couldnt beat the top teams n Cupar so u wouldve went doon
  12. You should be embarrassed saying scotia were shite this season, they would’ve beat you tae brer
  13. Ym wouldve been doon if the season played oot, We wouldve beat them twice easy
  14. If Cupar fold for a season and go under Am for 1 season and YM get relegated. Watch null void get brought to the table
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