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  1. So sorry to hear this, he was an absolute gentleman, will be sadly missed, thoughts go to all the family and all at Leven Utd
  2. We are the same Liggy, a wee bit success and and every summer teams through money at your players, what chance have we got!!!
  3. Bowhill Rovers now looking for friendly this Saturday 3rd August home or away!! If interested pm on here or 07917137313
  4. Do teams now get fixtures changed if no suiting them!!! Lol
  5. Burntisland Utd 0-4 Bowhill Rovers
  6. West Kilbride AFC or Catrine AFC v Bowhill Rovers
  7. Pete wait till after game and say bus cannae wait any longer so we are no going to your pub. Then stop at a decent pub elsewhere
  8. Bo’ness Utd 3-8 Bowhill Rovers
  9. Didn’t realise this game should have been played last night, obviously been changed to allow a Strath player to serve a suspension after 11th May and be able to play in Fife cup final, hopefully this rule is not only for one team!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Cupar Hearts 1-5 Bowhill Rovers
  11. That would certainly make sense, but seems like KoFAFA Match Sec can do as he pleases.....
  12. Pete you better get a mix up as well, because it’s going to be a long wait for an explanation I think......
  13. I spoke to the Safa and they’re take on it is that on the 3rd occasion both teams would be made aware that should the game be in doubt at the home park the fixture may be reversed, after all circumstances taken into consideration... The clubs didn’t even have an option the first week, we were told all fixtures cancelled and willl be played next week... It’s not even set in stone in the handbook as it states ‘MAY’, so hopefully we get an explanation!!!!!!!
  14. What’s the rule about reversing cup ties, according to Scottish Constitution it states: If a tie is postponed for a third time the Technical advisor shall consider the circumstances surrounding said postponements and shall have the authority to reverse the tie. Is our constitution different!! Because it states third time?? And surely the fact the ‘Fixture Secretary’ decided ‘all’ games were cancelled on 3rd March, this can’t count as a cast fixture!! They were even deleted from league website for this date, are we just making the rules as we go along !! If clubs were told this would happen we for one would have booked another park!!!
  15. He will be asking us to play 7 a side next !!!
  16. Bowhill Rovers 2-0 Leven Utd
  17. Kingdom Athletic 1-4 Bowhill Rovers
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