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  1. Don't blame you bud least you've had a game ! I can't travel over to fife as I'm in Edinburgh so have missed every game so far and probably my place lol. Just my opinion but i don't think we should be playing until things go back to normal. The whole thing is ludacris
  2. Duloch v Rosebank postponed
  3. Now you have a league fixture instead !
  4. Some teams do stay 2 metres away !
  5. Aye he was but he was also shit hot scored 3 past me lol
  6. Gone on for years everyone knows it. Played against Hurlford in the Scottish years ago and there centre forward was boasting about how much he was getting per goal.
  7. Agree with you totally don't know what they are waiting for. Clearly not going to be any football for months. Season should be scrapped not fair to award titles and relegate teams with so many games to play. Vote should be for the format for next season and hopefully a better set up than we have at present.
  8. Bloody farce IMO if we are relegated 13 games left and only there on goal difference anything could happen. Whole season should be null and void if it's not going to be restarted. New teams accepted in start at the bottom. If it's a bigger league they play twice
  9. Doesn't everyone play each other 3 times ? Still plenty league games left for everyone
  10. Rosebank 2 Glenrothes 0
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