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  1. Na i dont play anymore, had a bad accident few year ago involving a combine harverster
  2. You still biting sibby lol, just cause u got offered f**k all, and trust me my 10 year old daughter would get a game for u bunch o daftys. Should o been relegated.
  3. There is no rumours my mate got offered cash bit decided to take free boots and no subs to pay all season, must be a hearts thing lets change all the rules so they stay up, cupar done same with there proposal, hope u's get fucked every game, buying players to join eos but playing ur last season in fife league
  4. A player has told me what he got offered and also what other players were getting roughly as a signing on fee.
  5. Aye a know it has and its shocking, the west o country the worst for it. Not just teams at top o league either.
  6. Must just be there to carry water bottles this year after the signings they made, lol, but serious its a joke teams spending money on players, if u want paid play at the right level.
  7. Yep definitely has been, its just trying to prove it, even if u know players and they tell you what they had for signing still cant prove it too league. Sibby must o not got offered anything lol
  8. Not part of any team so cant bring it up, just horrible to see teams doing this when theres teams in league being honest, really funny how ur the one biting though,
  9. The teams involved know and it will hopefully all come out, hopefully team falls flat on there arse
  10. Whats everyones thoughts on premier team/teams buying players for next season, know atleast 1 team thats doing it and a bet they get away with it. Shambles man.
  11. Switch was agreed, then they decided to phone walter and ask for game to be called off once realising all players couldnt make game, failed to mention to walter they had already agreed the swap.
  12. Frozen pitch my hoop, game was on at 10am then off at 10.30, then said ref will check it, refused ref to check it and swapped to scotia park. Scotia then got parked lined and goals up ready for game only to be phoned and told yous couldnt get a team for 2oclock kick off, we offered half 2 kick off which was also declined as ur players had work. Basically never had a team full stop and took the c**t
  13. Different for championship as play each team 3 times so 3rd game could be home or away
  14. I have noticed that some fixtures on here are different from the ones on league website. Tues 23rd Dysart vs Balgonie, website has fixture as Balgonie as home team. What fixture is correct?
  15. Yes title is correct, dysart have decided to call our game against them off. Waterlogged pitch. Lol. Dysart vs scotia off
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