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  1. football crazy

    Games off

    Yes title is correct, dysart have decided to call our game against them off. Waterlogged pitch. Lol. Dysart vs scotia off
  2. football crazy

    Results Saturday 5th

    Heard am played 4-5 first team players the day. Also played a guy that wasnt on team sheet,
  3. football crazy

    Players Getting Released

    Ah didn't realise that, just thought u couldn't sign players after that date.
  4. Is there a quick way players can get released if there manager taking his time or refusing to do so?
  5. football crazy


    What was ur proposal?
  6. football crazy

    Tonight's Egm

    Kennoway u19s a think, iv heard tonight's meeting went well and everyone seems up for the change.
  7. football crazy

    Amalgamation ?

    Imo I think the proposal sent out is a good one and agree 7 Kingdom 6 from fafa prem and 1 promoted from championship, also agree with other views that the other Kingdom teams should then be filtered into the other 2 fafa leagues, I'm at balgonie and we haven't had a great season, if we were in the bottom league to start with wouldn't bother me as gives us a chance to build team, if good enough we would then end up in championship. To much negative views and talking about the past.
  8. football crazy

    Results 10/12

    Teams won't go straight into premier, will have to start in 2nd division, only way teams will go into premier if the two set ups join together but never gonna happen
  9. football crazy

    Results 10/12

    I've heard tht a few teams are thinking off joining the fife 2nd division next season, hope kindom can get some teams to join or gonna be about a 8 team league
  10. football crazy

    Martin Simpson Bowhill Rovers

    Aye that's him mate, guy organising charity match gave me wrong name
  11. football crazy

    Martin Simpson Bowhill Rovers

    Aye that's him mate, guy organising charity match gave me wrong name
  12. football crazy

    Martin Simpson Bowhill Rovers

    Maybe got the surname wrong, played for bowhill last season or maybe season before, wee left back,
  13. football crazy

    Martin Simpson Bowhill Rovers

    Looking for a contact number for player mentioned in topic, I'm not trying to poach player incase anyone thinks this, it's regarding a charity match I would like him involved in. Cheers
  14. football crazy


    P.s Andy ud still no get a game for us lol
  15. football crazy


    Scotia has had a really bad season, a lot off changes at the club, 22 players signed and only had 12-13 turning up every week for games and even less for training. I'm sure with changes made and now the chance to rebuild pre season scotia will hav a much better season next year, maybe even turn some heads.