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  1. st monans game will be on they are playing away from home this week
  2. stuarty boy and davey brown. As for you chippy i dont have to answer your silly wee comments.
  3. cause he doesnt have them mate. i was asked to have a look along when visiting family in crail im from kirkcaldy have a few mates that play for bayside and the mighty dysart we loved to beat yous ###### iv never posted on here before so i thought i would come on and say my bit. i think its really funny the way yous play the game yous have always been that way if you cant get your best team out you will do everything to get the game off . how come weeks ago your game against pittenweem was ON and it happend to be the only game in fife on and that was juniors and senior level must of had a great team that week ??? come on outcast just tell us you didnt have a team.
  4. What has the other 3 teams got to do with it?. Pittenweem played, Fife Thistle played. Cocksaugh still unplayable. Ammies had uni pitch booked the last 2 weeks but uni grounds staff cancelled game each week. well st andrews have there park and your not telling me that fife council call off your game ?they wouldnt even look at your changing rooms never mind your pitch thats why im saying it would be good to get a local ref to check the park ? the park at st monans was playable today. the next thing you will be telling me outcast that the tide came in to far ??prince william is good at water polo is he not?? oh i forgot he is good at polo without the water
  5. Well dont no when you were on the park at St Monans but I was on it yesterday at 1.30pm and there was water on it from the halfway line to the edge of the box and was even more water on it this morning there was more chance of playing water polo than football on it. Would like to no the members of the club you spoke to that told you that St Monans did not have 11 players. Looks like you are on here to run down St Monans again it you come out the closet I have pictures that I took this morning of the water on the pitch because I thought there would be some one on here trying to cause trouble. After looking at your post again I see you only joined today at 5.27 so I take you did come on here to cause trouble i take it you were down the beach collecting shells and the water came over your feet?? come on mate your park was playable the day hope the league look into this ??
  6. not sure off there names mate chippy are you not that shit goalkeeper that use to play for kirkcaldy albion ?
  7. just on here to ask why this game was called off ?after been in and around the east neuk over the past week the park this morning was as good a park that you will see at this time of year. i hear from a few members at there club that they had to call the game off as they didnt have 11 players and were waiting to sign 3 players from pittenweem and the deal couldnt be put threw in time. i think at this time of year with pitteneweem ,st monans, fife thistle,st andrews ams should you not have a local ref to check the pitch?cause this park was playable may be something for the league to look into ????
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