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  1. Games off, it's on Scotias Facebook page
  2. Glenrothes Rovers 1-6 The Steadings
  3. Steadings 10-1 Athletico Rosyth
  4. Sorry man, too many boys have made plans since we told them there wasn't a game. Cheers anyway
  5. Will confirm tonight mate, will need to make sure boys can make 2pm ko
  6. Athletico Rosyth away aswell?
  7. Due to a cancellation, The Steadings are now looking for a friendly on August 5th, preferably away from home. Anyone interested?
  8. Steadings 5-2 Dunfermline United
  9. Can someone post them up here please?
  10. Was the cricket groundsman that called it off around 11.30am. Nothin the team could have done unfortunetly
  11. Aye called off this mornin
  12. Falkland v Glenrothes off
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