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  1. Ya Rocket


    I’m glad you said that gogsy and not me i think I’d rather listen to big Geoff another load of goals shipped in today all part of a 5 year plan for an ever improving team though ......
  2. Ya Rocket


    I am now impressed i was not impressed after only 2 games played keep up the good work guys
  3. Ya Rocket


    And who said that Thornton were littered with average amatuers ? Certainly not me nor did i ever say Newburgh were read back the posts and it will all make sense
  4. Ya Rocket


    If we were 6 8 10 games into the new season and yous were coming out with these statistics I'd be impressed but after only 2 games played yous are showing your lack of common sense kilmarnock have more points than Celtic just now does that make them a better team we will find out over the course of the season and for the record those were not my words Newburgh are a good wee run club who have struggled for a few seasons now we will see at the end of the season if they are going in the right direction and yes junior football has certainly dropped a level as have all levels of football fife junior football will never be like it was with the likes of haws kelty and tayport gone are the glory days of watching lots of really talented players at this level
  5. Ya Rocket


    Signed too many average amateur players from what I'm hearing from some of there disgruntled supporters
  6. Ya Rocket

    fife cup final

    The best team/squad over the season wins the league and that was certainly never going to be strathmiglo they did well enough last night as underdogs so fair play to them bowhill looked to get stronger as the game went on when they brought on better players few whispers in the crowd from the supporters about team selection in another cup final well done strathmiglo your captain at the back played really well he had the cigar out all night until he went off injured
  7. Really ? Why would anyone want to spend there spare time sending out letters to players who cannot tackle or keep there mouths shut no thanks
  8. Ya Rocket


    The boy needs to zip it
  9. Ya Rocket

    Kfafa Inaugural Annual General Meeting

    Ya cant has his critics but he's spot on with this 1 every fixture has to be completed every team has the same problems money players etc get on with it ....
  10. Ya Rocket

    Any Updates 17/5/17

    Bowhill well worthy winners looked much hungrier strong from keeper to strikers 1st goal was a cracker very impressed with Bowhill yesterday
  11. Ya Rocket


    Surely something has to happen now i.e. In the next month or so if leven are going junior ylum strath scotia aberdour all thinking about moving is now not the time to change fife football or are there divides between both associations ? Seems to me the Fife league are all for it & happy to talk ?
  12. Ya Rocket


    Why not a good set up a good team the standard of junior football these days is poor it's full of amatuers anyway so they would do well ..
  13. Ya Rocket

    Game Switched

    I heard 3 defintes yesterday & 3 possible too as you say all talk lets wait & see.....
  14. Ya Rocket

    Game Switched

    Hearing more rumours at yesterdays game at dovcot park ylum scotia strath with poss more to exit this league next season not looking good if the kingdom league loses that many teams worrying times ahead i hope there adverts for new teams has been a success
  15. Ya Rocket

    Kingdom League V Fafa

    That is a great post jaz no wonder football in this country is so bad from the top to the bottom its a mess we should all be supporting each other and trying to improve the game no respect for each other amateur level the worst we are going knowhere fast