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  1. It did look a bad tackle but like you I think it was a genuine challenge for the ball but sounded horrendous with the crack that come of the boys shin guard. Was happy to see the boy get back on his feet after it to be fair. We are not daft, the league does not lie we know how good a team the brig are, I just hope it's another decent game as I thought the weekend was.
  2. ok I hear you but I said I never celebrated anything at half time, if some or all of the boys did then more fool them and hopefully that will be a harsh lesson to them. As for the comments from the side of the park, I honestly never heard them but also don't distrust what you have said but to clear one point up the person mentioned in previous posts is nothing to do with torleys other than his son his currently playing with us. All I can do is have a word. Good luck for next weekend and the rest of the season Baz, point taken also, let's be fair there is some of that goes on in professional football never mind ams
  3. Ha ha trust me there was no celebrating at half time from me. They were warned at half time you would come back at us, the fact you have been winning each week very convincingly was not lost on us but we just never got to grips with it second half. Hopefully we get a similar game next week again.
  4. Our game plan was to get at you's from the start (fairly) and try and get our noses in front which we managed to do and I think we deserved that in the first half. Second half we sat too deep but then your boys come right back at us second half which is fair play to you. Not sure we deserved to get beat but you scored your chances second half and therefore deserved to win, no complaints about that. There was a couple of off the ball things going on, but again both teams were guilty of that. It's all part of Sunday football and we get to do it all again next week. Good turnout back at the boozer too so cheers for that.
  5. We got drawn against them in the Scottish and play them the week before that in the first round of the JS Anderson. Lucky us lol
  6. Torleys happy to play if you are still free?
  7. Never got going tonight 3-0 down inside 20 minutes. Poor from us but athletico deserved their win no doubt about that, far hungrier of the two teams which was disappointing. Ah well done and dusted noo just need to look forward to next game.
  8. You get a different answer each time you ask and depending on who you ask! I have been told there is no roller, but also that they would not roll them as it compacts the soil making drainage more difficult! Can’t see how considering moor park has never been rolled and a light shower turns it into a paddy field. Clowns. I got an email the other day saying that moor park is closed from 29th May lol we still have about 9 games to play (I think) and that we can have the privilege of moving the 3 miles along the road to Cowdenbeath with every other team up this way, oh and we can pay per game to hire it!!! That will not be happening of course given they have cancelled over 10 games for us, we will finish our season on moor park even if they don’t like it, fackin dummies
  9. you just saved them another fine, kick tams arse when you see himC'mon noo wattle I text you within an hour n half that's good going for me mate
  10. I emailed and got mine too. Think the ignore phone
  11. Wattie I have sent them an email and asked for an updated line after texting you earlier. I signed 3 players after the initial team line was emailed out and was going to add them to the bottom of the sheet but there are only 2 spaces free and no room elsewhere on the line to put the 3rd name. I am not getting fined for manually adding my scribbles on it. No doubt they will say no to my request but at least I should get an email telling me to deface their line.
  12. Really good game of football to be involved in. Defences never really sorted themselves out with some poor goals conceded by both teams but also a couple of well worked goals too. Although we ended up winning the game after a great start, I would think that Tam’s will be there or thereabouts come end of season. Just my opinion and I know we have been beaten of other teams already but they are about as good as we have played if they can sort defence out. Plenty good natured banter in the game too, I will even take your big number 10 smashing our footballs into the trees lol Good luck for the rest of the season and thanks for the cracking turnout at the pub
  13. At the league meeting Wattie mentioned the new team lines for this season. Does anyone have a copy they could email me? thomas.hunter2@sky.com Cheers.
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