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  1. Bombscare

    results 11th nov 2018

    Toys oot the pram wattie? Lol
  2. Bombscare

    results 11th nov 2018

    And ma other comment got deleted guessing this will a results only forum cause the banter police are top notch
  3. Bombscare

    results 11th nov 2018

    Whats the point in having a forum when comments just get deleted?
  4. Bombscare


    Worrying times. We've went 3 steps backwards
  5. Bombscare

    players releasing themsells

    Some mate. Not all
  6. Bombscare

    players releasing themsells

    Been saying it for years.. some of them are corrupt
  7. Bombscare

    Strathmiglo Utd

    Kinross colts by anychance? Hopefully just a one off and not another team struggling
  8. Bombscare

    Strathmiglo Utd

    Nae mention of benarty? Incredible
  9. Bombscare

    Strathmiglo Utd

    What happens with the points teams have already for playing them? Do they get scraped?
  10. Bombscare

    Strathmiglo Utd

    2 clubs in one week if true, and burntisland couldnt field a team sat
  11. Bombscare

    players releasing themsells

    Spot on neebs
  12. Bombscare

    players releasing themsells

    No wonder scottish fitbaw is fucked
  13. Bombscare

    players releasing themsells

    Is this for both saturdays and sundays this rule? If so the games going bent. Terrible rule
  14. Bombscare

    Thornton Hibs

    Forgot the season is finished in september neebs But they are proven me wrong at the moment.
  15. Bombscare

    KFAFA FIXTURES  Saturday September 22

    Wouldnt be surprised if it was bowhills fixture too suit them! The league likes to bend over for they boys