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  1. Bombscare

    KFAFA FIXTURES Saturday November 30

    Finally someone with sense Dugman. This is why playing each other once before Xmas makes sense. Now at a cross roads with fixtures because certain teams have played each other twice before December.
  2. Bombscare


    You can play kennoway 3 times. But bowhill and leven will still be kept for the last 2 games of the season
  3. Bombscare


  4. Bombscare

    Sat 23rd

    A vote Ligi 2 sort it oot.
  5. Bombscare

    Fife select v Kirriemuir

    More fake accounts with idiots, great
  6. Put the fishing rods away lads. Unless you know something a don’t, it’s amateur fitbaw, your always going to have boys missing. But with 26 signed players am sure we will manage 90 minutes
  7. Fossoway could’ve been Away to Leven with having still to play them.. Am soccer could’ve played Ourselves with having still to play them. But we will have played leven twice before November. And fossoway played Kennoway twice in 4 weeks. A know it’s hard before anybody jumps on the band wagon. Just trying to give suggestions.
  8. Bombscare


    Should’ve just used the other one good result pal. Well done
  9. Bombscare


    Nice to see u back bud. Thought u had gone awol as u weren’t on last week
  10. Bombscare

    Cup Draws

    Cheers bud. A thought they would’ve been on the website. But obviously not
  11. Bombscare

    Cup Draws

    Is the cup draws a secret? Or is there anywhere we can see them?
  12. Bombscare

    Looking for team

    You must’ve heard me speaking in the pub Saturday night
  13. Bombscare


    Were you Rey Mysterio or Big show?
  14. Bombscare

    Age limit