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  1. Bombscare

    1/4 final Scotish cup

    To be the best you’ve got to beat the best. No an easy tie for them either! Hopefully you boys can do it
  2. Do fossoway or scotia have a game the morn?
  3. That was just my opinion, it happened last week with Am Soccer funnily enough, they were due to play Fossoway 2 weeks running
  4. A know its hard running a league. But with 12 teams in the league no teams should be playing each other 2 weeks running especially when teams haven’t played each other yet! Maybe that can be looked at in the future
  5. Bombscare

    KFAFA FIXTURES  Saturday January 12

    Think that was an honest mistake
  6. Bombscare

    KFAFA FIXTURES  Saturday January 12

    Incredible neebs
  7. Bombscare

    KFAFA FIXTURES  Saturday January 12

    Didnt Am soccer just play fossoway today?
  8. Bombscare

    Mid term report

    Its a different boy. Andy a think his name is, heard he’s a cracking keeper tho
  9. Bombscare

    Mid term report

    No holes to dig! A thought we were having a wee bit banter! I watched them pre season and that was my opinion on them, they are proving me wrong, fair play to them
  10. Bombscare

    Mid term report

    Well done for being 3rd in a worst super league thats ever been. A said they would finish mid table, but that was before a knew all the good teams had left for EOS and left aww the dross behind, so my apologies, i got it so wrong. Enjoy your cup run tho, because nobody remembers what round u got to if u dont win it. Good luck for the rest of the season lads
  11. Bombscare

    Mid term report

  12. Bombscare


    GPR are under new management! Anybody looking to get back playing or looking for training facilities to get fit give me a DM
  13. Bombscare

    Fife cup draw