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  1. Bombscare


    All the time? Surely no.. Surely if this is true theyve had all summer too sign players, why wait till 2 games into the season too unsettle players and why go behind the other teams back?
  2. Bombscare


    Your rolling back the years noo adam is a good player, as is suki but they will struggle in the super league when they struggled in the kingdom league. Not just them remember, but they only have a few quality players and can only see them struggling badly this season
  3. Bombscare


    Why would i be at it? Thats just my opinion. There defence and keeper will get punished in the super league! Thats why they prob finished 7th in premier league, cause they are average. Am no disagreeing with u on the other part, Kennoway have lost players not replaced them cause the boards no prepared too spend cash, glens have been on a downward spiral for 10 years.
  4. Bombscare


    Heppy and thomson, 2 junior players, the rest bang average.. remember they signed a few from GPR, they finished 7th in the premier league last season says it all.. watched them in a pre season game and there keeper and back 4 will struggle this season against better players.
  5. Bombscare


    With the Exception of thornton? What u been smoking
  6. Bombscare

    premier league play-off

    Everything we post flecky lol
  7. Bombscare

    premier league play-off

    Neither did the officials.. far too big a game for them and crazy decisions for both teams
  8. Bombscare

    New season set up

    And he was biggest cheat in ammy fitbaw.. diving cant he shouldve been called. Noo thats a fact
  9. Bombscare

    F.C. Bayside

    You no fancy it baz?
  10. Bombscare

    Fixtures Sat 5th - Fri 11th May

    Whens the season too be finished by?
  11. Bombscare

    Fixtures Sat 5th - Fri 11th May

  12. Bombscare

    Fixtures Sat 5th - Fri 11th May

    Thought it was maybe like us and bowhill and u hadnt played them yet with 4 fixtures too play.
  13. Bombscare

    Fixtures Sat 5th - Fri 11th May

    These are next week fixtures bud. Guess youll still be playing them this week
  14. Bombscare

    Fixtures Sat 5th - Fri 11th May

    Still no leven v bowhill in the league.. u guys are crazy at times.
  15. Bombscare

    Midweek games

    See u do talk sense neebs.