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  1. Bombscare

    Well done Yeoman

  2. Bombscare

    Results Saturday 11th May

    Seems they only want to play home games
  3. What’s the script with HOB fixtures?
  4. Anybody who’s idle this weekend and looking for a friendly give me a DM
  5. Bombscare

    9th Ballot 17/4/19 to 26/5/19

    A see they league are still sending levenmouth teams to play midweek at Dunfermline lol. Been away 4/5 year and it’s still the same.
  6. Bombscare

    Midweek games

    Never mind the midweek games. What about next week’s fixtures?
  7. Bombscare

    Fife Cup 2018-2019

    Has it been drawn yet bud?
  8. Bombscare

    Fife Cup 2018-2019

    What’s the dates for the semi finals?
  9. Play each other once before xmas and leave the cups till later in the season. Teams will still have something to play for after the winter break
  10. Bombscare

    matches off 10 march

    Thats true
  11. Bombscare

    matches off 10 march

    Football should always be played on grass, players shouldn’t be forced to play on Astro just cause it’s a suitable park. Not everyone can play on it
  12. Bombscare

    1/4 final Scotish cup

    Turns oot a was wrong.. it was an easy tie for them
  13. Bombscare

    Hearts of Beath

    This should always be the reason everybody plays each other one before xmas.. Ylum twice to play them with 5/6 games to go is absolute brutal. Something has to change and fast. Hopefully HOB can get the players and management team in asap
  14. Bombscare

    1/4 final Scotish cup

    To be the best you’ve got to beat the best. No an easy tie for them either! Hopefully you boys can do it
  15. Do fossoway or scotia have a game the morn?