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  1. We are finishing the fife cup apparently. So we’ve only got that to worry about and then all the league games. We will get told on Sunday night, right the league starts in 6 days time. Managers from teams asking when the leagues meant to start, cause there has been zero communication from the league. Yet every other league has first 6 games out
  2. We’ve had 4 month to prepare, no Scottish or fife cup, and no replays. Nothing to get in the way of league games getting sorted. So am slightly confused
  3. Every other league has dates and fixtures up and ready, even if it’s provisionally. Need to clarify am no having a dig at anybody before a get ma hands skelpt again, just something to try and look forward too would be nice
  4. Provisionally 3rd October I believe. Something from the league would be braw since were 10 days away.
  5. What’s the hold up on releasing the fixtures?
  6. No keyboard warrior here mate. Play anybody and see where your at, friendly results mean hee haw, anyway who says your going to get beat 10-0?
  7. No top sides? Grow up, it’s a friendly ffs. Or why don’t you play carron thistle if they are in same scenario.
  8. The WOSFL have had the provisional date pushed back to the 31st October now. Wonder if we will be the same
  9. Anybody looking for a friendly the 19th September? A mean the 19th
  10. Our lot trained last week? You mean our u16? We’ve no trained a Saturday yet pal! But feel free to stand in the bushes and take photos
  11. Gyms and pools opening the 31st surely gives us great hope for outdoor sports na? Hopefully we get some sort of info the day from the association
  12. Does this mean we can train after the 24th August since the first minister said, or will we wait till the forum police say so?
  13. Personally a think that’s a great idea, keeps a lot more people involved with football. Hopefully we can put this forward and make a case for it.
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