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  1. Midweek games

    See u do talk sense neebs.
  2. Fri 16th suspensions.

    The postie prob phoned in and said he cant make it in cause its been raining and his hair will get wet. Got too think of the safety of the employees a heard. Probs wouldve took him 2 hours longer too deliver his round.
  3. KFAFA FIXTURES Saturday February 3

    Cmon noo neebs that would be too easy

    Whats the new demands?
  5. Looking for amature team

    Bombscare too busy for fitbaw the noo lad! But if u Message bigain or smithy85 he will get u a club no bother mate, he only plays for about 8 teams a season. So you’ll be sorted
  6. Results

  7. KFAFA FIXTURES Saturday December 18

    Bring back ceejay
  8. KFAFA FIXTURES Saturday October 28

    Aww uz ylum cants do is moan on here. Gee it a rest min
  9. KFAFA RESULTS   Saturday October 14

    Braw.. a was a week out lol
  10. KFAFA RESULTS   Saturday October 14

    Fife cup next week then scottish i believe
  11. Fixtures sat 7th

    Bring back ceejay
  12. Results

    Ofcourse.. local side a want too see u boys in the top league. Mind keep posting. Even when uz lose
  13. Results

    You mustve forgot last week
  14. Results

    Only post when yer winning neebs?
  15. Results 23/09/17

    Xfactor? Ad rather be a ref and write hob reports all night min