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  1. Personally a think that’s a great idea, keeps a lot more people involved with football. Hopefully we can put this forward and make a case for it.
  2. No mate, it’s more corrupt than Italian football! The amount of messages av had nobody is surprised tbh, but if everybody wants to make fife football better... we can vote at the AGM
  3. Very disappointed this hasn’t happened. It’s becoming a absolute farce. Someone offering free services to make things better and they reject it? Couldn’t make it up
  4. This is the future going forward. I for one would welcome it, I’m no being negative to anyone before anybody jumps down my throat, but I know the committee read the forum and should take this on board and welcome you on the executive committee.
  5. People have offered and been refused. All we want is an even playing field. If we can play each other once before the split and not get the same ref 3 weeks in a row, we’re already doing things better
  6. That explains it deek, cheers.
  7. Why does it take a week to decide? Votes in by Sunday night, 2/3 nights to discuss with committees Aye or No... then email sent to SAFA Monday, we’re just prolonging things again.
  8. Aye... 11.59pm email, then laptop switched aff till the AGM incase ya cant goes mental
  9. Well the voting is closed and the results are in, time to find out who is safe and who is not. Over to you committee. In no particular order, the results are???????
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