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  1. Fancy sending us the link Martin. I don’t have Facebook.
  2. Cheers for that John. Hope your well mate, sorry to see you have resigned. Take care bud
  3. What’s happened to the Sunday league? No results or fixtures anymore?
  4. Tuesday 13th, 20th and 27th available if any teams interested
  5. Looking for a friendly for this date if anyone’s interested. Preferably away from home
  6. Anyone free on this date looking for a friendly?
  7. Anyone looking for a game on these dates? Home or Away..
  8. GPR looking for games for following dates, home or away. Anybody interested give me a DM 10th July 13th July 20th July 27th July
  9. Anybody looking for friendlies in July home or away give me a message. I see most teams planning already.
  10. Greig Park. Away from home if possible?
  11. Anybody fancy a friendly next Tuesday 18th?
  12. Can we get fixtures? Boys asking so they can get shifts swapped etc. No much to ask, had plenty time
  13. When’s the fixtures oot? The 21st?
  14. Even tho there’s no contact till 17th May?
  15. Find out the night after the meeting what the plan is. But we need contact training and friendlies before competitive games
  16. I disagree, that’s when injuries or serious injuries come into it mate. Your asking boys to do different kind of running they haven’t done since mid December. Right now we’re limited ie running/passing/ dribbling and shooting. Well, some teams will be following the rules.
  17. We will need a few weeks contact training, possession/small sided games. The now we’re limited. That’s also saying the council will leave the parks open June and July.
  18. Contact sport 17th May aye.. games no chance
  19. Cheers neebs. Aye hopefully sooner rather than later
  20. Not every player or team will want to play, that’s why a few teams requested stop, especially self employed folk until vaccinated, so we must think of them too. Listen am in the house isolating cause ma mrs has it, am wanting nothing more than to be oot training and watching boys fall over the ball so am away fi her and the bairn for a bit lol! But we have to still be sensible. A hope your right come June/July were in a much better place. Think we all need a beer and a catch up
  21. That will be entirely up to the players playing, it will be there call. Teams can only ask the players, if players don’t want to then teams have to respect that nah?
  22. Football needs changing rooms and showers available.. every single person will agree on that, before games and after games. Changing rooms are a must once were all vaccinated.
  23. Shouldn’t be difficult your right. God knows how many teams, will be a 50/50 split a would imagine
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