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  1. I've said it before,don't see why we can't have an open forum for officials to explain their decisions. They can cost teams money,medals,titles/relegations etc. If they can't explain their mistakes then should be demoted to lower leagues and made to work back up. I've no faith in them anyway after the Dougie McDonald saga,already conflicting reports from the officials on Sunday..
  2. Aye that was a penalty,but then that happened after what was a game changer. If Caley were down to 10 and possibly 2-0 down before halftime then the game isn't the same,whose to say Gordon would've even been off. On these things games change. Both officials had a clear view,one was 3 feet away,can't be any excuse.
  3. Now I read that back,it is funny 😂😂 Honestly though,I don't usually get peed off like that about fitba,calmed down now,feel a tit noo 😂😂😂
  4. Had to go a 12 mile run after that today to calm down,I never get like that over Fitba but was raging. Id love the officials to come out and explain why the Caley player didn't get a red and celtic a penalty for that handball. Sky pictures showed both had a clear and very close view. Fans pay their wages,it's only right we hear it.
  5. Robbie Neilson must surely be turning a few heads,be no surprise if he gets linked with any jobs that come up..
  6. Aye,imagine a Fitba team buying players,shocking 😂 Fair play to hearts,after all that happened there and the fact they were in a league with a team whose budget is huge compared to theirs,to win it so easily is outstanding.
  7. the team I love to hate 😂 Well done on winning the most uncompetitive league in Britain,sure you'll find it tougher next season among the big boys again but enjoy tonight. Looking forward to Celtic hammering you next season again already!
  8. Taking that we'll win league for granted,which Im pretty sure we will,that leaves us two massive games in the scottish. If they can't motivate themselves and win those two,then something far wrong.
  9. Deasybhoy

    1 Week To Go

    what is it about your club that attracts paedos and kiddie fiddlers priests?? Is this no fcuking scandalous that people can come on here and put this shoite on here and the mods do fcuk all about it. I promise you this if I see anything like this again I'm involving the polis fcuk ye all. The mods do plenty about it when the ball is on the other foot.[/quote What has he posted that the police could do like ??? I don't see any lies being posted How,what's actually true? This will be funny..
  10. Celtic have teamed up with New Balance in the biggest kit deal in Scottish football history.. Armageddon you say? In all seriousness I've seen some of their other efforts and they're not bad,hopefully they put out a decent one of ours,as a dad of two celtic daft bairns I hope they're reasonably priced as well 👍
  11. Deasybhoy

    1 Week To Go

    what is it about your club that attracts paedos and kiddie fiddlers priests??Don't think my club has ever had a paedo or priest in charge,do you? Absolutely no idea,but l would imagine so,they were certainly employed by your club or was torbett a volunteerTorbett the Rangers fan and ex Rangers coach was involved with celtic boys club,not an official part of celtic football club,just a loose affiliate,glad could help you mate.. You'd think be more concerned mate that your club has a portrait of a woman in the dressing room whose head of a church steeped in child abuse and coverups of said crimes,well as members of her own family and governments past and present under investigation for it too..
  12. Deasybhoy

    1 Week To Go

    what is it about your club that attracts paedos and kiddie fiddlers priests?? Don't think my club has ever had a paedo or priest in charge,do you?
  13. Deasybhoy

    1 Week To Go

    What is it about that club that attracts crooks and convicted criminals?? 😂😂
  14. The boost that Armstrong and Mackay Steven have gave us is encouraging too. Armstrong looks an absolute steal. Started the first leg with 5 scottish players and brung a 6th off the bench,that's good for our game as a whole IMO. We looked fit even with ten men for so long,I'm really buying into Delia's methods now,team has improved so much since Legia and Maribor games..
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