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  1. You're the rocket...how would the ref know who is suspended or not. Scone are the culprits, allowing this, two weeks in a row. Most physios are well-minded people, who comes on with a bottle of water..pours it over the player and he leaps up. Get a grip ya . To be fair some teams get a physio qualified or get a qualified one but not many.
  2. Kelty won 2-0 and deservedly so. If they could find a clinical striker they'd be in with a great shout!
  3. I think he is suggesting that because two fifes teams became 1 nobody should offer them support in the scottish. I think he was just bein facetious FAECES. Came over like a total bawbag tho. Never mind, canny please them awe. 'Mon the Hertz.....baith them - for now anyway! Sorted that spelling mistake for you duggers. Kaz must have thought that one up for you naepace.....quite witty!!
  4. She's shite. Totally unfit and can't cope with pressure. Seen her in tears at the end of two games now, but a ref told me she is pally with the heid 'uns and gets favoured.
  5. Crossgates off Kelty Off Haws Off
  6. fifekay


    Would Ya cant like to congratulate a scottish team winning against the best team in the world ..in the interests of scottish football
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