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  1. lol knew that would come into it cmon mate that in the past
  2. im currently looking for new faces to come along and play sunday football if anyone up for it get in touch with me we have a decent squad but i feel we need to add bit more we have guys like paul ferrier & william thomson playing for us past few weeks we have struggled due to it been some guys first year in 11s but i feel if can get few saturday guys in that can drive them forward and help drive the club forward cheers tc ps needing a goalkeeper asap
  3. im currently looking for a goal keeper to play sunday football if anyone keen on coming along to our training or game get in touch with me through mail and ill pop u all the details etc
  4. Good luck to bayview for season ahead great side whole new starting 11 from sundays game and the adding of rikki was great pull off hope the guy stays in football top class player yeah the ref was poor tonight but thats life u get on with it ill say now bayview keep that team they will walk it as i say all the best bomber mate
  5. great guys they are hope they do well this season
  6. will now be played at wallsgreen bowhill 6.45pm kick off both ref and away team been contacted
  7. park has changed i contacted ref and away team straight away
  8. u honestly have to get a life mate away catch some fish mate iv got a bigger catch to fix and thats mr ferrier will get ur sponsor money later haha nugget
  9. away and do that then instead butting in with ur big beek
  10. haha ur a cracker like u must have sad life u need to b on this 24/7 get out more mate
  11. u talk shit mate got the cup game on that free week good luck with ur storys mate u wanna see it come out my bank account ill let u see nugget just u concentrate on ur game
  12. Bit more respect for my players mate plz yeah we have young team and i think we will do ok this season im looking forward to it and wouldnt swap my players for any other good bunch eh lads just wanting to play football and if we dont go up so be it but we wont finish @ bottom of league just mind everyone is beatable and i believe in my guys
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