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  1. Canny wait to pull on a shirt for baz
  2. Mav Sad news. Hope he makes a full recovery
  3. Lauders canny hack it against the big teams. Thought they wid walk the league pffttttt
  4. Were u playing ginge?? Thats a doin. Think we have crystal in the 1/4s of Js Anderson will b a tough game Nah i wasny playing. I was on the touchline doing the bouncy
  5. Crystal far better team Barry tillier on fire. Healy the only one with pass marks for lauders
  6. rhino


    The ref in question is quite handy. The blairhall boy threatening him better be able to handle himself if hes offering him a square go
  7. Saw first 10 mins. Beechwood looked a gid side. Kept the ball on the deck
  8. rhino


    Whats happened at kinross
  9. Tc83 The same at cowden mate. Levien put a youth system in place and alot of our players have come through the youth ranks. Apparently its the same at leicester. He never got results on the park so much but the club were in turmoil and it was said that what he done behind the scenes will be evident in 10 years after he left. The fans said this
  10. The spl lacks excitement. In aug we knew who were champs and who relegated before a balls kicked. Look at crowds across the board in our game. Folk have better things to spend their money on
  11. Scott Of course football is a product. Its a business. When was the last time celtic lost at home. Even for a fan of a team winning surely it gets boring sitting there watching one team dominate. With no competition its not entertaining
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