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  1. Zoom in St Monans,is there Wi Fi there yet.
  2. I thought all Council pitches were off this weekend,is Wallsgreen not a Council Park
  3. Any updates on kick off times,on the fixtures list they are nearly all TBC
  4. Why was the Kelty V YM game not played?
  5. Why is this not decided by goal difference,surely that’s the acceptable way to settle this matter.
  6. Dysart have 4 games in 9 days they are St.Monans then Burntisland then St.Monans then of course Burntisland again....you couldn't make it up.
  7. 10 teams in the championship for a straight league cup knock-out,thats 2 ties and 6 byes so to win the cup without a bye is 4 games,to win the cup via the section would take 10 games,scrap the sections its a no brainer.
  8. Scrapping the league cup sections and playing these cups as a straight knock-out would help the fixture congestion surely
  9. Fife council are closing the public parks this Sunday,cant see the league and cup games being finished by then,what next?
  10. .................and this Saturdays fixtures
  11. all club secretaries got them emailed along with league tables Our secretary's computer is currently broken. Is there any way someone could forward me a copy please? The tables should be on the forum under cup draws...........but aren't for some reason.
  12. You can talk about the league structure all day but until you get the committees around a table to discuss its not going to happen,i'm led to believe(and l stand to be corrected) the problem is that the FAFA committee won't work without an honorarium(payment)and the Kingdom committee work for no honorarium as long as this status quo remains there will be no discussion......shame really
  13. Steady on old chap.........it's only banter
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