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  1. Flecky1

    players releasing themsells

    There's nae loyalty in fitbaw as it is now your own players will be getting released behind your back and signed for another team the next day
  2. Flecky1

    results 29th august

    I take it these games were played last night due to old firm on Sunday?
  3. Flecky1

    Football tops

    Babz no want them at the wellesley lad? Decent strips
  4. Flecky1

    premier league play-off

    What got deleted?
  5. Flecky1

    premier league play-off

    Can say that about most games bomber.. we've never been the easiest team to ref mind you lol
  6. Flecky1

    premier league play-off

    Tavern is deed Well done to lochore on winning today but let's be honest neither mcphails or lochore deserved to be in a play off to win the league.
  7. Flecky1


    Mcphails 6-4 minto .. we were 3 nil and 4-1 down but superb second half from the boys
  8. Flecky1

    results 29th april 2018

    Cheers to Styx manager Kenny came in gave us 50 quid to buy us a drink ..all the best
  9. Flecky1

    Results Tuesday 24th

    Kirkcaldy ym 0-1 methilhill Soaked up alot of pressure against a good young side but defended well and hit them on counter attack late on for goal
  10. Flecky1

    Looking for a club

    Give wegiephil a message on here he's the manager of methilhill strollers
  11. Flecky1


    There's only 2 pr1cks on this forum jazum and your both of them!
  12. Flecky1


    You talk pish jaz
  13. Flecky1


    Who's getting paid?
  14. Flecky1

    scottish cup rd 5

    How many teams are left in round 5 wattie? Good luck also Last 16 only Lochore and Yeoman left from Fife
  15. Flecky1


    Methilhill won 2-1 ..was on Facebook