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  1. Looking for a club

    Give wegiephil a message on here he's the manager of methilhill strollers
  2. amateur

    There's only 2 pr1cks on this forum jazum and your both of them!
  3. amateur

    You talk pish jaz
  4. amateur

    Who's getting paid?
  5. scottish cup rd 5

    How many teams are left in round 5 wattie? Good luck also Last 16 only Lochore and Yeoman left from Fife
  6. Results

    Methilhill won 2-1 ..was on Facebook
  7. results august 27th

    But the game was abandoned not a walkover? So surely a replay lol
  8. results august 27th

    Why did the game get abandoned you could of just took the tie 10-0 and save them getting a fine lol
  9. Game off Sunday 27th Sept

    I heard your allowed 30 signed players now along with 3 trialists.. no much more the league can do for teams
  10. Game off Sunday 27th Sept

    I know aswell as most how hard it is getting a team on a Sunday but we're 3 games in and teams can't field a team.. what's it Gona be like in the colder mornings lol
  11. Game off Sunday 27th Sept

    Cupar already looking like a good addition to the league
  12. Burntisland Utd v Mcphails

    We won't play them remember they shat it from the big boys league lol a wasn't even there but sounded like a decent game .. he pushed me first it's his fault.. grow a pair of balls boys it's pub fitbaw so a keep hearing